Hello Winter! +Update

The ending of October and the entirety of November flew by in a flash. Life kept handing me one moldy lemon after another. I was slowly sinking when trying to finalize buying a house. Which I learned is a crazy amount of waiting a paper signing. Once that was near its end and we were gearing up to move we crashed our car. First ever car crash and let me tell you it is the worst. It still keeps me up some nights BUT we were faced with a bigger issue of not having a car while trying to move. Our move was s l o w and spent a few weeks drowning in boxes. Life slowly came together, like it always does. 

Now I have a cute creaky house, new wheels and have weeded though the boxes. My craft corner is all set up and is ready to create. I'm having a little bit of creative anxiety but have been working in my art journal to work though it. My family is amazing and supportive. Life takes so much work. Good things always come from hard labor. I forget sometimes that the work needs to be put in. I spend a lot of time surviving and living. Its easy to settle into those roles BUT if I'm wanting the nice things I need to put in the work. The hard, tasking, tearful work. 

We got our first dump of snow this weekend so for now I'm going to bundle up though the winter and try to create stuff. Next year will be filled with tasking creative work. (I hope at least)

Hold on to good, sweet moments. 
Celebrate the w o r k. 
Cry when it gets overwhelming. 
Reach out when you need to.