Lovely Things: Undies!

I got some new undies the other day. I was looking at them and it always surprises me how large they look but then fit perfectly. Is my butt really that big? Seems like it. I always end up laughing out loud to myself and then getting the giggles for a good half hour. Anyways I figured I'd do a undie appreciation post! PLUS theres a TON of undies on Etsy that I would LOVE but are a wee bit too expensive. Ha. One can dream right?
My all time favorite set that I found on Etsy. If I was confident enough to wear my undies in public I'd want to be wearing these ones! Found in the OOOh LuLu Etsy shop
Hehe butt grab. Image found HERE! 
I love all these colors and the pretty little detail on the side is so lovely!
Probably the most likely to buy just cause they GLOW IN THE DARK! 
You can't go wrong with mint green and grey undies! Found in the Oooh LuLu Etsy shop
Last but not least! If you're feeling crafty then makes your own undies! You can buy a lovely little knickers kit from Lancaster and Cornish

Don't Forget!

When you're going to a rough patch its really easy to over look the good things and focus on the bad. So today is just a reminder to "Choose to see the good stuff!" I know that I need to remember that more often. Especially these days! 


My new favorite thing to wear are brooches! I did a few posts about them a while ago. They're really trendy and come in all shapes and sizes. Which I love! I've found that they are also really affordable! I wanted to share my mini-brooch/ pin collection!

Starting with the wee little ones! I got the heart brooch HERE! I got the fox brooch at a craft fair and I got the Niagara Falls pin from a pen pal! 
I don't wear this one often because its fairly large. BUT I love it because I love LOVE letters! I bought it HERE
I'm so happy I snatched these up from the Love Parcel when I did cause the next day they were all sold out! I like this grey one cause it matches any sweater! 
This is the first brooch that I ever got. I actually won it! Which is awesome! You can read about it HERE! And you can find more in there Etsy shop HERE
Itty bitty pins! The craftsmanship on these is amazing! I get the most compliments on the mini tooth one! I bought them HERE
Little mushrooms! I love these cause they're the prefect size, not to big and not to small! Also they are light weight so they aren't dragging down your top the whole day! I bought them HERE
I got this one the same SHOP! They have tons of different ones that are really affordable and are impeccably made! I love mine! 

Phew! So there you have it! I'm hoping to get more cause I just love how artsy they are! It like wearing mini art around! Hopefully I can make some of my own if I ever find time! 

Frankenstien Bra!

A tragic thing happened the other day. I was sitting there minding my own business when my bra started to attack me. The underwire poked out and stabbed me in the chest! I was quite surprised to have such a problem with my favorite bra. It has been so good to me up until now, being that it is my favorite! I was in denial about the rebellion of my bestest undergarment, so I kept wearing it and continued to get poked...and poked. SO I came to the conclusion that I needed to do something. Thus bringing us to frankenstein bra! My quick fix to solve my poking problems. Now, I know this won't last forever, but I'm not ready to let go of it yet AND I haven't had the time to go bra shopping. Bra shopping is kinda the worst! So obviously I have to put it off. I think I have until I need to wash this bra. I'm not sure how it would hold up in the wash, but I've a feeling that its going to have an unfortunate outcome! 

Sigh, oh the trials of having boobs! Anyone have any good sites to buy bras from? Maybe online is the way to go! 

Song and Doodle #25

I've been a huge fan of Brett Dennen for a long time! Like all artists that you follow for a long time, they're going to release something that you might not like. I was kinda bummed cause I wasn't blown away from his previous release. BUT then he released Smoke and Mirrors. I was immediately reminded why I like him so much and why I keep following him for all these years! He can write a catchy and lryically smart song. I just love him! The song Don't Mess with Karma is my favorite off of his newest album! Hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!

"True love is the right of every human. Who are we to take away the union?
You want something for yourself. Give it to someone else."

Lovely Things: Bugs!

Today's loveliness is in the form of BUGS! I've always been a bit squeamish around bugs. Once we moved into our new house and I took the basement that quickly changed. If I've learned anything about old homes or basements its that there will be spiders! But like all things you can adjust to them pretty quickly! Now I'm actually intrigued with bugs! So I give you some some beautifully creepy findings! 

You can never really have too many stickers. This is just a fact!
I'm still on a bit of a tattoo kick! Image found HERE! 
I've had my eye on this little guy for AGES! The problem is I can't really find a good use for him. I feel like he's too good to waste on a crappy idea. Found in The Amateur Naturalist Etsy shop! 
What a cutie! Image found HERE!
 I'm completely smitten over these coral colors! Found in the Curious Prints Etsy Shop! 
Hand carved stamp! I need to buy more of these are make more stamps! Fond in the Extase Esty shop! 

Bugs are neato! Hope your week is off to a good start! 

Don't Forget!

don't be afraid

I think its easy to forget how powerful love is. Its strange and amazing and shouldn't be messed with. Love can pick us up when we're down, but you have let it. You have to choose to let love win over all the bad crap that fills each of our lives. SO, don't forget to let love lead you! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

List of Thoughts as of Late!

  1. I'm always completely taken away by all the beautiful people I'm surrounded by. I think I forget to appreciate their loveliness and admire it while I have it. 
  2. My sleeping is totally messed up. I'm not sure what to do about it! 
  3. I've started up doing 7 minute work outs again. Not sure how long I can keep it up. But right now my legs feel like noodles! 
  4. I'm pretty stoked for Alt-J's new album. The released one new song that you can find HERE
  5. Feel like I'm in a music slump. Which is never fun. Any suggestions?
  6. I've been watching a ton of Top Gear lately. Definitely thinking I need to work on getting my license! 
  7. The weather tonight is delightfully cold for a mid-June evening! I'm a fan of chilly nights! 
  8. Chilly nights make me want to go CAMPING! 
  9. Speaking of summer-- I need to get my legs in the sun! I wore a skirt the other day and was embarrassed by my glow in the dark legs. I'm the whitest hawaiian ever! 
  10. I need to buy more dresses and shorts! Probably also invest in some razors so I don't have to strut my hairy legs around!

A Few Random Drawings!

For those of you that follow me on instagram you've probably already seen these! BUT I wanted to share them again! I've been doodling a ton lately. My doodles always correlate with my mood, so I always know when I'm in a good mood by how successful my doodles are. It took me a while to realize that. I was talking about an "artists style" with a pen pal the other day. I realized that I still have a lot of figure out about my "style" and what kinda niche I wanna fall into artistically. I do feel like all my doodles have a correlated feel to them. But my style is still very obviously developing. Anyways, enough ranting!
Fathers day card!

I'm doing some drawing challenges with a friend of mine. The prompt was dream tree. So this is my nightmare/scary dream tree! 

Poem I wrote for my pen pal! 

Page from my art journal!

Noodle monster I drew the other night! Aren't his little socks the cutest! 

Song and Doodle #24

I'm pretty much obsessed with First Aid Kit's newest album! I've always been a fan of theres but I'm especially smitten over their new song Silver Lining. I adore snappy song laced with lyrical genius. I'll admit my first go around tracking though the album I didn't think it was anything too special. It wasn't until I had time to sit down and listen that it really hooked me. Theses lovely ladies are coming to town in the fall and I'm super stoked to see them! So stoked I'll probably buy my tickets freakishly early! 

"I've woken up in a hotel room, my worries as big as the moon. Having no idea who or what or where I am. Something good comes with the bad. A song's never just sad. There's hope, there's a silver lining"

Lovely Things: Tattoos!

I was talking to my friend the other night about tattoos. Ever since Zoei got one I've been itching to get one! Although I think my anxiety will probably prevent me. BUT I'm always on the look out for cool ideas, so I thought I'd share some with you! 
I need to get married so I can make my husband get a cute matching tattoo with me! (source)
 I've already decided that I want a honey bee tattoo. Something elegant and creepy cute, kinda like the one on her thigh but more cute! Plus I'm love the little florally embellishments! (source)
I love the placement of this tattoo. Although I'm sure it would hurt pretty badly, BUT is the prefect place for mandala design. (source)
I'm really digging this owl. I love animal tattoos that are more illustration then realistic. (source)
Speaking of animal tattoos! How amazing is this octopus! I love tattoos with stipple work. I wonder if dots hurt more or less? (source)
Cute bear tattoos! I love geometric designs! (source) 

Sigh. Tattoos are awesome! I wish I had the money and the guts to get one! Maybe one day right?

Don't Forget!

Is it Friday already?! This week has gone my way spooky fast! I'm happy for the weekend. I feel so happy with life right now. I mean, I'm struggling with my anxiety and there are so many changes. BUT good changes! I just have to keep reminding myself something beautiful in store for me. I think I've already found it. Just need to be patient! Which is quite difficult at times.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!