Monday Rambly Post


Man, it seems like Monday has been coming up quicker and quicker! This rainy day weekend went by way too fast! This May is turning out to be a wacky weather month! I can't believe how hot and cold it's been. Maybe the world is more indecisive then I am? Ok, so maybe that a bit extreme. But seriously world, make up your mind! Enough about the weather! (Am I really writing about the weather?)

On a lighter note, I've finally, finally adjusted to my new work schedule  Which I can officially tell because I now wake up early on the weekends! And I don't feel like death at the end of each day. Work if still challenging, but it's suppose to be right? I've gotten a few new pen pals that I'm totally enamored by and I've been writing lots of letters. Which always makes me happy! I'm well on my way to finishing my second zine, Grey Matter #2. I had high hopes for this one, but it's quickly turning into ranty confession zine. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out! I've also been working on some mini-zines. But I'll blog about that laters.

Well that's enough boring updating for me! How's May treating all you lovlies?

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