Lovely Things: Summer Fruits!

I finally got around to reading all the blogs that I've gotten behind on following. I haven't found the time so I made the time! (Just don't tell my boss!) I have noticed that every was posting lovely recipes using their favorite summer fruit. Some of these look really yummy. I normally don't get the itch to cook until the fall, but these might change my mind! So bright and wonderful. Here are some of my favorites that I've found!
Blueberry Mint Lemonade I'm not a big drink person but this one looks yummy!
Summer Fruit Cakes I love how cute and dainty these are. Also check out THIS recipe from the same blog! Definitely worth a follow! 
Peach Galette I'm a sucker for anything peach! This one looks so rustic and beautiful. 
Plum Upside Down Cake I'm not too sure about plums but it sure does look pretty!
Peach and Honey Popsicles Nothing says summer more than popsicles! 

Mmmm now I'm hungry for fruit and need to hit up the farmers market! Hope your week is summer sweet! 

Outgoing Mail!

I've been kinda lazy about my correspondence as of late. In-between summer vacations and moving I haven't had the time to do much. Plus all my crap has been boxed up so the creative juices aren't really flowing. Especially when my lazy self is looking at all the boxes that still need to be unpacked! Some how I managed to get a few pieces sent out. Nothing too special. I borrowed my moms gel pens and used some random paper they had laying around. Who needs envelopes when you can make your own! And now I'm convinced I need some gelly pens!
I made this AGES  ago and just now finding the photo sitting on my desktop. I figured I'd post it anyways. I kinda like how it turned out! 

San Diego Vacation!

Phew! Two vacations in one summer is a bit much for me. Especially since I hardly ever vacation to begin with. BUT I just got back from San Diego California and I haven't posted in a while so I figured why not share some random photos! I've been to California a lot when I was little but I've never really done any of the touristy stuff. So this year me and my sisters DID ALL THE STUFF! (Well most of it!) It was quite fun! I love the beach and my sisters. This was a good way to close the summer. (Am I the only one ready for fall?!)
 California are much beaches are much different from Hawaii beaches. Seems like no two beaches are the same!
 We went to the Zoo! Seems kinda childish but was totally my favorite part of the whole trip! The place is massive, but lovely! It took the whole day and we didn't even see all of it!
 They had an exhibit of pollinators and of course BEES! My favorite! I loved this little house for solitary bess. So cute!
After the zoo we went to Hodads. This little burger place that everyone was recommending and my brother in law really wanted to go. It was cool! Just a quirky little place with massively huge burgers!
 We also went to the U.S.S Midway Museum. I'm not the biggest fan of boats or airplanes, but it was way neat.
I didn't even know there were that many kinds of helicopters. Turns out theres a ton! 
Flight deck was windy! You can always spot a Germaine by its teeth. haha
 You can walk though all the control rooms and cabins of the Midway. It was hella cool. Kinda cramped and smelt a bit weird, but cool none the less!
We also went to Old Town San Diego. I didn't take very many photos this day. We had gone to Sea Port Village earlier that day and I was pooped by the time we got there! 
Overall a very lovely weekend with some very beautiful people! Have you been to San Diego? Did I miss out on any cool touristy stuff? I think I've had enough vacation for now. Now to struggle though the vacation hang over. The weekend can't come soon enough!

National Honey Bee Day!

Photo by Amada Duy
I adore honey bees! Its been an obsession for a while, so I'm ecstatic to announce that today is National Honey Bee Day! (and beekeeping day!) So go out and plant some bee friendly flowers or just learn more about how wonderful these little guys are!

Here are some of my favorite honey bee songs!

ALSO! I totally need a bunch of THESE beeees! Eeep so cute! Oh happy honey bee day!

Hawaii Vacation!

Phew! Time is getting away from me to say the least. Here are some photos from my Hawaii vacation from back in July. Is it mid August already? This summer has been a stressful and wacky one to say the least. But I had a wonderful time and was quite lazy when it came to the photo taking. Here are some of my favorite ones that I wanted to share!
My cute annoying niece! We went to Hawaii for a family reunion and spent most of the weekend at Keokea Beach Park. A little rocky but really beautiful.
My sister making leis for the reunion. 
More lei making with my sister and Sybil! 
Making laulaus! Lots of work, but really yummy! 
Little bundles of amazing-ness! 
We were in town shopping and I saw this flyer. I thought it was super cute "text miss kitty" hehe
Afternoon at Spencers Beach Park. This is our go to beach when we're in Hawaii. Mostly cause the water is mellow, not rocky and not too terribly crowded. 
My grandmas grave! We made it a point to put in "fresh" fake flowers and clean it up a bit. It was such a beautiful day and surprisingly peaceful. 
Such a wonderful trip! I got to see so many beautiful people and remind myself how awesome it is to be part Hawaiian. Hopefully I can go back soon! This weekend we'er off to San Diego! Crazy summerness! Timing is kinda bad, but thats been the theme for this year it seems like. 

Little Lazy Blogger.

Phew! Life seemed to catch up with me real quick the past few weeks. I always feel a little bit blue when I'm not keeping up with my blog. Mostly because its something that makes me happy and not finding time for it is just a nightmare! BUT since I am an adult (unfortunately) things get in the way of happiness at times. Luckily never for long.

List of things as of late: 
1-Had to find a new home, but didn't. So homeless I guess would be the correct term? But not for long!! I suppose this could count as a major adult fail.  
2- This does mean my crafty supplies are sitting in boxes. Which is super depressing. 
3- Had an amazing Hawaii vacation. Got to see so many beautiful relatives that I miss so much! (I'll have to post photos soon-ish!)
4- Going to go to San Diego in a week or so! So more beach time! Yay. 
5- It doesn't matter how much sun I get my legs are still ghostly white. Hopefully one more beach trip will do the trick! If not I've learned to just own up to what you're given. Even if that is pale skin!
6- This summer is going by way to fast and I seriously feel like there aren't enough hours in the day!
7- THIS song has been tugging at my heart strings lately. Also you can find the ukulele chords HERE
8- When I get my craft stuff out of storage THIS is on the list of projects to try out!
9- Since getting back from Hawaii I found THIS Hawaiian donut food truck that is AH-mazing! If you're in the area check it out! Taste just like da kine you can get on the Big Island!
10- I've been realizing the past week how truly amazing my family and friends are. Cause man there is no way I could survive with out them!

Cheers to good people and the lovely things in life.