List of Thoughts (+Links)

List of thoughts and links as of late!
1- Isn't this hedgehog the cutest! Calico the hedgehog is the bees knees.
2- Weather has been wacky in the over developed valley of the Salt Lake. BUT I think its officially time to shave my legs and wear some shorts.
3- Kinda obsessed with THIS personality test. Its spooky how accurate it is!
4- I've been rambling on about cats lately and my sister sent me THIS link! Its crazy, creepy and I want one.
5-I'm pretty sure I use the word "I've" way too much. But I just can't stop!
6- I'm craving sweet things lately! Birthday season always makes me hungry for birthday cake. Not even the fancy good kind! Funfetti cake and grocery store cakes, crazy I know!
7- Read THIS article about the post office and what they do with letters that have bad handwriting. I have to say I'm a bit relieved!
8- I think I've finally convinced my roommates to start watching Downton Abbey! Eeep!
9- For some reason there is a sound on the train, on my way to work that always gets THIS R.E.M song stuck in my head!
10- Such a lovely spring weather! I can't believe that April is already past!

Outgoing Mail!

For my birthday I got a bunch of new gel pens! (green ones of course, my favorite!) I couldn't wait to dive into these and make some pretty mail! I bought these black envelopes a while ago, super cheap at a scrapbook warehouse. When I bought them I thought they would be pretty with white gel pen, but of course my white pen died when I went to go address an envelope! BUT now I have new lovely green pens! I'm really happy with the way these turned out!
 I'll admit I got a bit lazy when it came to the back of the envelopes! But still looks kinda neat.
I wrote these 2 letters for a couple that I just adore, so I drew them Oblio and Arrow! Two amazing charters from the story The Point! by Harry Nilsson. I think they're really gonna love these twin envelopes and matching drawings! 
Happy mail day! 

Little Lazy Blogger

I haven't been keeping up with my blog like I normally do. I'm not sure why not. I've been doing good until this last week. I suppose I was just feeling a block and a spout of laziness. I wish I had some important personal reason to share, but alas I do not. Next week should be more back to normal. At least I hope so! Birthday season in my family is still on its way. Which tends to take up time and energy quite a bit, but in the best way possible of course! Anyways, don't forget that if you're reading this I absolutely adore you! I'm in awe over anyone that would read anything that I've written. Hope you have a good April-y weekend!

New Zine: Grey Matter #2

 I finally finished Grey Matter #2! Its only taken me a billion years! I tend to get  a bit lazy when it come to finishing projects. BUT not today! Its mostly little writings, drawings and quotes. A little bit of a mish mash but I like it that way! I suppose if I can to classify it, it would go under the art zine group. I haven't gotten any feed back so I'm still not very sure about it yet! I sent a bunch out to my pen pals and they alway give good feed back. So now we wait! Anyways, if you'd like a copy I'd love to send you one! You can email me at ( OR you can leave me a comment and go HERE to lend me your address! BUT if I do send you some snail mail goodness you have to give feed back! Cause with out feed back how will I know if I'm improving at all?
Heres the middle page and also happens to be my favorite! I'm really hoping that this one has a bit more cohesion then others in the past! I've really been working towards finding a "style" lately.

Desk Findings: Scraps + Books

Its been a while since I've done a desk findings post. Recently I cleaned up a little bit and found this neat little collection! A clean desk is always nice but never lasts long!
1- Nine Stories by J.D Salinger I've been reading this off and on for a while now. Short stories are always nice to carry around in your bag. You can pick it up and read it with out too much commitment to a story!
2- Large tissue confetti from my Messy Box. I love glueing them to letters and in my art journal!
3- Train ticket and fortune for my art journal! I've been collecting scraps and trying to stay caught up!
4- Water color brushes and green watercolor! I've been adding little bits of watercolor doodles to letters and envelopes.

Phew! So much to do but no motivation! Clean desk is a step in the right direction!

Song and Doodle #46

Today's song and doodle is a FANTASTIC song from one of my favorite sound tracks! Are You Sleeping? by Harry Nilsson from The Point! The Point! is one of my all time favorite stories and I'm constantly seeking new things from it as the struggles of the world become more real in my life. It seems silly but I relate to Oblio way to much. Every song on this sound track has amazing lyrics and a tale or lesson to be told. The re-listen-abilty of this album is just incredible. I love it! If you don't know the story of Oblio you should really look it up! IF you do let me know what you think! Are you a bit like Oblio too?
"Are you sleeping? Can you hear me?
Do you know if I am by your side?
Does it matter if you hear me?
When the morning comes I'll be there by your side."

List of Thoughts as of Late (+Links!)

1. I had such a beautiful weekend. Wonderful people and sun shiny memories! 
2. I've been looking for a new face scrub. So I thought, why not make my own! THIS seemed like a good place to start! 
3. I'm hanging onto THIS link about aperture. Pretty sure its gonna come in handy! 
4. I've been bulking up my reading list and THIS is number one. 
5. Spring allergies are kicking my trash. 
6. Edward Gorey + Mail Art? Yes. Please.
7. A busy weekend means a high anxiety weekend. Which make THIS post really useful!
8. I spent some time with a wonderful kitty and although it made me really stuffy, I LOVED it!
9. THIS lady is brilliant and I love this idea!
10. This month is going by fast and I've a feeling it'll only pick up!

Hope you all have a successful week!

Lovely Things: Adventure Accessories!

This week my sister and I have started to take the train to work. We've contemplated it a ton of times but never really had the gusto to test it out. Our car is being a bit wonky so we figured this was the universes way of saying find another way! So here we are! Only half way though the first week and we're getting it down! I didn't think I would be this anxious about it. BUT like everything there are things to learn and things always get better. Things like public transportation attracts some iffy looking people, things are slightly grimy and the train waits for NO ONE! Upon our recent adventures I've discovered I need to up my public transportation game and here are some lovely things to get me started!
Travel mug! I've found I dislike most travel mugs cause their clunky. So this petite one looks darling! ALSO colors are amazing! Found HERE. 
Back up battery! Sitting on the train means playing games on my phone which means killing my battery! Plus how cute are these? Found HERE.
People watching is the best time waster. Found HERE
I've wanted a traveling art journal for a while now. Now I have a good reason to get one! This one is particularly lovely because it comes with a strap! Eeek! So awesome. Found HERE.
Beautiful tracks found HERE.
I've found a few things come in handy while taking public transportation. Wet wipes, hand sanitizer and tissues. (mostly because of my spring allergies) So of course I need a cute little honey bee bag to keep it all in! Found HERE.

PHEW! New things are good right? I think its a good experience to say the least! 

Snail Mail Catch Up!

I took some time this weekend to finish up a few envelopes that I've been working on. I've gotten way behind on my snail mail and I'm not sure if I'll ever catch up!! BUT I made some progress this past week! I think spending too much time on crafting envelopes isn't helping. I just can't help but make neat things! I have so many cool ideas. I just wish I had more time. Never enough time!
Really loving collages lately! 
I got out my mod podge to make this one! I love the way it looks, even if its a bit arts and crafty looking. It's made using a cut up dots candy box and some tissue confetti. I think my pen pal will really like it!
 My pen pals are amazing. So I also wanted to share what these two people sent to me! I just love this guys simplistic collages! You can see more of his mail art HERE!
I just love this pink envelope! Plus I'm a huge fan of quotes! 


Collages: Coming and Going

I have this really cool pen pal that sends me collages. So today I wanted to share the latest one that she sent me and one that I sent her! I'm getting the hang of this collage thing. I've found a new appreciation for simplistic collages. Normally my brain says-- put it all on!! Now I've been trying to think and plan a bit more. Luckily for me I'm motivated by an awesome pen pal to keep trying to one up myself! 
What I received.
What I sent! 

Weekend Adventures!

Easter weekend! This weekend was so busy! Saturday was filled with yummy food and coloring eggs. Sunday was filled with an egg hunt and MORE yummy food! My favorite part about Easter is all the time spent with family and soaking up some spring sun. Here are just some pictures I took this weekend. I stink at documenting stuff, but slowly getting better! 
Green wontons! First time using these wonton wrappers and they were quite yummy! 
 My snail mail coral easter egg! 
 Honey bee egg! I was really loving this orangey peach color. 
 Egg hunt! Puppies loved finding the eggs!
 When are you too old to hunt for Easter eggs? The answer is NEVER. 
 This is my favorite egg that I made in my favorite green color! 
My lovely family! I should've snagged pictures of everyone but I feel so awkward gathering people for photos that these guys just happen to be standing around each other. Yet another thing that I need to work on!

I hope you all had a very lovely springy Easter weekend! I'm so not ready for the week to start. But onwards and upwards, time waits for no one!

Happy Easter!

Today is such a lovely Easter Sunday! Now I haven't always been too terribly religious but I've always loved Easter. Ever since we were little my family celebrated it beyond the traditional sense of the holiday. Instead its been a celebration of the renewal of spring, new life, new adventures and appreciation for the love that we share. Even now that we are older, we still color eggs, get each other little gifts, spend a weekend together and bask in the new spring sun! Now that I'm older and sunken into religion a bit more, it has a whole new meaning to me. BUT the root of love and family will always be there. Needless to say Easter is my favorite holiday! 

I hope you are all love and hugged by the sun on the lovely day! Its actually sparkly sunny in good ol' Utah and for that I am grateful! Have a spring filled day with new new-ess and revived loved! 

Don't Forget!

Today's reminder is to write more love letters! April is national card and letter writing month so why not? Its a fact that everyone loves getting letters in the mail! So why not brighten up someones day? New stamps have also been released this month! They're oozing with sweetness! Find them HERE! Now don't you just want to buy a whole bunch and send cute little "from me to you" note cards? Huzzah I thought so! So hop to it! Buy some stamps, write a note and spread some love!

March Art Journal!

April is finally upon us! It happens to be my favorite month. But until we can dive into April I need to share with you my art journal for March! I'm finally getting a hang of this larger book I made. I think I have enough pages to include April and then on to a new book! I'm gonna kinda miss this book with its paper bag pages! 
Half way though March I went to a scrapbooking warehouse and got a bunch of fun journaling cards!
Also decided that I should start including the drawings I do for my blog in my art journal! Most of the time they just get shoved into a sketch book anyways!
I also signed up for the Messy Box this last month. I only did one month to kinda test it out and I love it! So much pretty stuff to add to my art journal!
Phew! Welcome spring and hello April!