Bandcamp Findings: Summer Salt

Haven't learned too much about these fine ladies. But I'll get around to it eventually. Until then I'm going to continue to listen to this album on repeat. Ugh, music that feels like summer!

Little Bit of Artsy Love: Orange Hate

I'm always sending little bits of artsy love to my snail mail pen pals, so I've started to scan them in so I can share them with you! I also thought it would be a good idea because now I can keep track of things I've created instead of just sending them on there way to someone else. I've been meaning to get better at documenting artsy things I've made. Anyways, this is a silly doodle I did on a scrap piece of paper I used to practice painting gradients. I use orange to practice because it happens to be one of my least favorite colors. I can only imagine what it would be like to be this guy, living in a sea of orange.

Ramblings about Diane Arbus

A lovely lady that has been on my mind lately is Diane Arbus. I've a fascination with female artist if you hadn't noticed. She is particularly one of my favorites because she's a photographer. BUT not just a photographer a photographer that uses a medium format Rollieflex twin lens reflex camera! I must admit that it wasn't until recently that I've discovered my love for her photography. 

Her subject content is fascinating. She had a knack for unearthing the mysterious and grotesque, but keeping it elegant and respectful. I've always been keen to surrealism and she is the first photographer that I've found with this kind of subject content. ( I know there are more out there, but for now she's my favorite) Needless to say I'm intrigued with this lovely lady and the wonderment that her work holds. The little bit that I do know about her life, she seems like a troubled soul. Which troubled lives are always the most interesting. I've a bit more to read about her to successfully form my opinion about her. But for now I'm bewitched by the ideas that her photos offer. 

"For me, the subject of the picture is always more important then the picture.  -Diane Arbus

Song and a Doodle #5

If you hadn't noticed I've got a bit of an obsession with female singers. I'm loving this song so much lately  Its so dainty, sweet and simple. Kat Edmonson has a unique lovely voice that is just peachy!  But this song has to be my favorite of hers. Makes me feel like summer love might be on the way. (One can hope right?)

"Life is just a dream. Lucky you, lucky lucky me."

Little bit of updating!

I've been quite the busy little bee this weekend! I finally got around to adding some new buttons on my side bar. So now you can click around a bit more to see specific kinda posts you may enjoy. I also updated all my social media icons. I've added on twitter and flickr links. I'm still getting the hang of the whole twitter thing. It's been a bit more of a learning curve then I would have liked. But I'm sticking with it! Mostly because it seems like a good tool if you can figure out how to use it!

I've also created a signature on the bottom of my posts! I think it make is look a little bit more fancy. And yes, I did end up writing my name about 100 times and they all ended up looking similar! Did you ever practice your signature when you were little? I'll be honest I still do sometimes. I always wanted one of those hard to read signatures that seem very artsy!

(This is Dusty Moots the yellow bear. Lover of people who happen to read my blog.)
AND on top of it all I've added a lil bear on the side bar and as my favicon! Isn't he cute! His name is Dusty Moots and hes loves everyone. (especially you) I was going to put a picture of me there, but then every time I refreshed the page I just saw myself peering back at me. So the bear was a better choice. Although I'm trying to get better at taking pictures of myself, which is a new years resolution of mine. So I added a picture to my about page!  I've also made a little dusty moots blog button! You can find it down near the bottom on the side bar!

Anyways, I hope Monday treats you well!

Lovely Things: Ukulele

The ukulele is a magical thing. Those of you who disagree obviously haven't spent enough time with one! 
Photo by: Jessie Roth

I really need one of these! It's so adorable! Actually everything from Cherijame's shop is amazingly cute! 

I really want to be able to write cute songs like this one day! Snaps to Liz Lawrence

Such a cute necklace from Brainbow's shop

Bandcamp Findings: Liz Lawrence

I love bandcamp probably more then I should. Here is my newest finding! Her songs are pretty good, very catchy and sweet! The main reason why I really like her because she is an unconventional beauty. Oh she also has a ukulele song! I can't resist a unique face with a ukulele. That's two bonus points that wins her a spot on a peachy keen day!

Summer Dreaming

I love using film cameras. Although I always get lazy and forget to develop my film. So I'll send in a few random rolls at a time. By the time I get it developed I totally forget what was on that roll. In a way it makes is like a fun surprise! I definitely go tripping down memory lane once I get my photos back. Especially on a day like today, when the air is bad and it's just so cold, it's fun to flip through summer photos. I'm missing the days when you had to worry about putting on sunscreen and sweating through your tank top. Now I'm worried that the cold chill will freeze my bones or slip on ice and break my bum. (Is that possible to break your bum?) Anyways, I wanted to share some summer photos on this chilly January day.

These were all taken with my Holga. She's a 35mm little lovely. I can't remember what kinda film I used. I should really get better and tracking this kinda stuff. You can see the rest of the roll on my FLICKR!


 I'm such a sucker for double exposures! That has to be my favorite feature of Miss Holga!

 This has to be one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. We were walking and LC, my niece saw a snake. Needless to say it upset her a bit. I can't wait until she's a teenager and I whip out this gem to embarrass her!

My darling you leave me cold.

I'm officially counting down the days until its sunny and warm.  The cold and I normally get along just fine but this cold has taken it to a whole new level. Everything feels frozen all the time. Even when the sun does come out to say hello just a little bit in the day the cold is there to smother any happiness that it might bring. I usually love the winter. I enjoy bundeling up and being all cozy but lately I'm bundeling up and my toes are still cold. One thing I hate is cold toes. I don't remember winters being this harsh. So for now I'm continuing to wish for sunshine and going to start wearing mulitple pairs of socks.

On a side note. My sister Zoei and I are currently in the midst of attempts to eat more healthy. Which for now consists of weird colored smoothes, but more on that later. Also I've survived my first weeks of working a full time job!  Since now I've always been a part-timer kinda girl. I know you're thinking, what took you so long and welcome to the real world. I like to think I'm adjusting well. I guess only time will tell. I'm also really happy with myself that I've been maintaining my goal of consistant blogging despite my new absense of downtime. Just learning to keep organized is all. Aside from being a bit sleepy life is going well!

Bundle up lovelies, it's cold out.

Barely on time.

A little bit ago I did THIS post about the sketchbook project. I'm glad to say that I did get it finished in time and sent off! Although I really would have liked to spend more time on it. But that's totally my fault for not being more on top of things. There's always next time right? The theme I had was photo log and I felt a little funny cause there weren't any photos in my sketchbook. I did use photos a ton though to draw from and had some quotes from my favorite female photographers though out the whole thing. But still adding some photos probably would have been a good idea. Anyways, here are a couple of pages that I didn't share in my last post about my sketchbook. Like I said before I'm excited to be a part of a spectacular project! One of these days I will make my way to the Brooklyn to the sketchbook library and just spend a whole day digging through sketchbooks! 



Lovely Things

Oh the places your feet can take you. 


I'm loving the focus on the photo and could really use a pair of shoes like these.

This looks like so much fun. I wish I was creative enough to come up with fun ideas like this. 


I'm always a sucker for double exposures. Feet are important too ya know. 

A Song and a Doodle #4

I've always been on the fence about Missy Higgins. I mean girly can write a catchy tune for sure and I do love me some female pop. Theres something about her sound that doesn't draw me in like normal pop music does, or music in general I suppose. But I'm especially fond of this song mostly because I throughly enjoy the word peachy. So a whole song around being peachy just makes my smile like a fool. I feel like this song fits the word peachy almost to perfectly. I love the word peachy because it can be used in a good context but also a bit of a sarcastic context. This song covers the versatility of the word very well. Anyways, Missy Higgins an Aussie beauty is worth a listen too!


Little Paintings

As I sat down to start cleaning off my desk I quickly got distracted by a pile of paints and some scraps of paper. So instead of cleaning off my desk and getting organized I made these little paintings instead. Which I might add was way more fun then cleaning! They are all about 2X3 inches and I use acrylic paints and a sharpie. I've always had this weird thing for flowers. I think mostly because at a young age they were easy for me to draw. I would draw flowers on everything and probably frustrated my art teachers with only wanting to draw flowers. I've this nasty habit of only wanting to things I'm good at. It probably goes along with my fear of being wrong. I would actually not answer a question if there is a slight possibility that I might be wrong. Silly, I know. Its something I'm working on. Anyways, enough rambling...these little paintings are going to some lucky strangers in the mail! Well, once I clean off my desk and get caught up on my correspondence. 

Failed Photo Project

So I few months back I had this idea to do a photo challenge project. Which you can read about HERE! Well my success wasn't too great. I sent out 4 cameras to my snail mail buddies and I only got one back. I believe one got dropped in a pool, one left on the bus and one got lost in the mail. (So I'm hoping that someday it might magically pop up in my mail box, a girl can hope right?) Even though the project was a bit of a fail I wanted to share the photos anyways.  There is something really fun about getting mysterious photos developed. Like all photography its interesting to think about what the person was thinking about as they were taking the photo. Ok, so maybe i'm thinking way too much into it. But in the end I got some really awesome photos so it's not a complete bust.  You can see the all the photos from this camera on my FLICKR! 

PS: These photos were taking by my pen pal David and you can find his lovely mail art blog HERE! 

This has to be my favorite from the entire roll. I love everything about it. Awkward angle and all! 

I'm not sure why but over half the photos I got developed have these weird lines thought out them. (Any one know what would cause this??) I'm hoping that it was issue with the scanning and not the film. I'm still waiting for the film to come back to see if they ended up being on the prints as well. 

I can't tell if this is a reflection in water or looking up at the sky. The mystery of the photo makes it my second favorite. 

I think I need to add this to my list of places to visit before I get too old to enjoy it.