Outgoing Mail!

I've been lazy with my correspondence lately. BUT I signed up for a swap so it forced me to dig though some of my still unpacked moving boxes! I wanted to share this cute idea for a clear envelope mail art! It looks way neat and you can reuse all sorts of little clear baggies. You can reuse ones from stickers, card packs or any crafty supplies. A wonderful way to reuse! I just love how they looks with the confetti and you can write cute doodles on the plastic with a sharpie! Such a neat idea, you should try it out next time you want to send some cute mail!
 I also included a poem and a mini about me zine!
I also got a LONG over due letter created and written. I probably spent too long on this envelope but it was really relaxing and fun! I'll share more about the letter later when I stop being lazy and edit the photos!

Feels like Fall!

Today is the first day of Fall!! On this lovely Autumnal Equinox you can find me wearing my favorite big sweater sipping on a hot chai tea. (Although honestly its still too hot here in Utah for that nonsense, but you get the idea!) The fall is my favorite season, as it is for many people! I love the feeling in the air and all the fun activities that come about with the seasons change. I found THIS awesome map so you can choose when the best day to go leaf watching is. I don't like to get out much but I just love our Utah mountains when the trees start to change colors. Who knew death could be so beautiful? This year is just flying by! I can almost hear Christmas bells! Eek. BUT until then I'll get out the pumpkin spice and start baking something!

Don't Forget!

Today's reminder is a lovely illustration from the brilliant artist Lize Meddings! I love this illustration cause it reminds me that no one has this crazy world figured out and that's how its suppose to be. Its so easy to beat yourself up all the time for feeling lost and not having a direction. ( I know I do it and worry about it way to much!) So remember today that no one knows what they are doing and that is a beautiful thing! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Snail Mail My Email Project!

The project Snail Mail My Email is now opened to sign up! I'm quite excited. I didn't get to participate last time cause I was too slow. But not this time! I feel like I've been in a bit of a creative funk for the past couple weeks. Hopefully this is just the project I need to pull me out of it! How it works is people email in letters and you type them up and make a bit of pretty mail and send it off! Seems kinda nosy to read someones but I really love that idea since I'm such a snoop. I'm excited to make something beautiful for some random person. Nothing is better than getting a pretty letter in the mail! You can go HERE to sign up and THERE to read more about the project!

I'm sure once I get my creative things made I'll do a post some photos! Until then sign up and keep on writing letters!

Lovely Things: Brooches!

I've been a bit down lately and something that always makes me feel better is buying a new brooch or necklace. BUT funds have been on the lower side so there's not much room in the budget for unnecessary things. So I've been looking on Etsy for something affordable. Here are some brooches I found for under $20!
Super cute honey bee brooch for $5! (Stefmadendraws)
Fingers Crossed for $13! (Kates Little Store)
Little pineapple brooch for $7! (Katy Pillinger Designs)
Cute lil'kitty brooch for $12 (I Like Cats Shop)
Beautiful bunny brooch for $19! (Tukoni Tribe)

Pretty things make me happy! 

Making. Listening. Eating.

Making a little card for my pen pal with one of my favorite quotes. 
Listening to Wild Childs new single. Super stoked for this album to come out. 
Eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I avoid reading the nutrition label cause I know the numbers are going to be scary, but sometimes you just need the comfort of ice cream. 

List of Thoughts as of Late + LINKS!

Image Source
1- Today is the first time that it has felt some what like fall. The cool breeze and early sun set caught me off guard but I'll admit I'm quite delighted! I think summer is officially coming to an end.
2- Speaking of fall this Pumpkin Lasagna looks super sweet and yummy!
3-I watched THIS video the other day and I fell in love. These little guys are so cute! I think I need a pet hermit crab.
4- Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the anticipation of life that I forget that life is happening right now! Is that just a weird me thing?
5- I still have a lot of mail to catch up on and about 15 half done projects. Oh and boxes to unpack!
6- I found THIS link that might help me with my mail art catch up!
7- I also need to catch up on my art journal. Which I'm now 7 days behind on.
8- THIS tumblr is a great place for art journal inspiration!
9- Luckily I have today off so I can work on all these projects!
10- I'm excited about life! I hope I don't get lazy!

Song Doodle #52

One of my favorite songs as of late is This Must Be the Place. Its originally by the Talking Heads, but I've found an Iron and Wine cover that is just the bees knees. (Not that I have anything against the Talking Heads!) I first heard this song by the Lumineers and like it but then heard it by Iron and Wine and fell in love! I just love his voice and the snazzy percussion just top it off and melt my heart! The lyrics are like a poem, you can make what you want out of it. Those are my favorite kind of songs. Something that you have to dig and discover what it means to you. So listen, listen and see what kinda meaning you can discover from it!
"We drift in and out. Sing into my mouth
Out of all those kinds of people. You got a face with a view
I'm just an animal looking for a home
And share the same space for a minute or two
And you love me till my heart stops. Love me till I'm dead"

Heres the Lumineers version! 

Art Journal Catch Up July!

Phew! Time has gotten away from me so now its time to catch up and show you my art journal for the past little bit! I knew I was going to be traveling a lot this summer so I wouldn't have my normal tools to create pages like I normally like to do. So I decided to just do them really simple. Each day I was traveling I made a list of events then a page of illustrations to match. It was really easy. Didn't take up much time. This journal sat in my bag the whole time so I just worked on it slowly though out the day. It was so much fun and I love the way it turned out. Here are my pages from my Hawaii trip! Its kind of a lot of photos but you'll get the idea!