Mail Catch Up!

I've had some awesome incoming mail and out going mail that I haven't posted yet! I keep forgetting mostly cause I've gotten lazy. I'm going to blame this one on the lousy weather. Is that a bad excuse? Maybe, BUT you have to admit its hard to get stuff done when all you want to do is curl up on the couch and watch Gilmore girls for the millionth time!
 Amazing little birthday package! The colors are just way too perfect and HONEY candy with the cutest little wrappers! I'm such a sucker for packaging!
 Lots of lovely letters which means I'm really behind on my responses BUT so much happy mail!
Out going! I bought this awesome triangle stencil and have been using it on everything! These turned out a little different than I thought they would, but a good different!

25 Things You Might Not Know About My Twin!

Yesterday was my birthday! Which also means it was my twin sisters birthday. So I thought I'd take time to do a post all about her! This being a lifestyle blog I can't help but incorporate some of my personal life into the mix. I know sometimes its not the most interesting tidbits to read, but turing 25 with my best friend seemed like it was worth a post! Hopefully I don't bore my few readers too much. AND maybe this post will help you reflect on the people who mean most to you and you can come up with your own list! So here is goes! 

1) We just turned 25! (ok, ok I'm guessing you already knew that!) BUT on our birthday cake we would need 50 candles. FIFTY!! 
2) She is an amazing cook and OUTRAGEOUSLY creative when it comes to food. I'll forever be amazed how quick she can pick things up! Especially because I'm terrible at cooking! 
3) She's compiled mostly of coffee and sugar! 
4) You know she likes something when she says "thats the goods" 
5) She's afraid of the dark. 
6) LOVE loves romantic comedies. 
7) She's incredibly good at analytical reading. Which I find impressive cause most information books make me fall asleep. 
9) She's so good at relating and communicating with other people.
10) Incredibly kind but won't take shit from anyone. 
11) Selfless to a fault. I know she takes care of me way too much, but I'm not complaining. 
12) She shares so many qualities with our mom. When I share more qualities with our dad, especially the not so great ones. haha
13) She has a great eye for composition and color. I know she doubts her art skills but when it comes down to it, she knows how to make things look good. 
14) She's got a tattoo! I always forget until spring comes around all the spring clothes come out! 
*phew this is kinda harder then I thought it would be!**
15) She loves dogs and spooked out by cats. Although I'm trying to get her to buy me a cat! 
16) Quotes The Office and Bobs Burgers daily. Well, we both do that I suppose. 
17) She's got really long legs and I'm pretty much jealous of them. 
18) She has an amazing sense of smell! She always smells things WAY before I do. Which is a bummer cause that means I got the bad eyes and the bad nose. Thanks a lot genetics! 
19) Surprisingly witty. 
20) She is really good at math. It makes her the ideal shopping partner cause she can calculate the discounted percentage really quickly! 
21) She loves pandas and the color red-violet! 
22) Surprisingly good with children. Children really freak me out if I'm being honest. 
23) She is really good at staying positive. Where as I am really good at being negative. We tend to balance each other quite nicely! 
24) She's really good at spelling. Another thing I'm not so great at! 
25) Last but not least she is the coolest twin and best friend that anyone could ever ask for. We spend 90% of our time together. I wouldn't want it any other way. I know eventually we'll drift apart as all adults need to do, but for now I feel so amazingly lucky! 
Baby Zo
Whoa, this post was longer than I thought it would be! I had an amazing birthday with some amazing people. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life and such an AWESOME twin! Cheers to 25 years and 25 more! 

Incoming Mail: Flipbook!

I got a really awesome flip book from my AWESOME pen pal a little bit ago and as I sat down to write my response I realized I never posted any photos! Its just so cute and brilliant I just had to share. Now that I'm trying to make my own flip book its nice to have a really neat example. I had no idea how people do the flippy bits!  I'm not sure if mine will turn out that well, but I'll have to share photos of my attempt anyways. 
I have more awesome mail to share! Its been a GREAT mail month. I've just gotten behind. More snail mail coming soon! 

Mini-Mini Zines!

I was busy this weekend weeding though all the notes on my phone and organizing some random thoughts that I had written down once upon a time. In doing so I found a had a lot of half thoughts that might make good poems. SO I decided to make some mini-mini zines! I got two done this weekend and have about 5 more that just need to be assembled. They're super teeny! Only 1 inch by 1 inch, give or take a teeeeny bit. I just LOVE love the small size! I'm enjoying this small format with simple messages. I can't wait to send these out to my pen pals!
 After taking these photos I realized I really should paint my nails. My fingers are looking really sad.
I'm ecstatic about this path of poetry and art that I'm heading down. Although I now have a lot of mail to catch up on since my weekend was occupied with making mini collages. But oh well I guess life is all a balance!

Don't Forget!

This week has been an odd one for me. I had a couple meltdowns that were a wee bit embarrassing, but necessary. The world has a weird sense for knowing when to knock you down when you're teetering on the edge. Sometimes it just takes that one comment for you to lose it. I wanted to throw in the towel on a big aspect of my life this week. Turns out I just needed a cooling off period and time to reflect. I feel so lucky for that time cause I was able to come up with a better personal plan that eased a lot of my hesitations and anxieties. Now I'm just rambling on, but the point of this post is to remind you not to forget to B R E A T H. Its amazing what a breath and a few moments of reflection can do. 

I hope you have a good weekend my sweet honey bees! I'm going to cross my fingers for no more rain and a bit of sunshine! 

Lovely Things: Flipbooks!

I've been sending and making snail mail for a long time now but I'm new to the world of flip books. At first I wasn't too sure about them but after I got a really lovely one in the mail I figured it was about time to dig around a little bit more. I've been on instagram all afternoon for some inspiration and I wanted to share some of the best ones I've stumbled upon!

I also found THIS amazing site that has an awesome blog thats full of fun ideas! Hopefully I can get some cute snail mail stuff created soon!

March Art Journal!

I finished yet another art journal! I was suppose to post this earlier this week but every time I hopped on my computer I ended up online shopping. Which means I didn't get much done but I did buy some awesome scrapbooking supplies and a new phone case. I like the way this little journal turned out. It got so bulbous that I ended up adding a little string to keep it closed. I think it adds to the altered-ness of the thing! 

Maya Angelou's Birthday!

Today's Maya Angelou's birthday so I thought at the very least I could post a quote! For me Maya Angelou has been the embodiment of badass women and activists. She's beautiful, graceful, witty and incredibly strong. Most of her work I love are her poems. I'm a sucker for good poem. I hope for today you can access your creative activist side in essence of the wonderful Maya Angelou!

Happy Monday!