Ramblings About Wendy Beckett

Today I'm rambling about Wendy Beckett. I've to start off by saying I don't know much about nuns, but Wendy is pretty awesome. Not because she's a nun but because she has extensive knowledge and passion about art history. I was first introduced to Wendy when I was in high school taking a art history class. Needless to say that class was the only thing that stuck from all four year of high school and so my obsession with Wendy begun. Wendy has a series of documentaries where she just talks about art and art history. Now you're probably thinking that is kinda boring, but its the opposite actually. She's got a way to make you excited about art! Ok, maybe I'm a art nerd and that's why I enjoy it. But she's just so much fun to watch AND you learn so much!  

A few Christmases a go Zoei bought me a bunch of Sister Wendy documentaries on VHS. I think it's about time that we have a marathon! I'm scared that I'm losing all my artsy knowledge  At one point I use to know so much about art history, the characteristics of all the periods and even the DATES! ( I know I once had numbers memorized!) Anyways, I need to brush up on my art and I'm sure Sister Wendy could help! 

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