Current Bakes

This year I set a goal to cook more and over time that has turned into bake more. Baking and cooking are kinda the same, right? I've found that I really enjoy baking when I have a creative block. Something about the process is so magical that it gives me the same sense of creativity but with in bounds of recipes and instructions. This past little bit I've been testing out THIS galette recipe. I had no idea what a galette was, but they are so pretty! Also I discovered a little bit easier than a pie! (Although uses pretty much the same elements) I have been using THIS crust recipe that is really easy and has some great tips! I haven't had a non-flaky crust yet! *fingers crossed* I use to be so intimidated by pie dough but if I can do it you can do it! 
Strawberry and blackberry! This one leaked a little bit, but for my first try not bad. I enjoy how homey these flopped over crusts turned out.
I also made a savory one! It has zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes and lots of cheese!
AND I made traditional pie and attempted to do a fancy crust. I learned what not to do with crust designs as you can tell from the uneven coloring, but it still turned out tasty. This one has pineapple, apple and lihing!

Happy Summer Sosltice!

I'm a little late on this post. Mostly because I wanted to spend as much time and I could outside and soaking up some sparkling sunshine. The solstice is one of my favorite times of the year. I welcome the reminder that the earth is continuous, our time is short and there is beauty in all moments. We made a little solstice fire to roast some mallows to celebrate the longest day of the year. I got to share lots of giggles and deep thoughts with the people closest to me. Overwhelming emotions of love, meekness and wonder of this world that we're placed in have washed over me all weekend. We're anticipating a hot summer and with the waves of heat that come I hope a waves of creative energy come as well! Happy Summer!

May Art Journal

May art journal! Kept on task last month so this post isn't too late.  I made this little booklet out of some large paper I had laying around. I messed up the binding a wee bit, but better luck next time. I was too lazy to untie it and rebind so I just went with it. I had lots of good moments in the month of May. My brain is still doing tumbles and my anxiety is rearing its head constantly. But like always theres little glimmers of good vibes and thats the important part!
 I made a little mini zine of my favorite sad song lyrics and added this cute little pocket.

Song and Doodle #77

Todays song and doodle is the song Tell Me by Jack de Quidt. My newest obsession is the podcast Friends at the Table. This is an actual play podcast, which is a bunch of friends playing different role playing games. Now if you know me at all you'll know that I'm not gamer in any sense of the word. I don't play table top games or video games. This podcast was recommended by a friend who promised I didn't need to know anything about gaming. They were right! At the root of it they are just really great story tellers. I LOVE stories! Finding a good storyteller makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Let me tell you these players are FANTASTIC! I'm too scared to add up the hours I've spent listening to these strangers play games, but I can tell you its a ridiculously large amount of time! All the music in the podcast is composed by Jack de Quidt who is also one of the players. The great little intro and outro tunes are really the icing on top that sucks you in. There aren't very many songs from the podcast that have lyrics, so when this one popped up while I was listening I was over the moon enthralled. It really snuck up on me and with in the context of the episode had me in tears. Its a gloomy, sickly sweet song. I love that these songs can take me right back to that point story where my mind and heart are fully engulfed in story. Good stories are so powerful. I enjoy being wrapped up and taken away to a fantastical world and this podcast is probably the best at it.