Friday is finally here and it doesn't feel like Friday at all! Just kinda snuck up on me. Which is good! If not my day probably would have been a lot worse. But today was lovely and filled with sunshine, hugs and good food! I feel lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people! 

My dad is officially retiring and we got to reminisce this afternoon and vist his class room. It was filled with so many weird and wonderful memories. Lately I'm missing my older sister like crazy! She's only been gone a week! Work is especially hard because man, I feel like I'm drowning trying to fill her spot! I'm surviving all of it though! It's getting better and I'm doing pretty good at staying positive! 

I got to end the day by eating Thai food with my two favorite people. Now I'm going to bed early and sleeping in late! 

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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