Happy Easter!

I hope you all have a very festive day surrounded by insanely wonderful people! Also don't forget to eat way to much candy and chocolate! It is easter after all!

P.S. Can we all just take a minute and appreciate how awesome THIS is. I mean, pin hole cameras are awesome but an egg really? You must have some dainty fingers to pull this one off!! Also feast on some beautiful photos easter flavored!


I woke up the morning and realized that I haven't posted anything this week about easter! I'm thinking that its because this year it landed in March, which thew me off. It snuck up too quick! Easter is my favorite holiday! Which seems weird because I'm not religious at all. But growing up it wasn't too much about the religion but Spring, food, candy and pastel colors. Plus its (normally) close to my birthday. Anyways, here are my easter findings! A lot of these can be done in a day so if it snuck up on you like it did me. It's not too late!!

Oh Happy Day is my first go to when I'm looking for party ideas. Not that I have a lot of parties, but this blog definitely makes me wanna have more parties. These are super cute and easy to make! Plus I love that you can do any colors to match whatever color eggs you have!

I found these Egg Poppers off of pintrest a while ago. These look like so much fun! I wish I was around more little kids that would love something like this! But I'm pretty sure my older sisters would love it just as much as little kids! (Especially if I put monies in some of them.)

There is something about play dough that just says easter to me! Maybe its all the pretty colors or the fact that we ALWAYS had play dough around when I was little. Plus who doesn't like play dough! This recipe looks super easy to do! I found it HERE! 

I'm not sure how easy these eggs are to make, but man the are awesome! I love the naturalness of them and the colors are stunning. I wish I could read instructions but that's gonna a take a bit of translating. But the pictures are pretty self explanatory. Thanks to pintrest if found them HERE. 

Art Snacks!

I was roaming the interweb earlier today and found ARTSNACKS! It seems these box things are very popular lately. You buy a monthly subscription and they send you a surprise box that normally has a theme. The only thing I've done like this is the Julep Maven box. (which is way awesome) I've also blogged about Period Store box. But I found this new artsy box today! They send you stuff to draw with! This sound too good to be true. It probably won't help me with my obsession with pens and notebooks. I'm always looking for new supplies to check out. So I'm definitely going to be signing up for this one!

Just wanted to share! Happy weekend!

Zine I've been noodling over.

I've been working on a zine lately  I made one a while ago and it was ok, but didn't really go how I wanted so I decided to give it another go. But so far I'm actually really proud of this one so far. I think my main problem has been that I don't really have a clear idea of what I want to say or have it look like. So this time I just decided to go with a anything theme. Which is basically anything that comes to my mind or anything that I've thought of. So really just a bunch of doodles, dreams, haikus, sayings, quotes and maybe a nonsensical story or two. I thought I would have it finished by now, but this week has been rough! It's one of those I'm tired and can't sleep kinda weeks and the days moving slow and fast at the same time. You know what I mean? Anyways, my zine is call Grey Matter. Which seems appropriate don't you think? Since it is just anything from my crazy head.

GREY MATTER: grayish nervous tissue containing cell bodies as well as fibers; forms the cerebral cortex consisting of unmyelinated neurons.

Here are some drawings that I do have finished. They'll go next to each other in my lil'book. I've been obsessed with We The Evergreen lately. I'm totally smitten with the song Thieves Like Us.

P.S: Once I'm finished I'll post more pictures and what not. Also can we appreciate how awesome my finger nail polish is! And sorry for crappy phone pictures. 

Facts about being a lady: Body Hair


I've started doing these posts that are all about lady problems or maybe just things that pertain to females. I had planned on doing a post about body hair and waxing vs. shaving. I was doing a little bit of research and realized that this is a topic that gets talked about more then I thought. (Like HERE) On top of that, people have some strong opinions about it. But it is an interesting topic isn't it? It seems like you have people who are extremely grossed out by ANY kind of body hair and others that embrace the naturalness of it (and are somewhat feminist).

So here is my opinion of the subject. Everyone just needs to do what they feel comfortable with! I'm a fairly hairy person (for a girl) and struggled, and still do struggle with it. Mostly I try to manage my hair because the comments I would get otherwise would make me uncomfortable. I'm not saying that I go to great lengths to fit other ideals, but enough to not draw attention to myself. In the end if I want to grow my mustache out then I will! Just because you think its gross and unfeminine then that's your issue and not mine. After all body hair is natural and grows differently for everyone.

Phew! Enough ranting! These past couple weeks I've been doing little tests with what kinda hair removal works best for me. I really like what THIS girl had to say about it and I agree with her on a lot of things. (Although I've never tried laser hair removal before.)

First: Waxing. This is a new adventure for me. I bought THIS kit online because it was recommend on a couple sites. What I found out about waxing is that it hurts really bad for the first day. Then after that the puffiness is gone and its just a little sensitive. The regrowth so far has been nice. Its not as poky as shaving and seems to be slightly slower then shaving. I also have THIS kit. I haven't fully used it yet, but I like that its natural and has reusable strips.

TIPS! Don't wax the same spot twice. (although there might be hairs left over, just leave'um or tweeze'um) Use antibacterial soap on newly waxed skin to prevent infection. Wear loose clothing the next day. ( Because rubbing is HORRIBLE.) Don't hesitate! (It makes it so much worse!) Use unscented moisturizer/lotions.

Second: Shaving. This one is kinda a given because I think every girl has shaved her legs before. So I don't have much to say about this one. But I do have a few tips that help me and my course hair.

TIPS! Invest in the good razors. Exfoliate your skin to prevent bumps. (I exfoliate my legs even on days when I don't shave.) Let your hair grow out if its getting irritated. Moisturize after shaving. I bought THIS lotion thats supposed to make your hair grow less. I have noticed it is lighter, but not by much.

Third: Tweezing. Tweezing is good for face and that's about it. Nobody in there right mind has the time to tweeze large parts of there body. (If you do, you should probably reevaluate yourself.) I've read about threading, but still can't wrap my head around it.

Fourth: Depilatory creams. Never really had luck with these. My hair is too thick to do anything. Plus they smell and make your skin really dry.

That's all I've really tried so far. This post turned into a monster of a page and I could have found more to ramble on about. In conclusion I wish I felt more sexy being hairy so that I didn't have to go through the hair removal crap. Hopefully one day I can be and not be embarrassed about my naturalness. My confidence is slowly improving for a little wallflower like myself, but one day I'm not going to give a damn about hairy pits or my mustache!

Bandcamp Findings: Courtney Barnett

A while ago a friend suggested that I listen to THIS song by Courtney Barnett. Which is didn't really like at first, it didn't seem to grab me quickly like most of my favorite indie pop does. But upon a second listen I loved it! For some reason this was one of those that once I stopped trying so hard to analyze it I liked it more. I never really looked her up beyond a couple songs, but then when I was poking around band-camp I came across her album and decided to listen to it in it's entirety. Now I am really loving this girl! I mean, she's just cool. I love the awesome drifty guitar riffs and solos though out the entire album. I'm not sure if its because I'm digesting it after a long day of work, but the catchy, drifty, raw garage, beachy-ness of this album has put her on my list of favorite artists.

Here, There and the Survival of Mondays.

Man, Monday this week kicked my trash! I believe that my brain is slowly turning into sludge, but luckily for me right when it seems like its beyond repair I get to go home. Although that leads to recuperating and doing it all over again. OH what a life it is to live. But hey, I like the monies and at the end of the day looking back it's not to horrible. I survive by the fact that this (hopefully) isn't how the rest of my life is, but just a chapter.

I've been thinking about chapters of ones life lately. I'm thinking its because my birthday is approaching quickly. Something about getting older makes you think of the whole more, the big picture. So the enormity of it all has been on my mind. But I'm often reminded I'm still young and I still giggle when someone makes a fart sound.

13/52 [Explored!]

Aside from the thoughts of is ALL being on my mind, I've been in a creative and productive mood. I'm always shocked on how much the productiveness plays a role. Because being creative is nothing without the oomph to do something about it! I'm very close to finishing a Zine I've been working on called Grey Matter. (But more on that later.) I've been doodling and thinking of nonsense and am quite content for the time being. I've a few concerts coming up this weekend. Which always seems to make my creativeness boil over in excitement and inspiration. Plus I'm going to be hanging out with some of the most outrageously beautiful people I know. Which always makes me feel loved and important in this huge world.

In the end comparing all that is to come and all that has happend, this Monday wasn't so bad. I survived in the end.

Enough ranting! Fall in love with Lisa Mitchell and dance a little bit to this song, because you survived Monday too!

Etsy Findings: Brooches

I've been wanting to find a good brooch for a while now. They seem to be quite trendy and there are TONS of cute ones out there! I don't have any now and I haven't really worn one before, so the first one I buy has to be a good one. Because if I don't like it then there goes that. I probably won't buy any others or wear any other ones. So this first one matters! Anyways here are some of the contenders I found off of Etsy!
All the illustrated brooches from Danadamki's Shop are so cute a clever! 

I'm a vinyl lover so this brooch would fit me perfectly. I only wish it was red to match my actual record player that I have. Everything from Stoic & Pariah's shop is so lovely. 

I really want to get this one just because I think it would make people say hello to my more. People aren't as friendly as they use to be. Quite Tiger shop is filled with fun stuff, especially their notebooks! 

Who doesn't love mix tapes?! Found in the Sconnie & Jam shop!

I'm not really a bird person, but I love the colors that these come in! It's colorful but can easily match anything. From the Studio Licious shop

I'm pretty sure this one is my favorite and probably the one I break down and buy. I love typewriters and my favorite color is green, so this was pretty much made for me! I love the Modern Girl Blitz shop! Its full of feminist funny and artsy love! 

See more of my findings HERE and THERE.

I made some stickers!

I did these drawings of animals a little bit ago. My plan was to make them into stickers and sell them in our Etsy shop, but we've put that on the back burner for a little bit. Plus I wasn't quite sure anyone would want to buy them. So instead I just made them for myself and to send them to my pen-pals. Or just to stick on things that needed a little bit of fun! 

Foxes are quite trendy aren't they! But it makes sense, foxes have cool shapes and colors. You know what, owls are trendy too. I should make some owl stickers!

I originally made these last stickers for a pen-pal of mine to say thank you for the awesome stuff she sent me. They are a bit random, but fit together in a odd way. I like stickers and love my sticker maker!

Doing fun little projects like this make me feel like I'm not a horrible artist and can create some cute things. I forget how much fun it is until I'm up late cutting out stickers and actually enjoying myself. 

Song and Doodle #10

Laura Marling is one of my favorite singers. She has a unique style with sweet and sour lyrics sprinkled though out her albums. I haven't heard this song of hers until recently. I absolutely love it. It's so haunting and has some witty sad lyrics. I just love the way this song feels. I hope you like it too. 

Vampire Weekend Music Rant

Now I occasionally blog about music, because music is one thing that really gets the creative juices going. Plus I'm an avid music listener and am always trying to find new tunes and share my new findings. I wasn't sure if I wanted to blog about Vampire Weekends new album, mostly because I'm sure half of you reading this have already heard these songs and read about 10 other reviews that are floating around out there. But in the end this blog is for my creativeness, thoughts and opinions. I have an opinion about their new songs and wanted to share it. I know I'm not a music blog, but lets just pretend for a few minutes!

Now I've been a Vampire Weekend fan for quite sometime. I know what you're thinking they got so popular so fast! I normally try to stay away from the trendy music and find the more independent unknown tunes out there. But this is one band that I've hung on to despite their popularity. It's all within reason of course, these guys just produce good tunes. They are catchy, witty and complex. They have away of sounding like all your favorite songs that you didn't know were your favorites. I've a feeling that they are going to get lots of criticism just because they are so popular. But I'm loving both of these songs! I'm super stoked for their new album and am probably going to go pre-order it after I finish writing this!

In conclusion, I was terrified that this third album was going to be a bust (like most bands) but after listening to these songs there's no way that its going to be a flop. At least in my opinion! Ok ok, enough rambling. What do you think? Does popular music have a tendency to bug you too?

Write more letters!

I don't know very much, but I do know that everyone love to receive letters in the mail. I mean its kinda amazing to think that someone was thinking about you and put effort into that piece of mail just for you! I can't remember when I started sending letters to people, but I do know the day I received my first piece of mail. I knew then that I was hooked and it was something that fit me perfectly. I've always been keen to old things like black and white movies, vintage clothing and antiques. So something as classic as good old fashion correspondence I fell in love with immediately.

say it better in a letter

Anyways the point of my rambling is that I want all of you to send a letter! (Well anyone that reads this.) You can send it to a friend, relative or anyone really! There's lots of places out on the interweb to find snail mail buddies. My two favorite are The Letters Writers Alliance and Send Something. My favorite pen pals have been found through these sites. You can also find a bunch on tumblr like THIS or THAT. Also some of my other favorite mail inspiration blogs are Wreck this Girls Mailbox and Making Mail.

So hop to it! You have nothing to lose aside from a postage stamp and some paper. I think you'll be surprised how fun it is. Who knows you might get addicted like me!

Facts about being a lady: Undies!

I'm a bit worried that I've ran out things to blog about when I'm blogging about undies. The truth is it's a topic that come ups with me and Zoei probably way too much. Because lets face it the panties that you choose can make or break your day. Nothing makes work horrible like being uncomfortable.

Panties have always been one of those things that are topic of conversation. Or I guess I should say the lack of undies becomes conversation. I was reading THIS post over on Indie Chicks and it made me chuckle. Mostly because I don't think the thought of NOT wearing undies has ever crossed my mind. But I mean to each his...er her own. I suppose that undies aren't necessarily a must have. I take comfort in the fact that no matter what if I lose my skirt or pants then not all is revealed. Silly I know, but I guess its just a comfort thing. On that note I don't care for the fancy panties either. I'm a simple polka dot cotton bikini cut kinda girl. I wonder what that says about me? So I'm not sexy, at least I'm comfy!

But cheers to all you girls that are brave enough to go without!

Outgoing Mail!

I finally took some time this weekend to catch up on my correspondence. Although I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, mostly because episodes of Downton Abby kept distracting me! But concidering how lazy I was I'm shocked I got this much done! 

I'm just now getting around to putting together some fun stuff for the lovely Annie! I got some surprise mail from her a little while ago and couldn't figure out what to send her back! So I just settled on some postcards and stickers I made. Oh and some confetti!  Check out her blog HERE! 

I made a whole bunch of stickers from doodles this weekend. (I'm so in love with my sticker maker!) So I decided to pick random people off of sendsomething.net and send them a lil'note with some stickers! 

Overall a very successful mail weekend! Do you send letters? If you don't you should! It's tons of fun!