Lovely Things: Embroidery Kits!

Yesterday I shared my first embroidery adventures! So today I wanted to share some DIY kits I've added to the list of things I want someday! I'm trying my best to save money but I'm pretty sure I'm going to break down and get at least one of these! Or maybe that's what I can ask for my birthday! (No, its not soon I'm just thinking ahead! ha) I'm hoping I can gain enough skills to be able to draw and design my own patterns. Although I might be getting ahead of myself! Who know how long this mini obsession will last.
I love how mini this one is! // Stitch You Up
I can't resist the BEEESSS!! // I Heart Stitch Art
This one is beautiful before its even embroidered! // LWD Supply
Might tricky to hang on the wall but I just love it! The textures look amazing! // kirikipress
Bees are the best! I love how colorful this one is! // Cozy Blue

Three cheers for crafty adventures!! 

Project: Embroidery Pin Holder!

Today I wanted to share a project that I finished last weekend. It all started when I bought myself a bunch of new lapel pins as a Valentines present to myself. (I'm so in love with THIS shop!) So now that I have all these new pins I wanted a neat way to display them. I came across THIS awesome earring display DIY. I thought if it worked for earrings it should work for pins, right?
After digging though my crafty supply boxes I realized I had all the stuff already. It felt like a sign from the universe that I should give it a go. I did a quick search for some easy stitches and came across THIS link.  Which is incredibly useful and convinced me look into Craftsy classes a bit more. (Have you taken any classes from Craftsy? Did you like them?) I spent almost an entire day alternating stitches, loads of laundry and watching old episodes of the Office. Finally once the sun went down I had finished!
I love the way it turned out! The back looks horrendous but I glued and the dangly bits down so hopefully that helps. For my first try I'm surprised how much I enjoyed myself. I've already got my eye on a bunch of DIY embroidery kits. I think my wall needs a few more of these little gems!

Happy Monday!


I made some mini-zines the end of last year but forgot to post them! I adore these mini ones cause they're quick and simple. Also a lovely way to jot down my half ideas. I made THE BOX as a birthday gift. It is super duper short and only a few pages. I was really happy with how the illustrations turn out. I think I could've expanded on the idea a little bit, but I was mostly just wanting to make sure I got it done in time! 
 I also made THINGS THAT I KNOW #2. Its a little bit different than #1. It has more textures and illustrations, where as the first one was more clever with words but a wee bit boring. I'm hoping that #3 will have a better combination of both! I find I enjoy doing things in a series just so I can improve on myself. I still need to make Haikus #2! One of these days I'll get around to it!
If you'd like either of these let me know! You can email me ( or go HERE so I can get a bit of contact information. Also maybe leave me a comment so I don't forget! I can be a bit scattered brained at times!

List of Thoughts as of Late + LINKS

Photo by Wolf Tea
List of Thoughts as of Late: 
1- Still drooling over the beautiful images over at! The perfect romantic combination of dark and beautiful. 
2- Spending a lot of time shuffling around So much good information I'm learning a ton. 
3- I'm about to turn 25 this spring and I still feel like I want to be one of the "cool kids" but more an more I'm realizing I'm just a dork. I don't have piercings, tattoos or a closet full of vintage clothes. I don't go to art galleries, feminist rallies or house shows. I frequently feel like I don't "fit" into a style. I take the dorky bits but leave the cools bits of being a dork behind. Am I thinking about this too much? Probably. 
4- Mason Jennings has a new album coming out that I'm super stoked for. I love that bizarre, captivating voice of his! Find his new song HERE
5- Today felt like spring. It put me in a surprisingly good mood today. I missed the sunshine! 
6- Currently binge watching The Office for the millionth time. I regret nothing! 
7- I'm in LOVE love with THIS overnight oats recipe. My mornings are quickly being transformed to something happy instead of miserably dragging myself to work all thanks to breakfast! 
8- I've been saving up my pennies for THIS awesome dress. I didn't know I was a unicorn person until I found this dress! 
9- I should be working on my art journal but instead I've been working on this post for WAY too long. I'm dragging my feet and I'm not sure why. 
10- I've been trying my best to change my diet lately and I really enjoy THIS post that has some interesting information. I'm crossing my fingers that by the end of the year I've developed healthier eating habits. Although I can tell you now that french fries will draw me back in EVERY TIME! 

Making. Listening. Eating.

Making. Practicing my french knots! THIS post has been helping me a ton!
Listening. Finally getting into the Moth and the Flames tunes a bit. They're a local band I've never really gotten into until recently.
Eating. I made flavored sugar for my sisters for Valentines day! I had left over pink cinnamon sugar that is amazing on cereal!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day! I always tell myself that its just a ridiculous nonsensical holiday created as a marketing scam to get you to purchase more STUFF. That sounds so cold and cynical but might be some truth to it. When the day actually gets here I can't help but be a little melancholy. It forces me to really examine my non-married status. Which most days doesn't bother me. I'm doing my best to work on relationships and all that fun crap. When this day comes around all I can do is make cute Valentines for my loved ones. Curl in bed and binge watch TV and eat some ice cream!

This song by the Shirelles always helps keep my head on straight. "My eyes were wide open, but all that I could see is, the chapel bells were tollin', for everyone-a but-a me. But I don't worry 'cause...
Mama said there'll be days like this." I need to worry less and find happiness in the here and now!
I hope you all have a lovely day of self refection and what love means to you! There's so much love in the world lets not forget its out there!

Out Going Mail: Valentines!

I didn't really send Valentines this year, but I did make some cutesy red mail! I filled all of these with hearts after I came across my heart hole punch while looking for something else. Seemed like the universe was sending me a sign! I can't help but play into the Valentine thing at least just a wee bit! Its all around how can you avoid it! My reply pile is also down to one letter! It hasn't been this small in quite sometime! I might need to find some new pen pals to write too! 

Song and Doodle #56

My current favorite song is Overflow by Ghost Loft. I quickly fell in love with this song. I always approach electronic-ish music with a critical ear. So much of it sounds alike that it really needs something special to draw me in. In this song it was the trumpets in the background, right when that started I knew this song was one that was going to stick with me for a while. The rest of their stuff is pretty decent but this song is by far my favorite! Anyways, let me know what you think! Any suggestions of stuff I should listen too?
"When I’m running on empty, you’re more than enough
More than enough to make me feel complete"

Lovely Things: Valentines!

Valentines is one of those things that is very silly and pointless to ignore. You can't go a whole day without seeing it or hearing it. I'm at the point where I just accept it and enjoy the concept that is Valentines day! Here are some really neat things I've come across that are Valentine-eey.

Happy Lunar New Year!!

Happy Chinese New Year! Its the year of the monkey! I'm a quarter Chinese and my family always celebrates the lunar new year. We don't have a big party or anything but always ALWAYS eat some good food! I'm really proud to be Chinese even if its just teeny bit. I've found the Chinese zodiac is the most accurate, at least for me! I know most people aren't into that and the people who ARE into that kinda stuff are way into it. Regardless remember to wear red undies for good luck! Also avoid washing your hair for the next couple days, wouldn't want to wash away the good luck. AND never sleep with your feet facing the door!

I hope you all have a very happy Monday and a fantastical New Year!

List of Thoughts as of Late + LINKS!

1- This is a little doodle from last months art journal. Some super cute lyrics from the song Hoops by The Rubens. Which was also the #1 song on the Triple J hottest 100!
2- I recently been thinking a lot about my parents and the way I was raised. I'm not sure what their plan was but I think they did a really good job. Ha is that impolite to say??
3- I saw THIS awesome tutorial on some simple block printing. I can't wait to try it!
4- I was reading THIS post today that was really interesting. There wasn't a single word on that list that I have heard of before! You really do learn something new everyday.
5- Valentines Days is coming up. Its kinda one of those things I try to ignore but its pretty impossible. So I might as well make some cute cards and indulge in something yummy!
6- I came across THIS post this morning and my mind was blown away! I've never been the biggest Picasso fan but to be able to see his process is incredibly inspiring.
7- I'm quite done with the snow. Seems like right when I think its gone for good it comes back!
8- I also think I need some new boots. My current favorite boots have me slipping all over the place and I've got a hole somewhere in the right one. I always end up getting a wet sock! Yuck.
9- I'm in LOVE love l o v e with THIS shirt. But I don't think I'm brave enough to wear it outside of the house. Is it worth it to buy a shirt you don't wear out? Or just a waste of money?
10- I'm craving pancakes. I have a slight head ache and could use some tea.

Happy weekend!

Outgoing Mail!

I've been doing quite good at keeping up with all my correspondence for the year! I'm a wee bit behind right now, but thats only because I've been waiting to do them Valentines themed. Although, yes I realize that they will arrive late! Oh well! Better late then never is my snail mail motto.

January Art Journal!

Its already February! January was kind of a hot mess whirl wind of not enough time and energy. This months art journal was mostly random doodles and lists. I finally finished up this book, which means a new book! I love starting a new book. Theres something about fresh blank pages that is incredibly refreshing! I think i'll go with a smaller one for this month that way I can fill it up quicker!