It's Friday!

Woohoo! It's Friday! AND a long weekend! I'm hoping to get lots done and hang out with some beautiful people!  Also catch up on some sleep! Oh how I do love sleeping! 

Have any fun plans for the weekend? Hope it's a lovely one filled with adventure! 

Let's have a little music.

It was one of my weekly wishes a few weeks ago to find new music to listen too. Well, I failed that but these past couple days I've been digging around on soundcloud for new tunes. Here are a couple that I've found that are pretty neat. What are you listening too? Any music suggestions for me?


Somedays are just good days. Today was a good day. Oh Olive how I do love you and wish I could spend everyday as confident as you! 

Is it Friday yet? Hope you're all surviving the week successfully and gracefully!

Blog Hops!

Now I'm not them most familiar with blog hops or link-ups, but I've found that the best way to find new blogs it by blog hops. So I always look out for them so I can find new similar blogs to read, but I haven't really participated in very many. I'd figure I'd put together a post together and share some of my recent hop findings! 

Wow Wow Wednesday with This Girls Life
First off! Weekly Wednesday Blog Hop, I found though the lovely This Girls Life blog. Hers is one of my newest reads. Not my regular type of blog to follow, but I'm always trying to expand my horizons! 

Second! Friend connect! Now I just stumbled upon this one off of someones sidebar. I couldn't help but click on it cause "friend connect" is mighty catchy! I've yet to unearth the awesomeness that is The Life of a Not so Ordinary Wife Blog, but I hope to soon! 

Last but not least! The Meet and Greet blog hop! I've been following Diary of a Dreamer for a while now, I found her though the weekly wishes. I just love how she writes. I haven't fully checked out the other co-host blogs but I'm sure they are just as awesome! 

I think thats about it! Today alone I've found 4 new blogs to read! Which isn't smart adding to my massive bloglovin' list. But I just can't help it! Too many blogs not enough time!! 

Animal Doodles!

I found a little sketchbook I made a while ago outta scrap paper. So I figured I should put it to good use and fill it full of drawings. So I decided to so animal drawings! Theses are my first two! 

Oh manic little bear you've lost your thoughts! (Yeah, I know he's a bit creepy, but kinda cute...kinda.)

I hardly ever draw birds. I'm not sure why. I think its cause they are a little bit more tricky. But I like how this guy turned out. I guess practice makes perfect, so drawing birds I must! 

Hopefully I can stop being lazy and do a few more this week! I'm thinking a cat and bunny might be next. 

Weekly Wishes #7

Its monday again! I totally had a lazy blog week last week and failed to update on my weekly wishes. Oh well, I don't think I completed any of my goals anyways. Yep, its been that kinda week. But I've had a sleepy lazy weekend and I'm ready to have a productive week!

This weeks goals!

One! Finished up my last roll of film. Yeah I know I've had this on my to do list for a while. I finished up one roll last weekend and only have a half more to go. Then I can send them off to get developed!

Two! Call and schedule a hair cut. I always get anxiety getting my hair cut but I've recently found a hair stylist that understands what I'm looking for and doesn't mind that I don't make small talk. The only tricky part is finding a time that I can take off work and that he works. But I need to get my hair done. Its dry, looooong and thick. Oh so thick!

Three! Do some laundry. I'm sad that this needs to be on the list. It should be something that I just do and not have to force myself to do. But at the end of the day I just get too tried and lazy to do a load of laundry. Maybe if I add it to my weekly wishes I'll actually get it done!

I'm hoping this week is better then last. I think I'm outta my funk and can actually function with out being a mopey mess. I wish you all a very successful week!!

As always don't forget to head over to the Nectar Collective and spread some encouragement and love!
P.S. And yes, I finally had to break down and and buy A Beautiful Mess's photo app!

Photo blogs that I adore.

I've had a adoration for photography ever since Zoei got a me a lomography camera for christmas a while ago. Although since then I haven't really become a better photographer, just more obsessed and now have a bigger camera collection. But I still love photography and lomography and wanted to share a couple of my favorite photography blogs!

First! The Easily Distracted. The blog is run by the lovely Rhianne. She's super talented and I love her photos! I love that her section on cameras that she uses. Mostly because I love cameras and I love learning more about them so that I can decide what to buy next to add to my collection! The pros and cons of each camera is very handy! Needless to say I love her photos and I love her blog! Check it out and you'll for sure be inspired to go out and get a film camera.

Second! Antorra! This lovely blog is the photography goodness of Antonella Guarracino. (Can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful her name is!) This is a recent blog that I've stumbled upon. Its my favorite to waste time during my lunch break and ooh and awwe over her photos. She also did THIS post on how do develop film at home. I've been wanting to try this for ever but I haven't found any instructions that weren't really intimidating. But after reading hers I totally feel like I can do it! I think its an awesome project to work on this fall. Her blog is also full of resources! It's definitely one that I'm going to read when ever I need some photo inspiration!

Phew! Enough ranting! Check out these lovely blogs and be inspired! I feel totally pumped to go out and take some photos! Even though most my photos end up unfocused with a finger in them, I still love it! I should focus and get better, but as long as I'm having fun right? Anyways, go grab a camera and take some photos!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

List of Thoughts.

WaterPartners International

Things that have been on my mind lately. 
1) I really need to start a project or something thats somewhat creative. 
2) How come there is always laundry to hang up or fold? 
3) How come I have so many clothes but wear the same tee shirt and jeans. 
4) I forgot to do weekly wishes, crap. 
5) Still need to hand up a curtain in my room. 
6) Why is Skype so funky and annoying when you change from the app to on a computer?
7) Did I pay all my bills? I need to keep better track of that. 
8) I always over play songs. 
9) Is it fall yet?
10) Are some people just supposed to be alone forever?

Is it Friday yet?

New Song!

I'm always trying to learn new songs on the ukulele! This week I'm trying to learn the song Places To Go by Leftover Cuties. Which I found HERE! On one of my favorite uke websites! The biggest challenge I'm having with this song is singing and getting it to sound right. This ladies voice is amazing and I'm having a hard time knowing how to sing it so it sounds like the song! But I'm loving the challenge. I also happen to love belting out this song when I'm home all alone. It freaks out the dog but is lots of fun.


What do you think about this song? I'll admit singing it by myself it sounds a bit empty, I should really form a band. Who am I kidding I'm too shy to do anything like that! Silly Remi!

Out Going Mail!

I've had a very lazy weekend, but I'm glad that I got some of my correspondence taken care of! Something I've been lazy about these days. So here are my most recent envelopes! 

I've been trying out this new font. I kinda like, but found that it's way too time consuming! 

My new recent pass time at work is do to these repetitious patterns while listening to calls. I'm not sure if my boss would approve, but it sure does keep me sane. 

I still have a few more letters that I need to write and I'm hoping that I can get them done this week! It's been a while since I was all caught up! Also if you'd ever like a random little note in the mail, I'd love to send you one. Just go HERE and give me a place to send it! 

Hope you all have a successful week! 

Blogger Brooch!

A little while ago one of my favorite blogs/etsy shops, Stoic and Pariah, was doing a give away! Now I don't usually sign up for these things, but I've been wanting to buy on of her brooches for a long time. Just never saved the money. But then I got a email and I won the brooch! I about peed myself I was so excited. Especially cause I was having one of the crappiest days ever! So that I actually won something awesome was totally what I needed!


I love my brooch so much! I've only worn it once so far and totally felt like a classy blogger lady!  The craftsmanship is insane! You can totally tell its 100% unique and so much love put into it! So, go check our their BLOG, ETSY and like them on FACEBOOK!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

My box is bigger then yours.

I've only lived in this new town for a little bit over a month and a half. I'm still in awe at how all the houses are stacked up against the mountain. The higher you go the bigger they get. I can't help but think its like king of the hill, the higher up you are the better your status. A competition to see who can build the bigger box to live in. Its kinda funny that even today, with all the changes some things still remain. Such as people on the top of the hill are more wealthy then those at the bottom. Just something that's been on my mind lately. 

Also as part of my weekly wishes I wanted to find more music to listen too. Sound cloud is helping a ton! I'm finding lots of stuff to listen to. Nothing to outstandingly fantastic but I'm getting there! But I wanted to share this song that I'm over the moon about! I can't wait for these guys to release another album! What do you think?

Weekly Wishes #6

The Nectar Collective
I was a boob last week and didn't get around to participating in the weekly wishes shenanigans. But I was finally catching up on reading all my blogs that I love to read, but failed to last week. And I missed being a part of something! I think its hard to related to others wishes, when you aren't really making your own goals, if that makes any sense at all! Plus I failed miserably on my last few goals, so I was avoiding thinking about it. (Horrible, yes I know.) But I'm feeling optimistic this late monday night! So I'm giving it another go!

This weeks goals!

Read more! It has taken me AGES to get though this book that I"m reading. Not because its a bad book, but because I'm so lazy! I've also started watching all the Arrested Developments with my roommates, starting from the first season. Soooo, yeah...I really should STOP watching TV and pick up a book!!

Find new music to listen too! I'm officially stuck in a music rut, which sadly means all my creative juices stop flowing and I'm just NOT creative. But whenever I find new tunes to listen too I feel like I want to paint murals and send a pretty doodle to everyone on the planet! So, needless to say I need to find some new music to listen to so it hopefully gives me a lil' creative boost! What have you been listening to lately?

Finish up the roll of film in my camera. I took 2 cameras on our mini camping adventures and only finished up a half of roll on each. Why I didn't just use one camera is beyond me, not my smartest move. So now I need to take some pictures so I can get them developed! I'm crossing my fingers that I can find some photo worthy things this week! I've a feeling they are just gonna end up being photos of Zoei while she's talking. I'm not sure why but those are my favorite!

As always don't forge to to go to The Nectar Collective and spread some love and encouragement! Also click around! I'm finding soooo many awesome blogs from her weekly link up!

List of thoughts...


Things that have been on my mind lately. 
1) Sunburns and disguising and painful AND I'm going to try to avoid them for the rest of my life! 
2) I can't believe its already AUGUST! 
3) I love when people make me feel special. It's rare, but I love it! 
4) I've to finish up those rolls of film from last weekend so I can get them developed. 
5) I need to start exercising more. 
6) Time is my enemy and I need to learn how to manage it better. 
7) Trying to figure out how to get my co-worker to actually work! 
8) Missing my older sister like crazy lately. I'm not sure why. 
9) The internet is making me fall in love with cats, yet again!
10) I want to start cooking more (helping Zo cook) so I'm on the hunt for some new recipes! 

Don't forget!

It's important you know and you're dentist will be very proud! Hope you are having a lovely lazy weekend! 

Liebster Award!

Now I when I got this comment from Emily about the Libster Award I was a bit wearying cause I had no idea what she was talking about! But after reading a bit I learned that is just a way for lil blogs (like myself) to connect with others. Let's hope that I don't mess this up too much!

Here we go! The Rules?

To be awarded the Liebster your blog has to have less than 200 followers. The award helps spread the knowledge of great bloggers.

Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger awarding you the award.
Choose 11 more blogs for the award, you cannot give the award to the person awarding you. The people you award must have under 200 followers and you must give the person awarding you the award a shout out in your post.
Ask a set of 11 new questions.
Contact the 11 bloggers to let them know they have been nominated.

Seems easy enough, right?! Questions from Emily!

1.What is your favorite item you have thrifted?
A: Hmm, actually I've never thrifted anything before! I've always been keen to old stuff, but never really got out and done it before. I should add that to my to do list! 

2. Did you buy make up in your last shopping trip? If so what?
A: Nope. I don't really wear a whole lotta makeup if I'm being honest. 

3. Do you run out of foundation before you start trying new ones?
A: Nope. I wait until its all gone then wait another couple weeks till I drag my lazy bum down the makeup isle to aimlessly grab something to get rid of my sheen. 

4. What type of camera do you use to take your photographs?
A: Oh gosh. I'm not a very good photographer. For my bloggy I use my trusty Iphone. But I collect film/ lomography cameras that I use a ton.

5. The top 5 items you carry in your purse at all times.
A: moleskin sketch book, fine point pen, sharpie, chap-stick, minty gum. 

6. What is your favorite scent?
A: Sandalwood! 

7. Do you tweeze, wax, or thread your eyebrows?
A: As much as I hate it, I tweeze. Mostly cause I don't trust myself with wax and I'm not coordinated enough to thread them. 

8. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
A: Art class. They only subject I was somewhat good at! 

9. What is your favorite holiday?
A: Easter! Not that I'm overly religious, I just like the relaxed family feel of the day. 

10. What color eyeshadow do you wear most often?
A: I don't really wear stuff on my eyes. One giggle and my eyes are watering and its a HOT mess. 

11. If you won the lottery what would you do?
A: I'd build a little brick house in the woods and fill it full of books and stay there forever! 

Now that was quite fun. Blogs that I'm nominating! This one was a bit more difficult for me, mostly because I realized that a lot of the lil blogs that I follow have already participated. I didn't want to be one of those that kept giving it to the same people! So I only found 5 to nominate instead of 11, Oopsy oh well!

1) Strawberries and Buttercups
2) Syafinaz Says
3) Girl Dust
4) Kuhisi
5) Foreign Room

Questions for my nominees!

1) Last song you listened too?
2) The last thing that made you laugh?
3) If you had to change your name, what would you pick?
4) You're favorite thing about yourself?
5) If you were a cookie, what flavor would you be and why?
6) The most exciting part of your day today?
7) What did you want to be when you were little?
8) Last book you read?
9) Two words that best describe you?
10) Favorite thing about the place you live?
11) Last thing that made you cry?

This is such a fun idea and I'm glad that I got to participate! I'm also hoping that I did it correctly. I've a bad habit of not following instructions. It make putting together Ikea furniture very difficult for me. Anyways, don't forget to check out Emily's BLOG! Its pretty neato if I do say so myself!

Late night youtube obsession..

I really REALLY should go to bed. Instead I'm finding myself being absolutely non productive and wasting time on youtube. I'm pretty sure I've watched just about every tiny desk concert series from NPR. If you haven't seen any of them, you really should! I haven't seen one yet that was bogus. But I'm gonna warn you now, you'll find yourself in the same non productive state as I currently find myself in. Oh internet you never fail so suck up time!

First things first, this band. Alt-J..yes I know silly name. BUT THIS BAND GUYS! I don't think I can say enough good things about them. I got to see them live a lil bit ago and man they are 5 times better live then they are on the album, and I LOVE their album. If you get a chance to see them, do it! They are super unique, they've got so many layers to there songs you seriously hear something new every time! Plus they are super catchy, danceable AND how adorable are those silly hats! 

Ok ok enough ranting, its officially 2:36 AM and I need some sleep if I'm going to survive work tomorrow! 

Weekend Adventures.

Well I had lots planned to do this weekend, mostly just getting caught up on lil projects and some letters. But instead we went on a quick camping trip with the family! It was more like a mini camping trip because we only stayed one night. Which wasn't long enough I didn't want to leave. BUT we had to get back to work this week, so it goes.

This is an interesting camping trip to say the least. Seemed like things just weren't on our side. First off we got lost. Not too terribly lost and Dirk was quick to get us back on track. But none the less my nerves were all mucked up and my anxiety was really horrendous. After actually finding the lake we realized that none of us got information about what camp ground they were staying at. SO, this caused another stressful hour of wandering around trying to find our family.
(You know its bad when your lost and the driver hops outta the car to get better reception to try and locate where the hell you are)
Once we got there and pitched our tents in the dark, it was just enough time to have a good chat around the fire before trying to sleep a bit. Sleeping seemed to be more difficult then I had anticipated, it was uncomfortable and cold. Once morning came is was nice and HOT! Just spent the day wandering around the lake a bit and eating some junk food before hitting the road to come back home. 

My niece is getting so old so fast! She's almost a mini adult! Its crazy! 

Chapstick's first camping trip. She did surprisingly well considering she doesn't like people too much. BUT she does love catching and eating bugs.
There is one thing about Utah is that is can be pretty insanely beautiful when it wants too. 

 Oh yeah I almost forgot, I was a idiot and forgot to put on sunscreen and sat in the sun all afternoon. I don't think I have EVER been this sunburnt before. Its pretty much miserable and I can barely move with out it burning like hell. I guess I learned my lesson. I now am on a heavy does of aloe gel every hour trying to seek some relief. Any suggestions to help sun burn??

So I guess in all, getting lost (twice), pitching tents in the dark and getting extremely sunburnt I still had a great weekend hanging out with some of my favorite people. Although achy and exhausted this is gonna be a tough week. I need a weekend after my weekend! 

P.S. I finally got around to taking lots of pictures! Now I just need to get them developed! Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week! 

Anxiety Flowers.

Whenever my anxiety gets really bad I always do two things. 1- Draw flowers. I'm not sure why but I've always enjoyed drawing flowers and its something that came really easily to me. On all my notes for anything there are always flower doodles. Or sometimes when I just need to think though an idea, I'll default and draw some flowers to just try and process everything. Anyways a silly thing like flowers helps me deal with it a lot. Needless to say I've been drawing a lot of flowers. 

2-Play the ukulele. I love playing the ukulele because its challenging in a way the it takes my mind off of things and easy enough that I feel accomplished about myself. So playing or learning a new song is always really relaxing and calming. I'm finding that I really like to play in the mornings before work. Just a couple little songs before work to kinda get my anxiety back into check so I'm not a nervous wreck all the time. A few songs I'm learning lately are Remember by Missy Miller and Silly Things by Wild Child. I'm getting increasingly better at playing and more confident that I actually sing in front of people...well sometimes. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! What do you do to relieve stress and anxiety? 

Snail Mail Collective.

I was lucky enough to get to part take in the Snail Mail Collective over at Melyssa's blog The Nectar Collective. I'm such a huge snail mail nerd that this seemed way up my ally. I've done a couple of swaps though blogs before but NONE of them turned out well and my partners were poopers. BUT I was paired with Chelsea and it was a FANTASTIC experience. I'm loving her BLOG and she's so wonderfully creative and adventurous! I got her package today and I was so excited I think I might've jumped up and down a little bit.

You know your package is going to be good when you're roommate says "Oooh, you got something pretty today!" this tape is adorable! 

I got so many fun things! I was shocked to see so many little things wrapped up all cute! I got a postcard, seashells, key chain, little drawing (which now sits on my desk!) a sucker and some poppy seeds! (Which I have no idea how to grow, but I"m accepting the challenge!) 

My two favorite things in the box are a mix cd and her business card. I'm listening to the mix cd right now and I'm so blown away how similar our music taste is. It's almost perfect and I can tell that its going to be a permanent mix in our my car. Also how awesome is her business card. When I first was looking at it and holding it, all I could think was, yep this chick is pretty darn awesome. I'm officially saving my pennies so I can get something from her etsy shop

Ok, so as I'm writing this I'm starting to feel real crummy about myself. Mostly because I've her box all packed up ready to go and its staring at me my from my desk. I've yet to send it. Yes, I realize that this makes me a crummy pen pal AND it makes me one of those people that sign up for something and don't follow though! I don't want to be a pooper! So I hope I'm not totally banned from doing snail mail exchanges. I WILL get it sent by the end of the week. Which now saying that I realized that it is the end of the week. So BY THE END OF THE WEEKEND! sigh...

Well if you're not a pooper like me then head over the The Nectar Collective and sign up for August! I'm on the fence if I'm going to sign up because I feel real bad about being late. But maybe I'll have to sign up anyways just to challenge my self to be more prompt get stuff done ON TIME!