I've recently come across this site called Postable! I found it because I've a snail mail buddy that uses it to keep track of all her snail mail contacts. It looked pretty awesome and fairly practical  I mean I love my address book, but lately address have been changing so much I have 2-3 addresses for each contact and its getting hard to keep track of. Plus, I'll be honest with you I'm quite lazy when it comes to filling out my address book. Anyways, its basically a online address book that other can go and fill out there information so you have it. I think the idea is to use it for weddings and invitations and junk like that. But why not use it for your snail mail buddies?? There is a handy little link that you can use and it keeps all your information pretty secure. Now I haven't started using it 100% but I like the idea. Maybe I'll have to take the weekend to fill out all my contacts and send it to my new contacts.

Anywho, want a love note? Go HERE, give me your address and I'll send you something! Do any of you snail mailers use Postable? How do you keep track of you pen pals?

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