Song and Doodle #45

Today's song is a lovely summery song by Jesse Harris! I first heard the song Secret Sun on some TV show. I've loved it ever since! All of his stuff is really nice. Fits into the singer song writer category that sits oh so close to my heart! I'm clinging to this guys tunes to feel a bit more summery! Spring in Utah is always bitter sweet, beautiful sunny days only to be followed by cold thunder storms! Luckily for me I've got good tunes to chase away the grey clouds! Anyways, I hope this little tune brightens your day! Let me know what you think, do you love it or hate it?

"We were once the only ones, Who knew of the secret sun
Shining down where no one goes, In a place that no one knows"

List of Thoughts as of Late! (+Links)

1- I'm quite obsessed with the app Faded. It just too much fun messing with photos. Also kind of a time waster, but hey at least now I've got a really neat photo of shu-tzi!
2- I backed Green Pea Cookies on kickstarter a while ago and I'm so excited to try them!
3-We tried a new restaurant this past weekend called Asian Potato. A week later we're still talking about how quirky and yummy it was.
4- I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Which means I'm bound for a lazy weekend!
5- I've been using THIS makeup as of late and I'm really loving the way it makes my face feel. I can't wait to try THIS one next!
6- I saw this cactus pillow DIY that I really wanna try out! It looks easy enough.
7- The weather lately has been perfectly spring! A hint of chilly with a bit of sun shine!
8- I've been craving lasagna lately! I want to make 5 of them and eat THEM ALL!!
9- Sometimes I worry that my life is too boring but then I remember that in the end its my life and I can make it what I want. Everyones lives are different. I need to stop comparing myself to others!
10-I can't believe easter is almost here! Craziness.

Lovely Things: Spring Dresses!

I'm on the epic quest for a new Easter dress! I've admittedly been putting on a few pounds the last few months. SO I figured its time to measure myself and buy a new spring dress to make me feel better! (yeah, yeah I'll get around to exercising eventually.) I actually haven't ever take my measurements before. I'm not sure if it is out of fear or just because I didn't know how. BUT regardless of what the numbers are its good information to know! SO I looked it up and found THIS! I'm quite excited to get a dress that fits well and doesn't take 4 hours of being at the mall trying on clothes that are too small or too big! I'm hoping this works out. Here are a few of my favorites that I've found on Etsy!
This is probably one of my all time favorite dresses BUT its way out of my price range AND isn't very springy! ZEPHIandtheDEVIL
I adore this mint dress with its little cap sleeves! Fleet Collections
As far as floral dresses go this one takes the cake! PLUS I love that you can customize it! Luminia
 I think I love this dress mostly because it looks comfy like I could wear it for weeks! LorettaScarves
 I love the length of this dress! I bet its really fun to twirl around in! Jackie and Johnny 50
Now this is probably on the bottom on my list. BUT it oozes spring and reminds me of my grandmas old prom dress. So I just had to include it! SilkWormVintage

Seeker of Truth by EE Cummings

Monday MONDAY! This weekend was way too short. I didn't do half the things that I needed to do or wanted to do. Oh well, I guess this just means I'll have to have a productive week. Or not who knows! What I do know is that I have no idea what I want to post about today. BUT I've had the truth on the mind a lot lately. Its quite an interesting thing isn't it. TRUTH. If we can make lies can we also make truths? What is true? A question that I've been noodling over. Which always reminds me of my favorite EE Cummings poem, Seeker of Truth. Which I think can be applied beautifully to all of us. We are all searching and seeking. Pondering truths and purpose.

Needless to say I've been thinking a lot. So what have you been thinking about? What does truth mean to you? Are you a seeker or creator?
Hope you all have a successful week!

Don't Forget!

Heres today's reminder! I found this and it fit perfectly to sooth my current woes. I feel like I'm on my way to moving onward and upward. BUT alas I know it'll take time. I know that I'll figure "life" out. I know that my current relationships are messy but will get better. I know that theres so much love in the world that I shouldn't dwell on the crappy things. I just need to remind myself of these things! Being patient and relaxing are two of the most difficult things to do. If you're anything like me, doubt and anxiety get the best of you! So for today remember to breath. Also you're an amazing beautiful creatures! 

Happy Friday my lovlies! I hope the weekend is springy, relaxing and delightful!

Lovely Things: Music Covers!

Today I'm very excited to share with you a few of my current favorite cover songs! I'm such a cheese ball for a good cover. Something about an artist I like covering another artist that they like is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL thing! It just makes me so excited about music! Ok ok dorky I know. Anyways, listen listen to some lovely tunes!
  Cover of Neighborhoods by Arcade Fire
  Cover of You've Really Got A Hold on Me by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles. 
  Cover of King of Carrot Flowers Pt.1 by Neutral Milk Hotel
 Cover of Someone Like You by Adele (I'm not the biggest fan of this song, but I adore the cover!)
  I'm not sure if this counts as a cover, but I just had to share! I'm a huge Sylvan Esso fan and they did an amazing job remixing this song!

This last one is my favorite! James Bay is pretty amazing AND Haim is one of my favorites! Cover of Forever by Haim.

Song and Doodle #44

Today's song and doodle is a lovely Elliot Smith song! I'm particularly excited about this song because the wondrous Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield released an album of Elliot Smith covers! I'm sure I could go on for pages about this new album, but I'll save you all a rant. I do want to urge you to check it out! Top notch stuff! BUT for today heres one of my favorite Elliot Smith songs covered by two lovely souls! Let me know what you think? Is the original better?
Also incase you want to compare! 

Rambly Thoughts + Collage-ness!

I think I got everything and nothing done this weekend. I started about 50 projects but didn't finish a single one. Bits of a zine I'm working on are spread out though my work space. Half written letters and decorated envelopes are scattered everywhere. Yet nothing got done, just half done! I did organize a few photos on my computer and found this lovely collage I made for a pen pal last week. I'm really getting into making collages lately. I think my skills are definitely improving! I also got to soak up some much needed sunshine and take lovely cat naps!

The list of things I've to go keeps growing and growing. Still need to file my taxes, the yard needs to be cared for, dishes and laundry need to be done and letters need to be written. I have zero motivation. Hence my wasted weekend doodling and napping. Oh well. How you do you find motivation? Do you just let yourself have a lazy weekend?

Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! AND hopefully more successful then mine!

Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt!

Ahoy mates! This lovely Sunday I've got some lovely mail surprise photos to share with you! I signed up for the Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt that went down the end of February and now I can share what I sent AND the amazing package that I received! Basically how it works is you get paired up with someone then choose 5 things off the "scavenger hunt list" to send to them! I did this a while ago and adored it! I wasn't sure I was going to have time to get something together (also we all know how I like to procrastinate!) but I'm fairly happy with what I sent and WAY excited for what I got!
Heres what I sent to my partner! Mini zine stash as something to read. A tooth I made for something quirky. A postal freaks kit. A mini hand made sketch book to represent me. A mix cd and a cute postal theme chocolate bar as an extra little gifty!

 Heres what I got! I thought I had done a pretty good job but mine is subpar compared to what I got! I definitely should've stepped it up a wee bit!
 I got paired up with Jessica and you can find more about her on your blog The Paper Trail Diary. It is easily one of my top 5 favorite blogs! Her photos are just lovely and she makes zines! Eeep!
She sent a mini "about me" zine with her package. I love LOVE this idea and am totally going to have to steal it!
As a little gift I got some water color postcards. Which are so amazing! I didn't even know things like that even existed and I've been smitten with them since! Also a little bad day survival kit! Filled with cute feeeel good things!
She also sent a postal freaks kit with hers. Oh man, oh man check out those floral envelopes! So much love!
Something to read AND something old fashioned! I've been collaging a ton lately and this kit is just what I need! Plus an awesome book to add to my reading list!
Something that represents her, A MASSIVE ZINE STASH! Whoa baby these are amazing! I've been oogling over them for the past week! I've been carrying them around in my bag to read during random down time that pops up though out the day. I highly recommend the "pressure to be happy" series. You can find them HERE! If she just sent these I'd be over the mooooon excited! But to get these AND all the rest of the loveliness makes me one of the luckiest girls around!

This awesome project is hosted by Snail Mail Love. Which happens to be one of my favorite blogs to read! Its totally worth a follow if you're interested in mail art and snail mail! These swaps are so much fun. I wish I had more time and effort to do more of them! Maybe one of these days I'll get myself organized!

Happy Friday the 13th!

Two Friday the 13th days so far this year! How crazy. I'm not big on superstitions or what nots. It is a bit of spooky fun, don't you think? So I just had to share this spooky cat doodle I did today! Although she turned out way more cute the spooky. I don't know what it is about cats lately but I'm just loving them. I even threaten Zoei that I'm going to get one some day! (She's such a dog person!) 

Anyways, I hope you all have a spoooky weekend or at the very least get some rest! I'm crossing my fingers that this weekend is a warm springy one! Its about time things start warming up! 

Neat Projects: Rocketbook!

A friend of mine sent me this project a few days ago thinking is was something up my ally. Oh boy was he right! First off I love crowd funding projects! Theres something about believe in someone else's idea and saying "yes you can do it, here's my money to help!" that always makes me a bit happy. Anyways I didn't plan on ranting about that. INSTEAD I wanted to share the awesome project Rocketbook! Basically its a book that transfers real life drawings into digital files using an app on your phone! AND the book is microwaveable so you and easily erase all the drawings. So you can quickly catalog drawings and notes with out wasting tons of paper. (Although lets be honest I'll still use up my fair share of notebooks!) 

I'm most excited about this because I scan a LOT of drawings. Which gets time consuming to say the least! Most of my drawings and typography-ness kinda doodles go right into illustrator anyways. So if I can leave out hooking up to the printer all the better! I've already backed the project and am so excited to get my hands on it! I think it'll save me lots of time and make me more organized. 

Their are a few things that make me a little bit weary. It only comes in dot grid pattern. I think that would be neat to have a book with lined and blank pages. Especially if its an "everlasting" book, I'd want it to have all the features! Also the way that its erasable is by using Frixion erasable pens. Which basically work by heating up the ink and making it disappear (hence the microwave!) I'm very particular about my pens. So I was a bit worried that their wasn't going to be a frixion pen that I enjoyed writing with OR drawing with. BUT then I was looking around and the have fine point pens!! AND lots of colors too! I suppose thats not too much of a worry anymore. Still not my favorite kinda pen but lets see how it turns out! 

So what do you think? Does this seem like something that could be useful to you? I already have a million uses that I could use it for, so hopefully it becomes a staple in my work bag! 

Lovely Things: Feeling of Spring!

Even though we started out the month with a wee bit of snow I'm still dreaming of spring! I'm looking forward to sunshine, warm evenings and spring flowers. (Even though I could do with out the yard work!)  Until then I'll just have to soak up some internet spring goodness! 

Outgoing Mail!

I had a productive weekend! I cleaned up my work space, organized a new zine and wrote a couple letters! I'm quite in love with these! They're basically just card stock with doodles all over them, then stitched around the edges with the sewing machine. Pretty simple but looks awesome! I always think to myself-- why don't I sew more envelopes? Then as I am sewing and getting terrified that the needle is going to break off and shoot me in the eye, I remember why I don't do it more often! Few seconds and sweaty hands later, it turned out pretty good! But will probably be a while before I do any more. 

Making. Listening. Eating.

Making. I made this cute card last night. Finally getting a hang of these new watercolors. 
Listening. Pretty much obsessed with this album by Dan Croll. It took me a little bit to get into, but this guy can write a clever song. 
Eating. I'm loving this tea called Eater's Digest. I have a funky tummy and this is my new best friend.

Song and Doodle #43

My dad happen to play this song for me the other day and I fell in love. Its so catchy and a bit bizarre. I just love the guitar riff! This is definitely a genre or era of music that I don't know as well as I should. BUT despite that I do adore it. I guess that means I have some research to do! 

So what do you think? Snazy isn't it! Happy Wednesday! 

February Art Journal!

After a whole month I still get caught up on the spelling of FebRuary! Such an odd word! This months book is a hand made one. Made out of paper bags and random packaging paper bits. (Lots of ironing and cutting!) I'm pretty sure I spend more time ironing paper then the average person. ha. This book is larger then what I normally pick for my art journal. I'm liking the challenge! Its hard to fill up a big page like that some days.

I hope March is a successful one! Also hopefully warmer! heesh!