New Website!

During this quarantine time I set a goal for myself to finally compile a portfolio! This is a task that has been sleeping on the bottom of my to do list for ages. When thinking about what domain and services to sign up for I was hesitant to dump some cash into it. After exploring a lot of options and pricing I decided now was the time to set up my Peachy Keen Press site. I recently started sending out monthly email newsletters and have begun forming the idea of Peachy Keen Press more clearly, so its a step in the right direction. Also sometimes you just need to get started ya know?

With my new Peachy Keen website I have a new blog platform! Which means I won't be updating this one, but my new one over H E R E! Right now it feels a bit weird and scary to change blogs over. Since its a service I pay for I figured I'd keep it all in one place. This is one of the steps in this progress of building myself up that has felt like a new chapter. I started this blog in 2013! What a life time ago! It has changed so much since then. My blogging has also been a bit inconsistent, but what do you expect in 7 years? I'm so proud of this little online catalog of art, thoughts and projects I've created.

I hope you join me as I start to build up this idea of Peachy Keen Press. I have done some serious goal setting. This is the most confident in my art plans that I have ever been. I'm excited, scared and full of hope and love!

May Art Journal!

With all this time on my hands I've really kept up on my art journal. I have started a routine of working on the pages as a warm up before starting on my larger projects for the day. It is a fun project to wake up to and get the day started. This book was really scrappy at first and I had to add a lot of thick paper layers so it didn't fall apart. I had a bit of a lazy book binding moment and compiled it poorly. Even though it was on the verge of falling apart I managed to make it work. I don't have much to journal about mostly because I'm not doing much. I am processing a lot of thoughts and feelings so it is a very good place for that. I'm curious this time next year how journaling will feel?

Hirsutism Zine!

My zine for the month of May was all about my struggles with Hirsutism! This is a zine that I have struggled for years to write. These past couple months I've had a lot of time to sit with my feelings and process a lot so it felt like the right time to create this zine. When I wrote this zine my purpose wasn't to educate people on this condition that affects lots of women, my goal was to share my story. I hope that within sharing my story it can help other find courage to share their hard stories. There is something magical and terrifying about writing your story down. It happens to breath new life into the emotions that it holds. Now that it is completed I'm finding myself sitting with a lot more closure then I thought I would. Honestly I feel so proud of myself. Letting this secret that I've been holding on to for ages float into the world is scary but also a huge weight off of my mind. It helped me grow and become more confident. That is the power that zines hold!
As always if you're interested in a copy of this zine you can email

Mini Art Practice!

I have been trying to work on more mini paintings in between projects. Mostly for practice! I made this little watercolor illustration after a strange dream I had. I'm not sure if you remember your dreams, but whenever I have a strange one I write it down. In this dream I was taking a bath with a bunch of baby pickles. My watercolor skills are lacking, but this practice helps!
I'm sure you've seen the #sailormoonredraw challenge going around lately! I couldn't help myself. I've only seen a few episodes of Sailor Moon but the styling is super iconic even if you're not an anime fan. I did forget her buns on the top, ooopsy! BUT I do love the expression on her face. I used gouache for this illustration. I tried to do lots of layers because I have a hard time getting a consistently thick layer. I think taking my time to build up thin layers paid off on this one and helped me avoid light spots.