Happy Halloween!

YAY! We survived the month of October! I'm not a big halloween fan, but I must admit I've been having a bit of fun working on  costumes! Although I'm up way past my bed time and should try to sleep before I have to be up in a couple hours! My costume is all done and my hair is in curlers! Hopefully it turns out well! I can't believe I actually got it all done! If it actually looks good, I'll be sure to post a few photos! But who knows, it could just be the 3am brain talking! 

Hope you all have a safe and spooky Halloween! 

Don't Think Twice It's Alright

I'm a huge Bob Dylan fan and I'm recently obsessed with this song specifically. I'm not sure why. I'm always on the look out for pick me up songs. (Bob Marly's Everything Little Thing is my number one go to) But this is a pretty good one. On top of it all I found the ukulele chords! So now I can play it and sing this sickly sweet song to myself! Ok....that sounds kinda strange. But you know what I mean!

I'm taking this song like a challenge! Cause lets face it, theres no way that I'm gonna sound like Dylan. EVER. So I've got to make it my own! Which is kinda exciting! It's like playing any Tom Waits song, so much fun be never sounds like the original. This girly does a pretty damn good job and making it her own! Although I'll be honest her voice gets kinda annoying after a little bit. But still...kudos Sophie Madeline!

Anyways, you can find the chords HERE!  I'm totally geeking out of the ukulele lately. I guess worse things could happen! 

Pele Halloween Costume!

Halloween is so not my holiday. Ever since I was little it was just a whole day of anxiety. Crazy I know, I guess I was a strange little girl. Besides that as I've grown older, its just not something I enjoy. Although I do find myself dressing up each year and meandering to my sisters. I still get anxiety about not have a "cool" or unique costume. Lame I know. Self confidence was never my strong suit!

Anyways after being hell bent that I wasn't going to dress up and amongst trying to find a costume idea for Zoei. I came across THIS website! I mean a whole site based on famous historical women! Sign me up! At first I wanted to be Lizzie Borden, but realized it was too late to order victorian style clothes. Then I came across Pele the hawaiian volcano goddess. I remember reading about her and everyone saying myths about her whenever we visit the Volcanos National park. So its decided I would be Pele for Halloween. 

So far I just have a bunch of red fabric and a black skirt that I'm gonna try to make into something. Also made a haku (head lei) out of some cheesy fake flowers. I was quite surprised that 2 years of high school floral design classes paid off! I know its cutting it close to try and make it work, but wish me luck! I really need to start on these projects earlier! Looks like I'm pulling an all nighter! 

Collage Mail #2!

I actually got a TON done this weekend! I got half of my costume done and lots of mail responded too AND I started on my giant postcard puzzle letter! I thought I'd share a few of my collage mail art-ness. I bought some collage bits off of Etsy, HERE and THERE Overall I think I'm making some cool stuff, practice makes perfect, right?

Oh, I also made my own envelopes out of paper bags! Whenever I get asked paper or plastic, I always go paper even though the bagger boys roll their eyes at me! But I always have a use for a paper bag! I've found that paper bag envelopes are quite sturdy, easy to fold and glue and you can make them any size you want! The thick paper bag was good for these cause I coated the little paper bits in modgepodge so they wouldn't get ripped off in the post. That stuff can make paper a bit wrinkly sometimes, but the thick paper bag was perfect to prevent wrinkles! 

Last but not least! If you'd like some mail you can go HERE and give me some information and I'll send you some mail art! OR, you can email me at remikeahi@gmail.com! 

Creativeness Weekend!

I'm finally started working on another zine! Ever since moving I kinda stored all that stuff away. But I'm getting around to finishing it! I've started on a few doodles. Slow but steady! I plan on spending the weekend tackling a few pages and maybe typing up some poems to put it it. Also I've got tons of mail to respond too! I've got a bunch of new collage papers and am excited to make some collage-ish envelopes. I've got great plans for this weekend to be productive! Hopefully I don't spend it sleeping!

Too much to digest. 

What are your weekend plans?

New Ukulele-ness!

I love playing the ukulele. I'm pretty sure its the only thing that can get rid of my anxiety these days! Which in turn is helping me get really good at playing. I've yet to master bar chords or tune by ear. But slow and steady wins the race!

33/52 -

I love learning new songs so I thought I'd share my most recent endeavors! First! The song From Afar by Vance Joy. Super easy chords! I'm getting a little caught up on how to sing it, mostly because he's got unique voice. So I think this is just one of mine that I gotta make my own and do a "Remi" version of it. I found it HERE!

Second! One of Zoei's favorite songs is Can't Help Falling in Love. After she saw the 21 Pilots version of this song, she suggested that I learn it. It was super easy and only took me a afternoon to learn it and memorize it. So now I can add it to the list of songs I can sing to Zoei while she's cooking with out having to read it. There's lots of different chords and versions of this song out there, but THIS is the one I found. Its easy and sounds pretty good!

Its so fun learning new songs! I'm so in love with the ukulele. Also can we take a minute and appreciate how cute the lead singer to 21 Pilots is! Unique voice AND plays the ukulele! *swoon*

Lovely Things: Can't Sleep!

I always admire illustrators and artist. In fact I'm a bit jealous of them, cause I know it'll take ages for me to even come close to achieving anything this beautiful. Ok, so maybe I'm being down on myself. But its late and I can't sleep. So instead of sleeping I'm angrily admiring all these artists. In a non-self destructive way of course.
cats missing parts

new mural from age front cover

Art by Jennifer Davis

Art by Vladimir Stankovic

I suppose sleep is a must!

How to battle sadness..

I'm a sad person. I know its hard to tell from my upbeat chipper blog posts! But alas it is true...I'm sad a lot of the time. I think 90% of it is due to being lost in the world trying to figure IT all out. Whatever the reason is, I easily become engulfed in sadness/mopey-ness. So I've made a list of things to battle these feelings! 

List One: Music/Songs to AVOID. Any of these songs will strike me at my core if I'm feeling the rain clouds rolling in. So for me I HAVE to not listen to any of these! What are mopey songs for you?

List Two: Perfect things to chase away bad feelings! This is a list of things that will make you forget about your worries. There's a lot more I could have added but these were the first things to pop into my head! So must be pretty important, huh?

I kinda really liked putting these lists together! Actually..I love making lists! Kind of a weird habit of mine. Pretty soon its just gonna turn into the blog of lists! Which might not be a horrible idea...

Wise Words From E.E Cummings

When I first read this, I realized that I have a TON of people around me that believe in me. Thats kinda of an amazing thing! Even though I'm not in a romantic relationship, I shouldn't let that diminish all the other relationships in my life. I forget that often. 

Ode to a lazy day weekend of tea, cookies and not getting out of bed! 

Etsy Findings: Long Necklaces!

Nothing goes better with a sweater then a long clunky unique necklace! I've been searching on Etsy trying to find the perfect one to add to all my fall sweaters. I might not be able to choose just one, so I'll probably end up busting the bank and buying a couple! Treat yourself, right?

I'm such a sucker for cameras! Camera necklace: Lady Bird Likes

I've seen all kinds of key necklaces, its about time I got myself one! Vintage Key Necklace: Peg & Awl

A key and a pocket knife! How bad ass is that! Key Pocket Knife Necklace: Debbie is Adopted

I've a bit of an obsession with the moon. This one seems like something I wouldn't ever wear, but I think that's why I love it so much! I need a bit of a change! To the Moon and Back Necklace: By Beep

I've always wanted a compass necklace and a monocle necklace. I have had quite the task trying to find ones that weren't too bulky. I think this one would be perfect! Monocle Necklace: Rag Trader

List of thoughts.

1) I really should've started on the orange juice and airborne drink mix a week earlier, then maybe I           wouldn't be sick.
2) I wrote a new song! Now I just need to find some confidence to play it for actual people.
3) So many new cd releases this month! I'm going to have to try and not break the bank.
4) How come I haven't stuffed myself with pumpkin cookies yet?
5) I'm officially NOT shaving my legs until christmas!
6) So many good blogs to read, never enough lunch breaks at work.
7) I can't get enough of THIS song.
8) Need more stripe socks!
9) Park and Recreation is probably one of the greatest shows EVER.
10) Finally started on my next zine! Now I just need to stop being lazy and finish it.

Collage Mail!

Remember a little bit ago I did THIS post and I said I was working on colleges. Well I got out the modpodge last night and made these two lovely envelopes! I'm awfully proud of these two! I'm trying to find more papers and stuff to use, so far I just use what pen pals have sent me. So now i'm on the quest for some neat clippings!

Again with the crappy photos, oopsy. I really need to work on a better photographing system. Like, I should probably get my lighting under control so I don't have to edit them so much. Anyways, I'm still super proud of myself! Also has anyone else noticed how bad mod podge smells?

As always if you'd like a lovely letter in the mail you can go HERE or if you want to write first email me at remikeahi@gmail.com and I'll give you my address! 

Lovely Things: Fall!

Fall is officially amongst us! Fall is my favorite season, but it always goes so fast! Before we know
it, its gonna be christmas! But, before time escapes here are some of my favorite fall-ish things!

One thing I am missing about Provo is living so close to the river trail. Which is awesome in the fall! guess I need to find a new trail to walk on around here! (Photo found here!)

Apple cider donuts! Fall is the perfect time to eat all the comforting, cinnamony food you can get your hands on. I saw this recipe over at Apt. 2B Baking Co. and now I need to convince Zoei to make these for me!

Parlor Hawk is one of my favorite local bands. I'm just in love with this song! It always reminds me of fall and bike rides. Oh and this one time me and Zo went to an all day outdoor festival of local bands in the fall. Some of the best memories ever were made that day! Anyways, this is my go to fall song.

Fall clothes! I've already ranted on about how much comfy, cozy it is to dress in the fall. Definitely more my style then shorts and tanks. I get this odd boost of confidence in my scarfs and sweaters, strange I know.

Bees Knees Leggings! by Black Bird Tees Leggings are a must in the fall! I'm especially smitten over these because i've a recent obsession with bees. Although a little out of my price range, I think its worth it to bust the bank for these! 

Soak up the fall-ness! Oh man now I'm craving some pumpkin cookies! 

Song and a Doodle #16

A new favorite bandcamp finding for me is Strawberry Runners! At first listen I thought they didn't sound too special. Until I heard this song and my mind changed forever. I realized that they have some of the cutest, wittiest lyrics ever. I've been listening to them all weekend and I'm completely head over heels! 

I wish that you were here lying next to me.
Talking in circles, Bed sheets like quicksand. 
Scramble to firm land, Shadows from our hands 
I’ll make the big band, You make the bears dance

So listen,  listen! If you love this song you'll love the rest of there stuff. Promise! So much music so little time!

Out Going Mail!

Few letters I finished during the week. I still have a ton to respond to, like always. But I'm hoping that I can tackle a bunch this weekend if I don't get too lazy. I found my box of scrap/magazine clippings that got lost in the move, so my mail has seen an influx of collage-ness. Which is kinda fun, collages haven't always been my best skill, but practice makes perfect right? 

P.S. Sorry for my crappy photos. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. 

It's October!

I can't believe it's already October! Time is going by way too fast. Although I am excited for fall clothes! I always feel like I look better in the fall, shorts and summer clothes always look a bit awkward for some reason. I'm not a huge Halloween person, but I do love how creative it makes everyone! 

I hope October treats all you lovelies well!