Bottle Zines

Eek! I meant to write this post months AGO, but better lat then never! Last spring I made some tiny bottle zines. When we were cleaning out our old garage there was this box of tiny bottles that I scooped up and knew I wanted to use them for some kind of zine! I made a bunch of tiny folded up messages then snuck in some little charms that fit the "theme" of each message! I took these with me to Grid Zine. I didn't sell very many of them mostly because I don't think people understood what it was. BUT this really cute little girl bought one and she looked at it like it was magic and it totally made my day! 
I still have a couple of these left over if you'd like one, you can email me at! I also can make little copies of these zine inserts if you're into ultra tiny feel good zines!

List of Thoughts + LINKS

List of Thoughts as of Late:
1- We're finally buying a home! (well almost!) Zoei and I got approved for a home loan so now all we need to do is find a home. It has been very stressful and we haven't had any luck so far. We're in the awkward stage of wanting something perfect but then also don't want to be unrealistic. Its causing a lot of anxiety but in the end it will be good!
2-I've been looking at tons of home decor stuff and society6 has murals that are amazing!
3-THIS post about artist Helen Wilde is blowing my mind! I'm so in love with 3D textiles!
4- Seems like everyone is already acting like its fall but we still have a whole month to go! Since when did everyone get to be in such a hurry?
5- There are so many good indie films coming out this year THIS one is on my list!
6-I'm a HUGE Friends at the Table Podcast nerd. I can't recommend it enough and I love THIS little graphic to get you started if you're looking for a new podcast to listen too!
7-I set a lot of mini goals for August to give myself a little bit more accountability. So far its mixed results but I feel the practice has been good for me and my sad-girl tendencies!
8- Ever get that feeling that you want to make something cool and start to build a community but you can't quite put your finger on the THING that it is you want to start? Ok, maybe that doesn't make much sense but I can't shake that feeling lately. I want to start something I'm just not sure what.
9- I'm waiting for my finances to settle down and when it finally does i'll for sure be signing up for THIS subscription. Zines monthly, yes please!
10-I've been super into anime lately cause I'm getting more dorky as I get older, so if you have any anime suggestions leave it in the comments!

Rad Berry- Sad Berry Zine

I made a new zine last month! This summer it seems like a lot of really sad world events keep happening. I never know if this how life has always been and I'm just now aware of it? BUT to combat my summer bummers I wanted to make something cute! So I made this accordion zine called Rad Berry- Sad Berry. I'm not sure this zine makes all that much sense but the process made me feel so much better about the world. The power of art am I right? After making this zine I set a challenge for myself to make a whole new zine the month of August. So far i'm not sure if I'm going to make it, but I still have a little bit of time! Long story short- if you're feeling a bit weird create something! It just might help!
If you're interested in a copy I'd be happy to mail you some cute mail! Email me at!

Song and Doodle #78

This edition on song and doodle comes at you in the form of Peach Fuzz by Caamp. I've only recently gotten into this raspy singer song writer. I'm still not sure why Caamp has two A's? I could probably google it. ANYWAYS, this bouncy tune has quickly made its mark my summer anthem. Its undeniably cute and catchy. It so hard to not dance a lil' bit to this song! It taps into the familiar feeling of wanting more of a good thing. It also has a killer little guitar solo in the middle that is just so danceable! Which is saying a lot cause i'm not a one for dancing, but its just so darn good! Gah I can barely handle its sweetness!
"No need to complicate it  
I had fallen in love 
With you, so underrated 
Something fillin’ up my lungs"

July Art Journal

Phew summer is whipping on by! Last month I used this teeny journal from a Flow Paper Lovers book. The pages were pretty thin so I ended up gluing them together with a bit of modgepodge so I could use more wet mediums. I'm still trying to be more focused on illustrations. Overall I enjoy how this turned out. I think next months will be larger, but probably still as messy!

Out Going Mail!

I've been creating a lot lately and staying on top of my snail mail pile! I made a few little tags to slip into some envelopes. I got the tags from some Flow Paper Lovers books, stickers from Pipsticks and of course little scraps of paper! My "collage" stash is slowly getting outta control! I collect too many bits of paper, but sometimes you just see a junk mail envelope or receipt that you just have to save! Luckily I'm putting it to good use!
I took a ballpoint pen to some blank envelopes to practice my bubble lettering skills! They definitely look better in the photo then in real life! Overall I'll call it a success and i'll probably try again soon!