Lovely Things: Summer?

It is true that summer is actually here? I'm adequately sweating though my grey shirt, so it must be! This summer is going to be one for the books. At least I hope so. So many changes and so much newness! I can't help but roam the interweb and oogle over the summer findings! Here are some of my favorites I wanted to share!

How yummy does this look! I saw it over at The Nectar Collective. (One of my new favorite blogs, check it out!) I never thought to put wine in a smoothie, but I guess why not!? Nothing says summery like fruity drinks! Also I saw THIS yummy looking drink. It looks so cool and refreshing!

How cute is this blanket! I saw the tutorial over HERE. It looks super simple and very do-able. I was thinking this would be perfect for outdoor summer concerts! Its so handy cause you can just pop it on your back when shuffling though crowds or waiting in lines, you know average annoying concert stuff.

The worse part of summer is the mosquitos! I've been hunting on etsy for a all natural way to deal with the pesky lil buggers. I don't like the way normal bug repellant coats my skin and make me feel icky. I've a feeling that it's going to take me a while to find a good one that works, but I think I'll start with THIS one from Frankie & Myrrh Etsy Shop! They have the cutest package and there products seem really neat. I'll have to buy it and tell you how it works out! 

Last but not least summer isn't complete with out tank tops! I'm such a sucker for screen printed tees and I've had a recent obsession with moons. I actually love everything at Blackbird Tees Etsy Shop! I'm pretty sure I need to save up and buy me one of these!

Why am I so tired?


Today has been a long one to say the least. All day I've been oober sleepy and nodding off at my desk. Ugh, oh work. I've been struggling with my job lately. Mostly because I think I'm over thinking it all and beating myself up with the outcome. What is a girl to do? Although as I was sitting at my desk anxiously looking over numbers and starting to panic. I looked over at the guys computer next to me and caught him googling "weird red rash with bumps" then it hit me. This could be soooo much worse. At least I don't have a rash. Keep in the bright side right? AND...keeping on the bright side we are waiting to here back from the lady to see if me and Zo got the oober cute house we've been looking at! Finally a cute place to rent, we've been wanting to find a cute place for AGES! So fingers crossed!!

I keep having this dream that I'm pregnant at that flowers are growing out of my belly button and my belly is massive. The whole time I'm just complaining to Zoei that it feel weird and normally ends with me sneezing then I wake up. I've only had it twice so I'm not sure if it means anything yet. I've got a doodle in progress that I'll get posted once I stop being so sleepy/lazy. 

Enough rambling! Is it Friday yet? Man, I'm in need of a weekend!

New Zine in the mail!

I did a zine swap with this fellow off of tumblr and it was just so awesome I had to share! I've only done a few swaps and I always feel bad when mind isn't quite up to par to what I'm receiving  This is probably why I don't swap very often. But I'm so glad I did a swap with this guy cause his drawings are awesome. They are funny and have incredible detail. I kinda want this guy to make some huge poster prints so I can have a huge creepy print on my wall. 

I think I love other peoples zines more then my own. But seeing all these awesome creations just makes me want to push harder to create more! So many creative people out there! I'm hoping that some of my other swaps turn out as well as this one. You can check out more of his work HERE


I've been a busy little bee this weekend and I've been making envelopes! I always get lazy and just buy envelopes off of Etsy or just plain ones and jazz them up from there. Although its quick it's not as special. Especially when envelopes are so easy to make! So here are the steps I took to make envelopes for my lovely pen pals!

STEP ONE: Get a piece of paper and doodle on it! I like to do standard letter size, but you can do any size that fits under your scanner.

STEP TWO: Scan and copy the crap outta your doodles! Once you do the doodle once, you can just copy it from there. It saves time from doing hand doodles on every single page. (Oh I also made my own stationary, by just drawing lines on a paper and adding a cute boarder and a place for the date.)

STEP THREE: Cut and fold! You can buy tons of cool templates. Or make your own, or just unfold a old envelope and trace it!

STEP FOUR: Glue! This is the easy part. Glue sticks are my favorite. Rubber cement is good too, but is kinda messy.

After that you're all set to safely tuck your letter inside, address it and send it off! Doodly envelopes are the best to get in the mail. These are nice cause once you make the doodle you can just scan it and make lots of envelopes! Send more mail!

I've been thinking of opening my own stationery etsy shop. But I think I'm too lazy for now, maybe this summer?!

Busy Busy!

I forgot to write a post today! I normally take the weekend to plan these things out, but this weekend went by waaaay to fast! I still don't have all the stuff done that I wanted to get done. Maybe I shouldn't have slept in so late. But man it felt good to be lazy for a little bit. Although it didn't last long. I've been working on ad buttons, writing letters, making envelopes, drawings for grey matter #2 and some fonts for work junk! I didn't even get to laundry or making mix cds for my pen pals. Sigh. I need another long weekend, cause this one was way too short. I should focus and get better at my time management.

Here is a playlist that I've been listening to all day. Its my new offical go-to workies playlist.

Oh this one too! 

Sigh. Never enough time! But always enough good tunes!


I've been doodling a lot this weekend! I'm getting all caught up on my snail mail sending doodles to all my lovely pen pals. Just thought I'd share a few of them before I sent them off! I'm also working on a new issue of my zine. It's gonna be filled with randomness, like these kinda doodles. 

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!! 

Little Lady Luna Poem

I wrote a poem. I also put some ukulele chords to it, but my voice isn't all that great and I'm not brave enough to really sing it to any one but Zoei. I'm really proud of it though, so I thought I'd share. It'll probably end up in my next zine somewhere.

Little lady Luna, sing songs to me my sweet. With restless arms and lungs beneath the sheets.

Grab your bags and come with me. We’ll sail together beyond the sea.

And when night comes I will surrender. To your songs like rain and thunder.

When we meet we’ll weep and sleep. Sing songs my little lady Luna sweet.

Here's the doodle/sketch I've got going so far.

Music Rant: Bramble

A while ago Zoei found this really neat local band BRAMBLE. I think both of us really fell in love with THIS album almost immediately. It definitely was the sound track to our summer a couple summers ago. I knew they're from Salt Lake, but I never really saw them playing any shows that weren't in peoples backyards. (I'm not brave enough to go to a strangers house for some tunes.) But I think both of us kinda forgot about them for a bit. Then randomly we saw they were playing in Provo at Velour tonight. So it was fairly obviously that we had to go. After a long week and a rough couple last days, I thought for sure I'd get to lazy to go out on a Friday. But I'm so glad that I did! They are a very charming band and it was so empty. Almost awkwardly so..almost. They played a fairly short set and it was just awesome. They had a really complex sound for just 3 guys. Overall they just seem like really humble people that like to roam around playing music for people. That's kinda a really beautiful thing if you think about it. Anyways, enough ranting! Listen to there tunes and support a local artist!


P.S. I was going to snap a couple pictures, but I kept making awkward eye contact when he was singing. I didn't want to be that girl that fan girls over nobody bands, but then is too shy to say hey afterwards. Long story short I felt awkward doing so. So no picture with this post. I really need to be more brave! Ugh.

Typography + Bob Dylan

I found the coolest video today! I'm such a huge fan of typography. I wish I had the patients to ever get really good at it. Maybe one day! Until then I'm just going to ooh and ahhh over this amazing video! Subterranean Homesick Blues is also my favorite Bob Dylan song! Ugh, I'm so in love! Check out more pictures HERE


I feel odd right now as I write this. I don't really have much to share. I think that I do, but nothing specific is coming to mind. My sleepy haze isn't helping at all. Oh I feel like everything and nothing at all. I've been pondering way to much about love, romance, life and adventures. Thoughts are heavy to say the least. My heart feels dense and my insignificance is creeping into my mind. What does the future hold for a being like me? What does this all mean? Sleep..yes, yes, yes...that might help.


How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All...

I friend just told me that Neutral Milk Hotel is doing a reunion tour! After 15 years they are back at it sharing there witty tunes with the world! I'm not sure if I'm just getting old, but it seems like there is a uproar of bands doing reunions and releasing albums after a long hiatus. Or maybe I just naturally listen to older music. Who knows! What I do know is that I think its awesome that they are touring again! They aren't coming to Utah, so maybe I'll have to plan a road trip!

P.S. No complaints from me if you wanna buy me THIS!

Monday Rambly Post


Man, it seems like Monday has been coming up quicker and quicker! This rainy day weekend went by way too fast! This May is turning out to be a wacky weather month! I can't believe how hot and cold it's been. Maybe the world is more indecisive then I am? Ok, so maybe that a bit extreme. But seriously world, make up your mind! Enough about the weather! (Am I really writing about the weather?)

On a lighter note, I've finally, finally adjusted to my new work schedule  Which I can officially tell because I now wake up early on the weekends! And I don't feel like death at the end of each day. Work if still challenging, but it's suppose to be right? I've gotten a few new pen pals that I'm totally enamored by and I've been writing lots of letters. Which always makes me happy! I'm well on my way to finishing my second zine, Grey Matter #2. I had high hopes for this one, but it's quickly turning into ranty confession zine. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out! I've also been working on some mini-zines. But I'll blog about that laters.

Well that's enough boring updating for me! How's May treating all you lovlies?

Etsy Findings: Sculptures

I really need to find a cute little house to fill with cute little things! There's so much artsy love of Etsy! All these are super cute and will add character to any space. 

 I've been a fan of CatRabbit for long time ever since I found them meandering the interweb. They make the cutest things! I'd love to go to one of there gallery shows! Yet another reason to add to my "reasons to move to Australia list" Check out the shop HERE

This little bunny giraffe has to be the perfect mix of cute and creepy. How lovely would this look on a minty green bookshelf! Check out her shop HERE, she's got some adorable brooches!

Mook is such a cute character! I love how simple and cute these little sculptures are. There are a bunch in her shop that you can find HERE.

Trees! First off the colors of these trees are oober cute. I'd love to make a whole room designed around these colors. These would look so cute on a matel or book shelf! Check out there shop HERE!

I wish I had more moneys. 

Creepy Drawings

I drew this for one of my pen pals who was being goofy and said to draw something based around boobies. So I drew him a creepy guy with a creepy sweater. Things I draw are either cute or creepy or some weird mix of both. I'm not sure why it either goes one way or the other. I guess its just a style of mine. Not that I'm complaining. But I need to focus more on the style that I want my art to have. I think that's why my drawings aren't very clear on what they want to be. Hm, anyways just thought I'd share! I guess I have a lot to work on and learn! 

Hope you all have a wondrous weekend! 

New Tunes!

So much good music out there! AND so many releases this year! Here are two bands that are releasing new albums and released a free download song for your ears to feast on! I love that you always get a little sample of an album before its released because then when it does finally come out I'm all super stoked and excited. Silly? Maybe, but hey its the little things right?

I love Camera Obscurea. I'm a little weary about this song, but I'm so in love with the guitar solo. Maybe I just need to listen to it some more. But I'll for sure have to snatch up this album just to see what they come up with!

Typhoon is a new favorite of mine. I'd really love to see these guys live! But I love this song and I'm really excited for this album. Although I'm a bit sad that I have to wait so loooong. They do have a fall-ish feel to there tunes, so maybe it'll be worth the wait.

I love music so much! *swoon!*

Neat Artists: Dethpsun

I'm feeling so inspired lately by random artist on the interweb. One of my favorites that I always love to oogle over is Deth P. Sun! A little bit ago I got one of his zines from a friend and I fell in love with it immediately! His work is simple and witty and has awesome textures. He's definitely one of my favorite illustrators!

Check out his blog HERE and his Etsy store THERE. If you have the monies snatch up one of his zines. They are absolutely amazing and affordable. AND if you love me then you can buy me THIS. How cute is that stamp! I think I need it! 

Don't awesome artists make you wanna create awesome artsy stuff?!



I've recently come across this site called Postable! I found it because I've a snail mail buddy that uses it to keep track of all her snail mail contacts. It looked pretty awesome and fairly practical  I mean I love my address book, but lately address have been changing so much I have 2-3 addresses for each contact and its getting hard to keep track of. Plus, I'll be honest with you I'm quite lazy when it comes to filling out my address book. Anyways, its basically a online address book that other can go and fill out there information so you have it. I think the idea is to use it for weddings and invitations and junk like that. But why not use it for your snail mail buddies?? There is a handy little link that you can use and it keeps all your information pretty secure. Now I haven't started using it 100% but I like the idea. Maybe I'll have to take the weekend to fill out all my contacts and send it to my new contacts.

Anywho, want a love note? Go HERE, give me your address and I'll send you something! Do any of you snail mailers use Postable? How do you keep track of you pen pals?

Monday monday, uck.


I'm glad today is coming to a close. But as I was watching Perry Mason and my eyes getting heavy, I realized that I forgot to do a blog post today. Now, I'm normally good about making a plan for the week for the things that I want to blog about. These past couple weeks I've just been lazy and not making my plan. So I feel like my bloggy blog is lacking a little bit as of a late. I need to do more doodles and share more great findings! I'm sad that I've been digressing a little bit on my content. I also feel like I'm losing the few readers that I do have and haven't been making any efforts to gain new ones. (With advertising and comments and what-nots) I'm just so tired all the time, adjusting from working nights to days is really tuff. Well, now I just seem like a boob. But until I can adjust I guess my blog is just going to have to suffer a little bit. Sigh.

Anyways if you happen to read this. Thank you. I hope you at least tolerated my lil' complaining rant and fall in love with this oh so lovely photo by Stefany Alves.