Song & Doodle #11

So many people I know are starting off on new adventures! Whenever someone is going on a big trip I always want to sing this song to them, but then refrain because talking about death before someone leaves you isn't the greatest of ideas. But its such a cute song! For all you lovlies embarking on new worldly adventures, be safe! 

Lisa Hannigan is such a cutie! I wish I could sing like her. I just found THESE chords to learn how to play this song on the ukelele. Which means listening to this song on repeat until I can adequately mock the way she sings. So then maybe I might sound amazing like her one day! 

Rambly Monday Post

Do you ever have those days where everything is on the edge of being miserable but somehow you survive the whole day with out a break down. Only to get home and the littlest thing just messes you up. Yep, today was that kinda day. I started working a full time shift. Which actually means getting up early like a crazy person. I'm ok with mornings, I just rather be in my bed in the morning then in front of a computer. Today wasn't that bad only to end on a frustrating note and I'm anticipating tomorrow to already start behind. Which is going to make it hard to get out of bed knowing that you've gotta pick up slack of others and can't do shit about it. Is that what it means to be a grown up?

Now I'm going to listen to my moody music mix, go to bed oober early and probably sob a little bit. Its days like these that the loneliness sets in. I can't help thinking that if I had someone to complain too then maybe it wouldn't be so bad. I could be wrong though. There's this weird feeling growing inside of me saying you need adventure. My anxiety and fear have been suppressing this feeling, but now I'm thinking I need to run away somewhere. Try to be something different and get out from in front of my computer! The dreamer part of me wants to find a cute boy and wander the world, but the realistic side of me says get your ass out of bed and off to work. I suppose I'm still wandering lost and confused. Does this ever go away? Hopefully I find my place soon.

Enough jibber jabber! Tomorrow is another day and another battle!

Neat Artist: Jehan Choo

Whilst roaming good ol' tumblr I found this amazing artist! Jehan Choo! I'm not sure why but I'm completely smitten by his work. I come across a lot of amazing pop surrealist illustrators. But for some reason he feels unique in his subject content. He's got the perfect mix of creepy and cute. I love the color choices. Overall I just really like his work and so desperately wish I could paint/draw like he does.

I wish there was more posted on his blog/website. But this just means I'll have to keep an eye out for new works! 

Next week will be better!

I haven't been a very good blogger this week. My content has been lacking and I haven't shared any doodles for a while. So you think I'd end this week with a spectacular post, but instead I leave you with a cute song and a rambly paragraph about nothing. I feel like I want to be sad, but my reasons for being sad are insignificant and silly to say the least. But still, I've been on the edge of a break down all evening. Sometimes I just want the right person to say the right thing at the right moment to make all this go away. As I've learned its not smart to rely on others to make me feel better. So as a way to make myself feel ok I'm drowning myself with songs that make me happy and going to bed freakishly early. Hopefully I can trick myself into being happy. Tomorrow is another day!

Have a good weekend!

The Enormity of Life.

Rising of the Layton Moon

The moon is so beautifully stunning tonight. I know this seems weird to do a whole post based around the moon, but me and the moon have always had a interesting relationship. I think everyone can agree that there is something majestical and mysterious about the moon. It has a way to make me feel so insignificant, but in a ok sense. It puts me in my place and reminds me that the world is much bigger then I think. That my current issues are just a small part of my life and will pass soon or change into different issues. The moon is a reminder of the enormity life holds. But the moon also makes me feel comfortable shining light where there should be darkness. I need a little light right now with all the changes that are happening. So many changes. Change is good, scary...but good.

So I'll send you my words, from the corners of my room. 
Though I write them by the light of the day, please read them by the light of the moon. 

Be well my lovlies. 

New Necklace!

A little while ago I made THIS post when I was looking for something nifty to get myself off of etsy. I decided to get the constellation necklace from It Must Be Nice To Be A Bird etsy shop. I have to say I love it! Its the perfect length and the color matches pretty much everything. It is so beautifully made and so unique! I didn't want to get the Taurus constellation because I haven't ever really been a fan, its kinda boring. The lovely lady was kind enough to make a pegasus constellation one for me. I can't believe that I got a custom made necklace for only 13$!! Not only is it custom but really well made! The craftsmanship on this necklace is pretty much amazing. Needless to say I'll be buying from her shop again! 

While I was deciding what constellation to get I was looking up a bunch of gods and myths because a lot of the constellations go along with the stories. I was talking to Zoei about it and there was one point in our lives that we knew the majority of these stories. Both of us were so disappointed that we couldn't quit remember all the names and details. Which is really sad because this is something that we were really fascinated with. So of course we had to go to the book store and get a book to refresh our memories. I forgot how much I love these stories  and how much fun it is to read about all the gods and how they are connected to each other. This is my latest obsession and I'll be picking out my favorites to share! Do you have a favorite ancient myth?

Well it's my Birthday too yeah!

birthday balloons

22 years ago me and my best friend made the brave escape into this crazy world! I love birthday's because they have away of making you see all the really amazing things in your life. I'll admit I haven't accomplished much in my life so far. But I'm ok with that. I've years ahead to make my mark on the world! But really I love my birthday because I always get to party with the greatest person I've ever known! The thing about being a twin is that you have to be good at sharing. So its werid that I've to share my birthday, but I couldn't imagine it any other way. Just like I couldn't imagine not having Zoei in my life. So this is a Birthday post/ Zoei appreciation post. Here is a list of my favorite things about Zoei.

1) She is always 100% honest. Which is hard sometimes (for both of us) but in the end really awesome.
2) She always puts others first.
3) She hates the word pimples, which I find really funny for some reason.
4) She's really good at math and will always calculate the discount percentage when your shopping.
5) She gets embarrassed about silly things, but never lets it stop her from doing what she wants.
6) She's just really funny. We probably laugh more then the average people. Mostly because she says bizarre stuff and does weird things. But its so fun and entertaining!
7) She's physically stronger then she looks/acts.
8) She has a crappy sense of rhythm, but still has the best dance moves then anyone I know.
9) She always smells good. Mostly she smells like coconut. Which seems like a weird thing to mention, but many MANY times I've sought out refuge in her cloud of coconut scent when we're at a concert.
10) She is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet but is also is tuff as nails and isn't afraid to defend her self!

On days like today I feel really lucky to be surrounded about such wonderful people. I worry a lot about my life and what kinda of path I'm on (mostly because I've no idea what I'm doing) But then when I have an amazing day I realize that this is enough for me because being happy is the most important key to living. Marking another year of your life makes you see all the good that is everywhere.

Birthday Festivities Part 2: Alt-J

If you haven't noticed by now, me and Zoei really like concerts. So for part 2 or our birthday celebration we got to see Alt-J! This is a recent favorite of mine which I blogged about HERE a little bit ago. There album has been a favorite in our car for a while now. (I highly suggest you listen to the album in its entirety, its so much better then picking off certain tracks.) But I was a little weary about this band live. Mostly because I didn't want to be let down. A lot of electronic music is lacking when live. But these guys didn't disappoint at all! They were really good at harmonizing and there voices are so different but fit perfectly together. Needless to say I really enjoyed myself tonight. You can't go wrong with hanging out with your best friends and soaking up some amazing music!

By the time I finish writing this I think it'll officially be the 23rd and it will mark yet another year passed! Birthday's are funny in a way that they can make you think about your life. I'm filling tomorrow with a new ukulele and probably something sugary sweet.


I had a really good mail day this weekend! I love coming home to a full mail box! Now I just need to find time to respond to all of these pretty letters! 

I love this girly doodle! You can find more of this lovely ladys drawings and mail art HERE

Out of all the mail I got these are my three favorite things! I'm such a sucker for stamps! Especially pretty ones like these. Also someone sent me the color green! 

Piñata adventures and a chilly birthday party.

My nieces (L.C) has her birthday around the same time as me and Zoei. So this weekend she had a birthday party. A while ago me and Zoei really got into paper mache. We mostly just liked to get our hands dirty in flour and water. Last year for our niece's birthday we made this AWESOME piñata! We thought we would give it ago this year as well. But like most things we do we didn't really give ourselves enough time. Long story short we stayed up pretty late last night, only for the darn thing to not dry all the way. Once we popped the balloon this happend.

Needless to say this isn't going to hold much candy and needed some major TLC. So now we're faced with what to do next. We can either A) rush to try and fix the holes with some tape and then decorate it. Which would take a while and we'd probably be late. Or B) Go to the store and buy one. If we had time I'm pretty sure we could have fixed it and added fringe to hide all the flaws. But we had less then an hour and it seemed pretty impossible. So we just defaulted and ran to the party store. Sigh. All that work for nothing!

In the end everything turned out pretty well. Piñatas don't last very long anyways. Despite the chilly wind and heavy rain clouds it was a very lovely birthday party as far as 10 year old birthdays go. My sisters are pretty awesome. 

Happy weekend! 

Printable Findings.

Since I've been so productive with my snail mail lately I've been perusing the interweb for some inspiration. I've come across some awesome printables that I wanted to share!

How cute are these note cards! It hasn't been until recently that I found the awesome site Mr. Printables. They have so many adorable printable goodies. I know that the majority of the stuff they have are for kids. But they have lots of cute note cards and stuff that would make cute stationery. 

Now I'm not quite sure how I can incorporate these into a letter. Maybe write notes on the paper before I fold it? Or roll up little papers and put them inside? All I do know is that these are oober cool! I'm going to have to try to make some this weekend to see how easy it actually is. 

I also found this awesome stationery set! I love that it comes complete with envelopes! The neon-ness of it is a little much for me. But I think these patterns would look awesome on some pastel papers! Found on How About Orange

Hopefully I've another successful mail weekend! 

Birthday Festivities Part 1: Joshua James

Yep, that's right the birthday festivities have begun. You're probably thinking, why would you need multiple birthday activities? Well, as you might've known I've a twin sister (Zoei) and I'm going to be honest with you. Sharing your birthday with a sibling kinda stinks a little bit. So to compensate for the sucky-ness of it we always plan multiple festivities  This year we're kicking it off with a Joshua James concert. You can read HERE and THERE about how much I (we) love this singer song writer. 

Every time we see him perform it's so beautifully amazing. I wish everyone could experience it. Every time I get the chills when he belts out his witty poetry accompanied by sweet guitar riffs. If you ever, EVER get the chance to see him GO! Because then you'll know what I'm talking about. 

Here are a couple Joshua James videos for your eyes to feast on. If you like these songs I highly sugest picking up his latest album. He is also releasing an EP that I can't wait to get my paws on! 

I feel so lucky when I'm surrounded by beautiful loved ones and amazing live music. After a good concert I always feel like everything is ok with the world. I somehow feel connected to the strangers and objects around me. Music for me is filled with freakishly, fantastic feelings.

P.S. Read THIS. It's fantastic. Trust me.


I took some time this weekend to send some stickers to all the lovelies that left a comment on THIS post. I have all these envelopes from work that have the work return address on them. They were just going to throw them away, so of course I had to lug them home. But I wanted to find a cute way to adequately cover up the wrong address. So thought why not black paint! 

So I made some stripes with some black craft paint and masking tape. But they looked so serious and stiff. So I added some colorful triangles!

Now that the color made them look more friendly. They didn't feel unique or artsy in a way. I'm not sure why, maybe because the first two steps were really quick and easy. When normally I spend a lot more time on each envelope. So I added some little details with my handy drawing pens! 

TA-DA! Outgoing mail! I'm so shocked by how much mail I'm sending lately. Its been a while since I've been very proactive with my mail sending. But lately I've been having too many sad mail days! You have to send a letter to get a letter, right?

Playlist and a Quote.

I don't have much to rant on about today. I'm currently always in love with Frida Kahlo and this quote speaks to me way too deeply. Frida keeps me sane. I'm also loving this slow jazzy mix I unearthed on 8tracks. Now these songs don't feel like April kinda songs. But April isn't feeling like itself lately. I don't feel the excitement, anticipation or eagerness of the sun and life like I have the past 21 years. I blame this cold weather. (It might also just be me getting older, who knows.) 

P.S. Do any of you keep a journal? I always try but am never consistant. Any tips?

Oh Hi. Random Monday Post

Today was a bit of an ordinary day. Monday posts are always the hardest for me, mostly because I despise mondays. This Monday had an extra dose of sadness. The sadness is all over everything and I don't really want to bring it to my blog. So that's that. Here is some randomness.

I really like lists. I'm a list maker. You might think that this means that I'm organized and get lots of stuff done. But nope, I just like to write it down. So here is a list of my current thoughts...

1) I need to shave my legs.
2) Its cold and I should get pants on.
3) I don't like M&Ms, yet am still eating them.
4) I need to take more photos for the blog, so I have something better to post about.
5) I wonder if anyone will ever actually read this randomness.
6) Need to buy toothpaste tomorrow.
7) With so much sadness in the world its incredible that any of us survive.
8) I need to come up with a plan to evict Roberto
9) I should probably start exercising, this chub residing around my belly is unsettling.
10) Oh heck, I'm eating another pb&j sandwich.

This world is filled with crazy, terrifying beauty. I'm aware that with the good always comes along bad. I hold hope that the good will always win. Even if like days like today when the bad smothers the appearance of good. Just remember to love and let good triumph.

Lazy day doodles!

Today is such a rainy April day! Spending the day dancing to Coachella live stream and working on some doodles. I think I need to make some more random stickers. They are super easy to make and kinda fun too. Plus very handy to stick all over envelops to make them pretty. Oh what would I do with out my sticker maker?


I've been in love with polka dots lately. So I had this idea to do polka dot letters. I just used my circle cutter to cut out different sized circles to write letters on. I think they turned out pretty neat!

Since I was on the dot theme I decided to put dots on the envelope too! I didn't want to just do normal polka dots so I made mini-collages with dots! I love the way the turned out. I'm just hoping that they survive there journey and don't get ripped off in the post! 

Phew! I'm being so productive with my outgoing lately! And I still have a lot to respond too! Hopefully I can get just as much done this weekend! 

Shameless Selfies and Remi the Dog.

I've been staring at my computer for 2 whole episodes of Burns and Allen and I've eaten about 5 packets of M&Ms. I still haven't thought of what I want to blog about today. I mean I have lots of ideas but none of them seem good right now. You know what I mean? But I really want to keep up with my post everyday goal. So this is a bit of a ramble random post.

So one of my new years resolutions was to take more pictures of myself. I'm not sure why, but I don't like photos of myself. Don't get my wrong I like they way I look, but I always feel like photos aren't the same. I feel like you can see all my awkwardness in photos. In real life I am full of awkwardness but can normally make it come off unique and funny but, NOT in photos! Anyways today I am brave and posting some photos of myself!


Also I found this really cool blog today called FIRST LIME. This girly is super talented and I'm so in love with her layout and blog design, its so cute! Its a fun blog to read but gets better. Her dog's name is REMI! With an I!! No one ever spells Remi with an I! Although I am a bit disappointed that its a boy dog, but it doesn't matter because the puppy is sooo adorable! The puppy even has his own BLOG! One of these days I will meet another girl Remi with an I. It has to be possible right?

Finished My Zine!

I finished my zine! I wrote about it a while ago HERE. This is my second attempt at making one. I think this time went a lot better then the last. Not that the last one wasn't very good, jut not what I wanted. This time it turned out more how I wanted. Still have some things I need to work on. Arguing with my printer is one of those. But despite the battle I have it printed and finished! 

I named my zine Grey Matter mostly because its just randomness that comes from the corners of my brain. So it's a bit silly, but I like silly thoughts! 

I'm not a writer by any means, but I've included a short short story and some haikus. I'm actually really proud of them too! I'm not sure how good they are. But I like them. 

Theres also some lyrics, dreams I had, silly-ness and even lessons that I've learned from Zoei. I really just made this to send to some of my pen pals and to share with people. Although for some reason I get really nervous when people start looking at my drawings and stuff when I'm around them. (I know its silly.) Anyways, if you would like a copy of my zine you can email me at I'll be happy to send one to you!

PS. I'm still giving away stickers from drawings that I've done. Read about it HERE