New Ukulele and New Case!

For my birthday my lovely sister got me a NEW UKULELE! Part of my birthday present was taking me to the music store so I could play every ukulele they had. It was so much fun! I knew right when I played it that it was the one that I needed to have. It just felt so happy in my hands! I haven't stopped playing it since I got it and I just love it so much. It has such sweet sound and is sooooo easy to play!

As a treat for myself I had to buy this adorable case that I found on Etsy a while ago. (From Cherijame's Shop!) I took a while to get here, hence I'm just now blogging about it. But it was worth the wait! It is so beautifully made it's incredible! I can't wait for summer bike rides with my ukulele  Now I can sing songs anywhere I want! Well...that is if I all of a sudden become really brave and not self conscious.

I've also found THIS new site that has TONS of chords for different songs. My two new favorites are Long Way Home by Tom Waits and Hotel Yorba by The White Stripes. I'm having so much fun learning all these new songs!

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