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It's not secret that most women wear bras. It's just one of those girly things. I've been impartial to if I like wearing a bra or not. I've been lucky enough to be blessed with a small chest so this hasn't been a battle for me at all. Although I do find it a bit uncomfortable somedays. So I was wondering, why do we wear braziers? So after poking around the interweb for a little bit I found out that it's really just a fashion thing. Society placed it as a trendy fashionable thing and it stuck. Although I was under the impression that it helps your boobies from being saggy and it is nice to just strap the suckers down so you're not flopping everywhere. But after reading THIS, it doesn't seem like the benefits are all that great, if any at all. That is just one thing I've found among my google search. 

I guess the real question is, do you wear a bra and why? I do (mostly) especially when I leave the house. Mostly because its just out of habit. If I didn't wear one then I'd feel so weird and exposed because I always wear one. I wonder if I didn't if anyone would say anything. I don't think I can tell if a girl is wearing a bra or not, but maybe I'm not paying enough attention. I might get weird looks if I start to look at other girls chests too intently. 

I also feel like one boobie is bigger then the other. Which I felt kinda weird about and a bra helps hide the lopsidedness of it. But I read THIS and it made me feel a lot more normal about myself. But is still a reason why I wear a bra when I go out. Plus I think it helps me fill out me clothes a little bit especially something low cut. 

If you are an avid bra wearer do you think it'd be weird to just not one day?

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