Happy Thanksgiving!

I had an awesome thankful day today! I got to spend it with some lovely beautiful souls and I feel so lucky to have all that I do. This year was a bit different with missing a Germaine girly and my parents ditching to cold for some Hawaii sun. But overall a fairly successful day! Hope you all enjoyed yourself and ate as much as you wanted with out feeling guilty!! 

Let Christmas begin!! 

Mail Art Documentry

A little while ago my pen pal was telling me how he was interviewed for a mail art documentary. Well, they finally released a trailer! I don't think I've ever been so excited for a movie in my life! (Except maybe that one time Zoei made spaghetti and we watched Moon Struck.) But I really am excited to see it! My only fear is that it's a indie film and might be hard to get my hands on. Even just from the preview I can tell that it's going to be filmed beautifully. Plus you all know how much I love making mail art, its awesome to see people who share the same passion!

They had a successful Kickstarter, which you can find HERE! Also check out some mail art from one of the contributors HERE!

Lovely Things: Pearly Whites

I've survived recent trips to the dentist. So I've been having lots of teeth dreams. I mean when you think about it teeth are kinda of really neat. So tiny yet so important! I mean have you ever had a tooth ache, you might as well be dead. Its so miserable. Not anymore! My teefs are all fixed! (Well for the most part.) Here are some toothy findings!

I'm such a sucker for a good screen print. Found in the KrisJohnson Etsy shop.

Cute toofy stamp! I bought a few of stamps from The Small Object and they're awesome! Found in the Small Object Etsy shop

I've been a huge fan of Emily Martian for ages. She's got such a unique style and I'd love to have one of her prints. Found in the Black Apple Etsy shop

Teeth ornaments! Do you think Zoei would let me do a teeth themed Christmas tree? Found in the Native Bear Etsy shop!

My sister got her wisdom teeth out a while ago and suggest making jewelry outta them. I thought the idea was kinda really gross, but after seeing this necklace I'm second guessing her craziness. Found in the Woodii Etsy shop! 

Dentist, Photos, Packages and Music.

It seems like my life goes from boring to not enough time in a blink of an eye! Its a bit annoying but I suppose thats life. So much to do, not enough time! The weeks started out slow and seems achievable, but then quickly unraveled to needing about 5 more hours in the day. Tomorrow I've errands that I still need to run, fund raiser at work, photos of sisters to take, care packages to the Philippines to get ready to send and a dentist appointment to brave! Sigh, wish me luck!

On the bright side tomorrow I'm going to see WILD CHILD!! I've had these tickets for a month! I'm super excited and hoping that they play all my favorite songs! Also, they are playing at a teeny tiny lil venue. So I don't think its gonna be too terribly crowed and I'm crossing my fingers for good weather.

Why I Write Letters?

Letter writing is one of my all time favorite things in the world! I've been super obsessed with my correspondence lately, as you can tell from the multiple blog posts. Sometimes when I'm really lazy and don't feel like I have a creative bone in my body, writing a letter is the last thing that I want to do. But I know that if I just start it'll put me in a better mood. 

I recently sent a letter to the lovely Billiemarie over at Typewriter Poetry. She did THIS kind post about my letter. I've to tell you she is one of the sweetest people ever and is the queen of descriptive writing. I'll admit I got a lil bit over emotional reading it. Poets are just the bees knees. But after reading her post I realized that I would love to write everyone a letter if it created the same excitement and awe as is did for her. Lately I haven't been receiving very much mail. Partly due to the fact that all of my mail is being mis-delivered. I don't want to be THAT kinda girl that complains about the postoffice, but our mail man seriously needs to get his act together. He's been a street off all week! I'm scared my letters are getting lost.

This is when I realized that I love sending better then receiving. Don't get me wrong, a mail box full of artful letters is pretty awesome. But I would still write letters and send mail art even if I didn't get anything in return. When I tell people I love to write letters I always get a crooked look. Mostly because people don't understand. Especially if I tell them sending is better the receiving. I'll tell you what, read her post and you'll understand how awesome it is to write letters! 

Phew! Sorry for the long rant! But.... SEND MORE MAIL! I'm sure you have a old friend or a sibling that would LOVE a little hand written surprise note from you! So grab and stamp, envelope, paper and get writing! It is that time of year after all for thankfulness, selfless acts AND surprises! 

End of Fall..

I set out this weekend to clean up some of the leaves before the snow sweeps in to coat the land. So I figured I'd snap a few photos to document the ending of the season. 

I got new shoes! Probably not the smartest time to wear them when doing yard work and I've blisters like no other. But I needed to break them in sometime. Plus not being able to feel my toes made me less squeamish to squish the creepy crawlers living under dead leaves. 

I love the cool minty-ness of this plant. By far my favorite in the yard.

This circle of rocks suggests A) Someone at some time tried landscaping and got lazy. B) Something is buried under there and they created a grave marker or C) Some little kid got bored. I like option B personally.

Cute lil puppy face! She didn't like the fact I left her inside and gave me crusty looks.

I've no idea why theses flowers are so vibrant. But its the only color besides brown that is left. Late bloomer I suppose.

Cheers to a lovely fall! Bring it on winter!

Collage Mail #4

I guess this should be me "kinda" collage mail post. I didn't put forth all my efforts, but I still think they turned out awesome! Sometimes I'm just not feeling the collage-ness. (As you can tell!) But man, if I wait a week to make at least a few mail pieces I get so backed up! Which I kinda love, cause that means I'm getting lovely mail-ness! Although when it take me a while to respond I feel bad about it. I mean I love receiving mail and I love the thought of creating that feeling for someone else! 

 Now I'm not one for square envelopes. ( I hate paying extra postage for a silly reason) But I made a bunch of envelopes outta paper bags and they turned out wonky shapes, one being a square. It turned out well cause I was sending a mix tape with this letter anyways. Also, that lil smarty octopus is one of my receipt drawings!

Lots of things learned with this one. Such as, its better to start with a thicker envelope if you're coating it with modpodge. That flimsy sh*t will wrinkle! It was sooo frustrating, bubbling like crazy! ALAS, lesson learned and I think it turned out pretty well considering. 

Quicky envelope made outta a popcorn bag I got from the party store. I got a package of 50 for 2$. They are flimsy so whenever I use these I always tuck a postcard or drawing on card stock so it doesn't get completely ripped to shreds in the post. I wish I had stamps that better matched. I guess its time to order more Gregory Peck stamps, those match everything! 

Last but not least! i'm super happy how this one turned out! I've had that girly sitting in my scrap stack for ages! She never seemed to fit anywhere, so she got her own envelope! I'm kinda bummed about how the colors turned out, I really need to pay attention more so things don't get so lost. It could use a bit of contrast. Overall, very proud of myself! (p.s. this one was sent to THIS lovely lady, check out her blog, its awesome!)

I did these last weekend and I made more this weekend! I'm just slow posting about it! Also, with day light hours being short I'm finding it hard to take photos with natural light, hence the crappy quality. One thing I really need to improve on is my photography skills. Anyone wanna buy me a new camera for christmas? Like always, if you want a letter go HERE or email me at remikeahi@gmail.com!

Put it on repeat.

I can't seem to get enough of this song! Its my new favorite and i'm completely head over heels for it! so really I just wanted to share a cool tune with all of you!

Awe man, I've the worst habit of over playing songs. But I suppose worst things could happen! As long as I don't run out of new new songs to listen to! 

What have you been listening to? Hope you all are surviving the week! The weekend is nigh!

Mail Art Inspiration!

I've been working on improving my mail art as of late. I think I now have a good handful of penpals that I really love sending them neat envelopes and feel somewhat proud to drop my lil artwork in the mail for them! Its been taking me ages to respond and create letters for people, but I think its worth the wait! I'm always looking for inspiration, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite places to find ideas and to oooh and awwwe over others mail creations!

First! My pen pal David seriously sends the coolest envelopes! I always feel inferior sending my cruddy creations to him, but it just my motivation to get better at it! Check out more HERE!

Second! The blog Stephart! This girly makes some awesome collages! I love how colorful her art is. Check out more of her work HERE!

Third! This awesome envelope idea from Dear Dectective. When in doubt just doodle on the envelope! I love this girlys style of illustrations. I would love to get something like this in the mail! Check out more HERE

Fourth! Mail Art Manchester! Where do people find cool photos and stuff like this to us for collages? I'm loving everything on this blog. Very simple and look very sophisticated.  Check it out HERE

Last but not least The Love Parcel! I'm going to warn you know its very easy to get sucked into this blog! I should probably just do a whole post of the Love Parcel project. (I'll do that later) For now read about her project HERE! This girly really knows how to send a pretty package! Once i'm all caught up, she is definitely on my list to send something beautiful too! Until then I'll probably just spend too much money in her SHOP! Check out her blog HERE!

So much lovely out there! Sometimes my brain can't wrap around it all! One day I'll get really good at making mail art and hopefully a little quicker at it too! Like always, if you'd like random letter from me you can go HERE and give me some info OR email me at remikeahi@gmail.com!

Can't sleep..

Its officially 3:51am and I can't seem to fall asleep. I've been quite the lazy blogger so I thought I should probably work on some posts Although now realizing that my brain at 3am doesn't quite function at its normal rate or manner. My eyes are sore and my heat is sick. I'm declaring myself in a funk. I hate when I get into funks like this. Over thinking and not sleeping. My anxiety ridden soul tossing and turning. Plus random meltdowns, although I do blame those a little bit on my damn ovaries. Oh how I do hope November is good to me!

Random side note for a random post, I can't get enough of this video. I love NPR and I LOVE Daughter. Her voice is haunting and their songs sickly sweet.

If you're reading this I love you and I hope that you can get some sleep. Cause if I'm not I hope someone else is at least enjoying some good dreams.

New Necklace from Peg and Awl!

I did THIS post a while ago and decide to splurge on myself and buy THIS necklace. Ever since I got it in the mail I haven't stopped wearing it. I love how unique it is! Almost enough to buy another one!

I found Peg and Awl though their Etsy shop. They are also a really cute artist couple! You know I'm a sucker for cute couples! Check out their site HERE! I'm especially smitten over their PHOTOS section in their shop. So dreamy! 

Hope you're all having a great week! 


I hate HATE going to the dentist. In fact I haven't been since I was 7. Yeah, it's been a while! Needless to say hands in my mouth poking at my already ouchy tooth, not on my list of things to do. BUT, I was very brave and called the dentist BEFORE it was an emergency! I'm oh so very proud of myself. I ended up needing to get a root canal. Which is no fun, but the dentist I went too was very friendly and not scary at all. Plus I got to watch a movie the whole time! Baby steps to being a adult, starting with going to the dentist without someone making me! Wish me luck that I can choke down these awful antibiotic meds! 

Halloween Photos!

Halloween was surprisingly awesome this year! So not my holiday, but had lots of fun this year. I was kinda bummed that my oldest sister wasn't here to party with us. But other then that all our costumes looked awesome! I got to spend a lovely evening with my favorite people! Here's a few photos!

Shu-Tzi wasn't having it with the Nemo costume by the end of the night. 

Bert and Shu-Tzi! She kept trying to eat his nose. The Pele costume turned out surprisingly well! 

 Laura Croft and Pele! Overall a successful, exhausting day!