New Zine: Twins!

I made a bunch of new zines in April for Grid Zine! I'm just now getting some photos taken and some copies mailed out. I thought i'd share them here too. This one is called Twins! Its basically about being a twin! BUT also how bonds and friendships can mimic the feeling of a twin. It is really awesome how we can connect with people and this zine captures those feelings. Its really simple and has really simple illustrations, but I loved the way it turned out.
I have a few copies left, if you'd like one you can always email at! 

Out Going Mail!

I've been crazy on top of my mail responses lately! Overall I've just been in good creative spirits. Mail art is just one of my favorites ways to be creative! I've been sending a bunch of zines to people, which means I get to make fancy mail! If you're wanting some of my zines I'll gladly send you some fancy mail! You can email me at! 

Making. Listening. Eating

I've been making mini tag collages to add to my letters.
I can't get enough of Shaky Graves newest album Can't Wake Up
 Zoei made the best wonton soup the other night which was perfect for cramps and all this rainy-ness!

April Art Challenge Re-Cap!

A little bit ago I did THIS post about By Bun's April Art Challenge! My original idea was to post them on here as I went but April went by so fast I barely got them up on my Instagram. So I thought I'd so a re-cap post and include all of my lil' drawings for April! I'm actually surprised how well I kept up with this challenge, normally I give up quickly as things become busy!
Day 1- Amphibian Day 2- Skeleton
Day 3- Poisonous Day 4- Pre-Historic
Day 5- Witchy Day 6- Royalty
Day 6- Tentacles Day 8- 80s
Day 9- Phobia Day 10-Lunch
Day 11- Dice Day 13- Superstition
Day 15- Tombstone Day 14- Video Game
Day 16- Appliance Day 17- A Pair
Day 18- Unusual Landscape Day 19- One Eyed
Day 20- Baked Day 21- Voodoo
Day 22- Four Elements Day 23- Menagerie
Day 28- Eight Legged Day 24- Quote
Day 25- Undead Day 27- Wounded
Day 26- Something Black Day 29- Film Scene
Day 30- My favorite moment of April, Grid Zine Fest!

Song and Doodle #72

Eek! Todays song and doodle is the song Oom Sha La La by Haley Heynderickx! Her album I Need To Start A Garden has been one of my favorites lately and officially the anthem for spring 2018. Now this doodle kinda got a away from me because I love ALL the lyrics in this song and obviously tried to squeeze way too much on to one image. I adore the way she writes lyrics and they are so heartbreakingly relatable. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I listen to a song and think "me too" afterwards. I will always be enamored by people who can help us relate to one another in a mystical matter. Wonderful, wonderful song! Listen, listen!

April Art Journal!

Oh my May is already on its way! I feel like Spring just started and now summer is creeping its way in. So many wonderful things happened in April I wish I had more time to really document it all, but time doesn't wait for anyone! We just need to do our best to grab on to all the moments and memories we can. This little journal was made from scrap paper so it got a little bit warped as I went. I think if I squish it under some books it'll flatten out and fit in my self nicely! I can already feel myself getting behind on May..eep!

Out Going Mail!

Finally all my letters are caught up on! I always feel bad when there are months and months between responses. BUT I sent everyone heaps of new zines so hopefully they forgive my late reply! When ever I copy zines I always make way too many, that way I can send them off. I'm not sure if this is a good plan or not but I just get so excited about NEW that I want to make a million copies! Every time a zine festival comes along I always make a bunch of new ones. I have this terrible habit that I only make new around a festival. I should be making zines ALL the time cause zines are the best! Also at this rate I'll never make it though my list of ideas.
I'm really happy how these collage mixed media envelopes turned out! I've found its always best to make custom envelopes for zines just cause the sizes usually don't fit in my already made envelopes. I hope my homemade envelopes made it to their destination before falling apart! I did wrap them up in packaging tape to prevent any kinda damage, but the post cause be rough on mail! (especially pretty mail!)
I'll be posting photos of my new zines soon (if I remember to take photos!) until then if  you'd like some mail go HERE and I'll send you out some pretty mail in the next batch!