April Art Challenge

One of my favorite artists ByBun is having an Art Challenge for the month of April. I wanted to participate last year but things got too busy. This year things are shaping up to be just as busy but I REALLY wanted to squeeze in some personal creativeness. Plus I always like to start with little warm ups before I get working on projects, so this is the perfect tool for me! I've already made a little notebook and am excited to get started!
What are your feelings on art challenges? Do they help or are they more of a burden? If I actually follow though I'll be sure to post some photos! Also I'll be posting them on my instagram HERE! 

Fit Girl: UPDATE!

We're starting on week THREE of eating and exercising. I must say it has not been easy. The first week was probably the hardest. Mostly because going from zero exercise to everyday exercise means I was super sore all week. We changed up the exercise for week two and its been more fun the second week. I'm not sure if thats just because I'm getting use to it or what. I'm thinking we should change it up again! I bought a bunch of hula hoops for Easter gifts so I'm totally looking forward to that!
The recipes so far have been SUPER yummy! Its all so easy to follow! Measuring out portions has felt a little funny. I like that I'm learning what actual portions look like. Its crazy how huge servings are when they shouldn't be! Also eating three times a day has been an adjustment. I use to just eat a huge lunch and call it good. Now eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks I feel like I'm eating ALL the time. But also feeling kinda hungry all the time too? I think I'm still in the adjustment phase.
Overall I love the way I'm feeling. My stomach feels so much better! I'm learning how to manage my time better. Mostly cause I'm forced to find time to prep lunches and breakfasts. Plus SO MANY dishes! I didn't realize that cooking three meals a day produced so many dishes! Luckily I think we're finally getting into a good routine. Hopefully I can find a way to make more time during the day for my hobbies! Lately all I've been doing is cooking, eating, dishes and exercise. Which has been good, but I miss my hobbies! I just need to sort it all out and at least I feel like I'm on the right track! I hope this means I'm getting good habits!

February Art Journal!

Behind again! I blame the month of February. Its far too short and poor weather makes it feel impossible to get anything done! I'm not super thrilled with this last months journal, but I'm glad that I got it done! I'm really into this layer-ee paint collage phase. I really just need to learn how to incorporate more drawings! This month will be better practice!

Song and Doodle #71

I'm pretty much head over heels in love with Wild Child's new album. Its everything I'm looking for in new music! If you haven't tracked though it then DO, like asap! My favorite track is Sinking Ship. Its hauntingly beautiful. I love how catchy it is and how heartbreakingly romantic it is. The lyric "always here and now" is my favorite. Its been sticking with me for days and I love it! I'm hoping to see these guys live this spring if I can't muster up the money and courage to face a crowd. Listen, listen and let me know what you think! 
"Feel like wasting time with you
See the rising tide
Know it's only a matter of time
See the rising tide
So blue"