New Tunes!

So much good music out there! AND so many releases this year! Here are two bands that are releasing new albums and released a free download song for your ears to feast on! I love that you always get a little sample of an album before its released because then when it does finally come out I'm all super stoked and excited. Silly? Maybe, but hey its the little things right?

I love Camera Obscurea. I'm a little weary about this song, but I'm so in love with the guitar solo. Maybe I just need to listen to it some more. But I'll for sure have to snatch up this album just to see what they come up with!

Typhoon is a new favorite of mine. I'd really love to see these guys live! But I love this song and I'm really excited for this album. Although I'm a bit sad that I have to wait so loooong. They do have a fall-ish feel to there tunes, so maybe it'll be worth the wait.

I love music so much! *swoon!*

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