Song and Doodle #66

I'm loving the song Dear Someone by Walker Lukens. It popped up on my recommended spotify tunes a little bit ago. At first I thought it was just a nice catchy tune and didn't think too much about it. The more and more that it got rotated though out my playlists the more I enjoyed it! It started to give me some serious nostalgic feels. This sounds like classic high school Remi kinda music. I feel like I listened to a lot of bands like this. A nice catchy tune with somewhat cryptic lyrics. It looses points for not being unique, but the feels I get make up for it! Have you been listening to anything new lately? Let me know! PS This video is pretty awesome!

"And life takes me by the scruff of my neck
Says get it before you grow old"

List of Thoughts + LINKS!

1- We had a couple of warm days last week and I thought for a minute winter was about over. I was wrong, we got a fresh batch of snow this week. I'm to the point where I'm ready for summer, sweatiness and all!
2- Yayoi Kasuma has a show going on in DC right now. I've been contemplating a spontaneous vacation if I can save enough monies.
3- I'm not a podcast person, but lately I've really been into them. I thought it would be like the radio and hard to pay attention too. I'm LOVIN 99% Invisible. They post a lot about designs and people. Its real good, check it out!
4- I haven't been to the doctors in ages until recently. I thought I should go before I get kicked off my insurance. Its been good, but now I'm going through a round about of tests that are nerve wracking and annoying. Its for the best, right?
5- On the bright side I'm learning so much about anatomy! I had no idea how much stuffs I had in my abdomen! haha
6- I'm obsessing over Japanese Cheesecake lately. So jiggly!! I even just bought some cake pans!
7- After reading THIS I'm wanting to put pompoms on all my clothes. Would that be too much?
8- Seriously dreaming about summer! I can't wait to give gardening another go. I hope this year is better then last!
9- I'm kinda crazy in love with THIS song! Local tunes are usually the best!
10- I'm getting a lotta the lonely feels these days. I'm not sure if thats a sign that I should start dating more, or maybe just buy a new dress!

Outgoing Mail!

I took the weekend and got caught up on all my mail! I wanted to make some flip book kinda things. These turned out alright, but I really need to watch more flip book tutorials I can't get them to sit or fold right for some reason. To hide by crappy flippy craftsmanship I added a whole lotta paint and tape to these suckers. I'm now realizing I don't have to collage to so much if I'm just going to paint over. BUT I feel like I'm learning a lot, finding a good balance! 
The cat was a last minute addition and turned out to be my favorite part! This one was the first one I did and I forgot to add little pockets. My next two had better planning, but I rushed the paint job a bit. Like I said earlier, I'm learning a lot! 
I really liked the way these fold outs turned out. The biggest issue was leaving space for the letter. I wrote too much and had to cram it in the back pocket. Now I know, leave more room or the letter!
Last but not least this one was more centered around the letter, less around the artsy-ness. I think it turned out nice, although I was tired of the polka dots by the end. I think this will be my go to format for my next flippy letters! 

I had such a productive weekend! Now I can get started on some art journaling! 

Incoming Mail!

I've gotten some really awesome mailings recently so I wanted to share them with you! I think this is going to be a really good mail year. I'm excited to try out some new things and get back into making lots of creative letters! I didn't want to have super long post so I compiled the photos into gifs.
This one is probably the most impressive. I'm not sure how she does it, but its made out of little boxes that fold together. I love it! I need to learn how to build little boxes like these! 
This book is made out of envelopes! It is such a clever idea. I need to save some envelopes to try and stitch one of these together! I also love the little banner she made. I have a few little banners and they fit perfectly on my "to do" wall.
Last but not least a little bit of scrappy collage mail! I love the little inserts she makes and of course who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland! 

I'm almost finished with my replies, I'll post those next! 

Outgoing Valentines!

Time got away from this year. No surprise there! I still wanted to show what I made even if I'm a little late and just now sending them out. Its the though that counts right? I kinda wish I have more time on these to add some illustrations and what nots. Next time I'll have to manage my time better. Actually, that should really be a goal for me, I've never done well will deadlines. Phew, this year has been wonky right?
I got THESE cards from Modcloth a little bit ago so I just tacked on a little Happy Valentines flag to make it more themed! 
 Dressed up the envelopes with a little bit of collage, paint and sharpies!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all have a good Valentines Day! This "holiday" seems a bit silly. Honestly nothing good comes from this holiday. People who are single feel crappy and people who are let down by there loved ones feel crappy. I mean who's winning? I try to not let it get to me. I always try to spread a little bit of extra love. Some people are really torn up by the whole thing, so it seems like its time to make more of an effort to show some kindness. Starting with wishing all of you a lovely day! I hope you have an amazing hair day and the weather is nice and sunny! Remember to treat yourself cause you're awesome!

Lovely Things: Valentines Gifts!

Every year for Valentines I get myself a gift. I'll confess I buy myself lots of things cause I'm spoiled but on Valentines I always get one thing thats out of the normal and special. I mean if no one else is going to get me something special I should just get it myself! Plus its so hard to be sad about being a single lady when you've got neat gifts and some ice cream! So I've compiled a list of lovely things that are on the list to potentially buy myself! Do you have a wish list of things you want?
I'm in love with this woven pattern! Puravida
 I think these rose gold opal rings are just magical! Looks like something a unicorn would give as a gift! Galaway Designs
I've only recently started wearing eye makeup on a daily basis. I love the idea of this cake mascara and I'm lovin the vintage feel! Besame Cosmetics
This hair slide is amazing! I've been wanting to get one of these for a while and this one with a teeny bee on it is just awesome! Rachel Pfeffer Designs
 I've been eyeing these wipes for a while. I love the whole idea about love wellness making really neat useful products! I wish these were on the more affordable side, but it seems like it worth the splurge! Love Wellness

Song and Doodle #65

This weeks song and doodle is I Think You're Alright by Jay Som. I was on the hunt for a good mushy song for the Valentine season. This one fit perfectly! Its dreamy and poetic. This song as an awesome surf feel that is perfect during these winter months.This song has really good lyrics. I love when songs sound like poems! I've also been trying to practice my brush lettering. I think this one turned out ok, but I still need lots of practice! 

"And god, you're so pretty. Your smile's unforgiving 
I'll place it where nobody can find. I'll play all your favorite songs."

Making. Listening. Eating.

Making. I'm super into slime-goop making these days. Its a bit childish and 13 year olds are making it trendy, but I don't care cause its super fun! I used THIS recipe and its awesome. 
 Listening. Super into Sam Cooke lately. I can't help it, I blame Valentines it makes me all mushy. Lovin THIS song. Talk about a good lookin guy that can sing! haha
Eating. This doesn't look too great cause I photographed it at worked under the lovely fluorescent light. BUT its from the food truck Fatty Tuna in Utah County and it is sooooo good! Total comfort food. Its affordable the portions are huge! Plus who doesn't like noodles?

January Art Journal!

Starting this year off with a pretty mellow month. This month went by super fast for some reason. I feel like I say that a lot and have yet to find the reason why time is speeding up. Is that just what happens? If so I'm a bit worried I'm not gonna lie! I finished up this little accordion notebook this month. I added a little bit of collage and paint. It turned out kinda neat! I do need to tie this little guy up before putting him on the self! After adding in all those extras it doesn't sit closed or flat. Next month I'm thinking of doing a larger journal. So it'll be a little bit of challenge but a good one!