Song and Doodle #53

Today's song and doodle is one of my favorite releases so far of 2015, Fools by Wild Child. I've been quite in love with there newest album. It has taken a nice new direction from their old stuff which is always a good sign. Nothing is more frustrating then a band you love that only releases songs that sound the same. Their songs always have such great complexity and her voice is killer. My favorite part about them is it all sounds so effortless, from her voice to the perfectly synced ukulele and bass. Check out their new album and let me know what you think!

Halloween Envelope Art Contest!

A little bit ago a friend posted this awesome envelope contest! This weekend I finally got around to doing it and getting it ready to send off! This contest was Edward Gorey Halloween themed! I'm such a huge fan of Edward Gorey's work. He has a such a distinct style. He really knows how to use textures and shades!
I'm quite happy with how mine turned out, although I totally messed up on one of the ghosts. BUT oh well! I'm still gonna send it in and I still wanted to share it with you! I could've done a little more with the textures and tried to go darker, but overall I like it! Doing this envelope really made me want to start incorporating more textures into my drawings.

If you'd like to send in a envelope you can go HERE to print out and form and get drawing! Also I found THIS really cool article about Edward Goreys mail art from a previous project! Eeek I'm so inspired to make some mail art now! And I'm feeling all Halloweeny!

September Art Journal!

This year is going by so fast! Bring it on fall! This past month was mostly filled with lazy days and eating at new restaurants. We've been trying all kinds of new food places. Which is always an adventure! October is filled with pumpkin flavored things and spookiness! I'm looking forward to it!