It's Christmas!

I haven't been posting much lately but I felt like I should at least wish you all a  MERRY CHRISTMAS! This month has been crazy busy with crafty projects and procrastination! A delightful, stressful whirl wind of a month! 

List of thoughts as of late: 
1- I've been thinking a lot about the meaning of Christmas. It saddens me that it's been twisted into commercialized stress of buying stuff for others. And not magical moments that it should be. 
2- This winter snow has been oddly kind to me this season. It's chilly and wet but I haven't fallen! I call that a win! 
3- I've been contemplating my new years resolutions lately. I'm quite excited about a new year and fresh steps to be had! The promise of tomorrow often makes today sufferable. 
4- My skin has been mad at me lately. Which is completely fair. Stress plus all the crap I've been eating, it was only a matter of time before the evidence popped up on my face. 
5- I've been working on the sketchbook for my dad for Christmas. It's been a long time since I was this frustrated with a project. Most of the time there's a little bit of a learning curve but my vision comes together by the end. But this time I've been flip flopping all over the place. It's Christmas and I'm still not sure how it's going to turn out. I'll have to share my results later! It's been humbling to say the least! 

I hope you all have a wonderful wintery season! Embrace the people, moments and feelings that get presented before you. Search and find happiness and peace! Thank you for reading my rants and randomness. I adore this blog as an outlet for crap that leaks from my being. I especially adore the few readers I have. I often feel like the luckiest odd ball around! 


November Art Journal

I'm very behind on posting my art journal photos, but better late than never right? I've been delightfully engulfed in Christmas projects and home made gifties that I've let my blog get behind. Yet again! On the bright side I'm feeling oddly crafty and getting back into my crafty groove. Despite the snow, anxiety and chaos this month has given me I'm feeling more like my creative self again! Which hopefully means I'll get better at blogging regularly soonish! Until then I'm just going to post when I can and find time! 

Song and Doodle #54

This weeks song and doodle is by the wonderful Noah Gundersen. He's weaved his way in and out of my Spotify playlists for a little while now. His music is very solid and you always know what to expect from him. Which in a way knocks him down on the rungs of "most played artist". Some it just starts to sound all the same. He definitely redeems himself by having heart wrenching lyrics. There is something very relateable about his songs. I'm head over heels for the song First Defeat. Its simple and straight forward, you know the story he's trying to tell.
It's the little things, that convince me to stay
It's your fingertips, and the music they play
To the beat of my heart, and the rhythm our bodies make

Snail Mail My Email: Sent Letters!

A little bit ago I signed up for the Snail Mail My Email Project! I posted about it HERE. This past week the project ended and I wanted to share the mail art that I sent! I was surprised by how many of the letters I got didn't have any specific theme or doodle listed. Which was kinda fun cause then I could just do whatever I wanted! I love this idea and I think its so neat! I kinda wish it was just more than once a year. Its really fun to peruse the instagram to see what other people sent!
This one was for sure my favorite! I've never painted space before! It was surprisingly fun!

October Art Journal!

I'm a bit behind on posting this! Time is just escaping far too quickly and the laziness bug might've attached itself to my leg. So it goes! October was a pretty lovely fallish month! Am I the only one that feels like Christmas is only a week away? Its not even December yet! Time is playing tricks on me!

Onward and upward! Cheers to fun journals!

Out Going Mail!

I haven't been sending out much mail but I found these letters from October that I forgot to post! I think I'm finally caught up on my reply pile. I still have a long list of letters to write. Also the Snail Mail My Email project was launched today! So in the next couple weeks I'll have some more mail-ness to work on!

Hello November!

Oh man I think October was one of the laziest months I've had this year. Creatively speaking that is. I hardly sent out any mail and let my lil'blog get behind. Seems like ever since I moved I haven't found my creative spirit since. I'm not sure if its the change in the weather, environment or something else all together. I keep feeling like I need to just force myself to do something, anything creative. Even though I know if I'm not in the mood it'll turn out pretty crappy. BUT maybe that crappy result will give me the fire in my belly to create something wonderfully beautiful. Until than I suppose I'll just binge watch GIRLS and eat some pumpkin ice cream!

Any who, enough of me ranting about my feeeeeelings. Here are some photos from October that I wanted to share!
Carving pumpkins is something we always did growing up and as we got older we still continued to dig our hands into the smelly things. There just something about carving them that drowns me in nostalgia and I adore it.
This one is Zoei's. She always has the best. The amazing thing about her is her drawing skills are just ok but her sculpting skills are so incredibly natural she easily blows everyone out of the water. Definitely not a traditional medium kinda gal and I love it!
I had to make a desert for a work party so I made a bowl of worms! It turned out so creepy I thought people might not eat it. Luckily for me I just plopped them on a cool whip, marshmallow mixture and people couldn't resist. I mean come on, its cool whip and marshmallows what is not to love! Everyone devoured my creepy creation, which was wonderfully gross to watch!
Shameless bathroom selfie of my costume! This was totally a last minute idea. Zoei and I were wandering around Target when we found this fluffy sweater and things magically fell into place. It only took me one and a half episodes of Bobs Burgers to finish it! Which worked out really well cause those worms took up a lot of time! 
FACT: I'm incredibly unphotogenic and YES this is the best photo of me out of all the photos taken that day. Plus I didn't know what to do with my arms and I think I forgot to smile? But I wanted to share how cute my sisters costumes turned out. I'm still in awe over Zoei's Mary Marvel dress! 
I also wanted to share my shoes! Which was my favorite part of the rain cloud! My feet got cut off of every photo from that day. I harvested that stuffing from a dog toy and found these socks for $2! I thought it was clever and cute, but maybe I shouldn't compliment myself so much!

Phew! That month went by really fast. I hope you're all diving into the cold weather and preparing yourself of the holiday season! It is definitely among us!

Song and Doodle #53

Today's song and doodle is one of my favorite releases so far of 2015, Fools by Wild Child. I've been quite in love with there newest album. It has taken a nice new direction from their old stuff which is always a good sign. Nothing is more frustrating then a band you love that only releases songs that sound the same. Their songs always have such great complexity and her voice is killer. My favorite part about them is it all sounds so effortless, from her voice to the perfectly synced ukulele and bass. Check out their new album and let me know what you think!

Halloween Envelope Art Contest!

A little bit ago a friend posted this awesome envelope contest! This weekend I finally got around to doing it and getting it ready to send off! This contest was Edward Gorey Halloween themed! I'm such a huge fan of Edward Gorey's work. He has a such a distinct style. He really knows how to use textures and shades!
I'm quite happy with how mine turned out, although I totally messed up on one of the ghosts. BUT oh well! I'm still gonna send it in and I still wanted to share it with you! I could've done a little more with the textures and tried to go darker, but overall I like it! Doing this envelope really made me want to start incorporating more textures into my drawings.

If you'd like to send in a envelope you can go HERE to print out and form and get drawing! Also I found THIS really cool article about Edward Goreys mail art from a previous project! Eeek I'm so inspired to make some mail art now! And I'm feeling all Halloweeny!

September Art Journal!

This year is going by so fast! Bring it on fall! This past month was mostly filled with lazy days and eating at new restaurants. We've been trying all kinds of new food places. Which is always an adventure! October is filled with pumpkin flavored things and spookiness! I'm looking forward to it! 

Outgoing Mail!

I've been lazy with my correspondence lately. BUT I signed up for a swap so it forced me to dig though some of my still unpacked moving boxes! I wanted to share this cute idea for a clear envelope mail art! It looks way neat and you can reuse all sorts of little clear baggies. You can reuse ones from stickers, card packs or any crafty supplies. A wonderful way to reuse! I just love how they looks with the confetti and you can write cute doodles on the plastic with a sharpie! Such a neat idea, you should try it out next time you want to send some cute mail!
 I also included a poem and a mini about me zine!
I also got a LONG over due letter created and written. I probably spent too long on this envelope but it was really relaxing and fun! I'll share more about the letter later when I stop being lazy and edit the photos!

Feels like Fall!

Today is the first day of Fall!! On this lovely Autumnal Equinox you can find me wearing my favorite big sweater sipping on a hot chai tea. (Although honestly its still too hot here in Utah for that nonsense, but you get the idea!) The fall is my favorite season, as it is for many people! I love the feeling in the air and all the fun activities that come about with the seasons change. I found THIS awesome map so you can choose when the best day to go leaf watching is. I don't like to get out much but I just love our Utah mountains when the trees start to change colors. Who knew death could be so beautiful? This year is just flying by! I can almost hear Christmas bells! Eek. BUT until then I'll get out the pumpkin spice and start baking something!