Lovely Things: Summer?

It is true that summer is actually here? I'm adequately sweating though my grey shirt, so it must be! This summer is going to be one for the books. At least I hope so. So many changes and so much newness! I can't help but roam the interweb and oogle over the summer findings! Here are some of my favorites I wanted to share!

How yummy does this look! I saw it over at The Nectar Collective. (One of my new favorite blogs, check it out!) I never thought to put wine in a smoothie, but I guess why not!? Nothing says summery like fruity drinks! Also I saw THIS yummy looking drink. It looks so cool and refreshing!

How cute is this blanket! I saw the tutorial over HERE. It looks super simple and very do-able. I was thinking this would be perfect for outdoor summer concerts! Its so handy cause you can just pop it on your back when shuffling though crowds or waiting in lines, you know average annoying concert stuff.

The worse part of summer is the mosquitos! I've been hunting on etsy for a all natural way to deal with the pesky lil buggers. I don't like the way normal bug repellant coats my skin and make me feel icky. I've a feeling that it's going to take me a while to find a good one that works, but I think I'll start with THIS one from Frankie & Myrrh Etsy Shop! They have the cutest package and there products seem really neat. I'll have to buy it and tell you how it works out! 

Last but not least summer isn't complete with out tank tops! I'm such a sucker for screen printed tees and I've had a recent obsession with moons. I actually love everything at Blackbird Tees Etsy Shop! I'm pretty sure I need to save up and buy me one of these!

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