My mollusk obsession continues.

I'm not sure what it is but snails have had my mind captivated for the list little bit. I've been meaning to work on a new zine but I've been kinda lazy. I like to include a random lil story in each of my zines. This is normally fairly hard for me because I'm not the best of writers. But the other night I couldn't sleep and there was a snail crawling on my window, so I wrote this story.

T. Island

A Story About Harold. 

There once was lived a mollusk. More specifically a baby mollusk. But not just any kind of mollusk this little baby was a snail. His name was Harold. Little baby Harold loved water and one day found himself floating in the middle of a lake. Now Harold didn't know how to swim, or float for that matter of fact. But being the crafty mollusk that he is, he made a boat. A special kind of boat made out of crackers. Now as much as Harold loved the lake he also adored crackers. In fact crackers are his favorite food. As he floated around the lake he found himself becoming exceedingly hungry. Being a self indulgent little baby mollusk, he began to feast on his boat. Quickly Harold discovered he had eaten too much of his boat and it began to sink. Harold slowly sank towards the bottom of the lake that he loved so much with his belly full of his favorite food. As he hit the bottom Harold was the most content little baby mollusk that ever existed. 

The end.

(Could use a little work and some illustrations. Imma working on it.)

Cute songs make the day better.

FACT: Music can change your mood almost instantly. I need a little mood changer today. I'm such a sucker for the ukulele. One of these days I'll be brave enough to sing in front of people and not care about my manly voice. In the mean time I'll just soak up other lovely sound. Yes, its a sad song, but oh so lovely.

Hope you're having a peachy keen day! What helps/ motivates you through rough days?

Weekly Wishes #5

The Nectar Collective

Oh hello Monday! Oh boy was today rough. I haven't had a rough Monday in quite a while, so I was well over do for a crazy work day and stressful car-ness. How come when you're having a bad day is when your car decides to act goofy? Anyways, looking to the bright side and setting a few goals this week. All thanks to the lovely Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective! This is easily becoming the highlight of my monday nights!

Last Week!

Oh sigh. I'm sad to report that I didn't achieve any of my mini goals for last week. My cameras are still sitting on the shelf and my window is still curtain-less. I'm not sure what happened last week or where all my time went! Seems like I got absolutely nothing done and didn't even realize it until looking back on the week. It was definitely one of those sitting in front of the TV kinda weeks. Which I hate and it makes me feel so pooooopy. I need to not do that. Hopefully this week is better!

Goals for this week!

1) Get out of my house! I've lived in this new little town and I have yet to walk around the block to see whats around me. Sad, I know. So my goal is to venture out and see whats around me and turn off the TV!! Last week my goal was to take photos around my neighborhood, but I've simplified that to just get out of the dang house!

2) Catch up on my letters. I'm quickly becoming a cruddy pen pal. I still have my Snail Mail collective package to send. (Oopsy!) But I haven't found the post office where I live yet! I went to the grocery store on Sunday and discovered they have a mini post office in the store. But of course it was closed! And now our car is having a hard time starting so we only take trips that are absolutely a MUST. Ok, now I'm just making excuses. Fingers crossed that I get it and the rest of my responses mailed this week! (Sorry Chelsea! I promise something is coming!) P.S. Check out her BLOG, you'll love it!

As always head over to The Nectar Collective, Weekly Wishes and spread some positivity!

List of Thoughts

List of thoughts as of late:
1) Where do all these spiders keep coming from?
2) Has my life become boring?
3) Find more adventure. 
4) I need to make time to draw more often. 
5) Stop dragging your feet and finish your zine. 
6) Read more blogs instead of watch tv after work. 
7) Find a new shampoo, what I have isn't very good. 
8) Why hasn't my loneliness been controlling my emotions lately?
9) Is it possible to ever get enough sleep?
10) Call the dentist and make an appointment before your face falls off. 

Lil Mollusk No.2

I was out with Zoei's puppy this morning so she could pee in the bushes when I saw this lil fellow! Although after I took this photo Shu-tzi was curious about what I was looking at and decided to lick it. I don't think lil mollusk liked that very much. 

It's FRIDAY!  Hope you all have a fun weekend! 

Lil Mollusk.

I've had this weird recent obsession with snails lately. At our new lil house we have snails everywhere! I knows its kinda a big problem and eat all our plants. But lets face it they are grotesquely cool! So I've been reading up on them and mollusks in general. So I feel its only necessary to share my obsession on my blog! 
I did this drawing to remind me what the heck a mollusk actually is. Mollusk sounds way cooler then gastropod or snail. So now whenever I see snail in the yard I always call it a lil mollusk. I'm pretty sure Zoei is tired of me ranting about them. 

Been drawing lots of snails lately. This one is my favorite out of 3filled pages in my notebook. 

200th Post!

Woohoo! This is my 200th post! I started this blog at the beginning of the year as one of my resolutions to be more creative and write more. I must say I'm really proud of myself, because I normally never stick to anything! But I've found that I really do love my lil' blog that I've built here. Now that we're past half way though the year its fun to look back and see the way I've changed. Even without noticing it! I'm not sure if I'm getting better at it, but I'm still having fun and that's the biggest thing right?! 

Now, I'm not sure very many people actually read my blog. I've gotten better at commenting on others that I do read and started doing some ad spots and overall just taking part in the wonderful blogging community. I use to get kinda bummed thinking kinda what's the point? No one reads it anyways. But I've found that it really should be a personal thing that I get personal satisfaction out of it and if someone else thinks its neat then thats peachy keen, but having can't be the reason why I blog. I am getting better and building my blog by participating in link ups and getting better at social media junk. I'll admit I do get discouraged when I read someones blog that's only been doing it for 3 months and they have 20 comments on every post. But I'm getting there! Slow and steady! I'm starting to find my place on the interweb! 

Hope you all a peachy keen day! 
P.S. Don't mind the horrible quality of my sketches, I've yet to set up my scanner. On the bright side, that bear is adorable! 

Weekly Wishes #4

The Nectar Collective

Its Monday! That means its time for WEEKLY WISHES! I've been having so much fun with this each week! Not only am I completing lil' goals I'm finding so many awesome blogs to read as well! If you wanna join in go over to the Nectar Collective and join in the fun!

Last weeks goals!

FRIST! Draw more! I was moderately successful on this one. I did a few doodles that I'll post later on this week! 

SECOND! Finishing unpacking! Well, I did work on this one quite a bit this weekend. I got all my clothes unpacked and hung up. Also a curtain put up. (Yup, just one) I did realize that I need to get some shelves, its hard to unpack boxes when you have no where to put things. 

This week! 

FIRST! Take more pictures! I love my cameras and I love taking photos. Although I'm not all that good at it, I still enjoy it. I haven't walked around our lil neighborhood yet either, so I think I'm due for an adventure. So my goal this week is to take out one of my lomography cameras and take some pictures! 

SECOND! Finish putting up my curtains. I did so good last week making my lil room more homie. I got one curtain up but haven't cut and finished the other one. One thing I hate doing is measuring. I'm a wing it kinda girl, which hardly ever works out. But I need to measure one this one so it doesn't look completely crappy. I've been putting off until I think I have the patience to measure and iron the darn thing!

P.S. I should really work on making my own little weekly wishes banner. I always seeing what cute things others create! Goal number 3? Or maybe just 2 1/2! 

What are you goals for the week? Go spread some positivity!! 

Etsy Findings: Art!

Since moving into a new place I've noticed that our walls are really empty. Almost in a sad way. So now I'm on the quest for some art! I love finding art on Etsy because its always unique and affordable! Plus I always feel like all the money goes straight to the artist which I love! I'm always slightly jealous of people who can make a living off of selling there art, but that doesn't stop my from supporting them! 

I'm really loving the colors that this fellow uses! 
I'm not a pink or orange kinda gal, but peach is really growing on my these days. 
These let's be adventures prints have been popping up every where. So cute and simple it'll match anything. 

I'm such a sucker for a good illustration!

Hope you all are having a successfully lazy weekend! 

Learning a new song!

I recently stumbled upon this fantastic songs by Vance Joy. After hearing it I knew I wanted to learn how to play it on the ukulele! I found it HERE! I'm loving this song because its a challenge and over all an awesome song! The strumming pattern is a bit tricky, but do-able. ALSO the little instrumental part is a bit tricky! But I think if I work hard I can do it! Plus I've been meaning learn how to read tabs. Also the Ukulele Hunt does an awesome job at breaking it all down and making it simple and easy to learn. I've still got a bit of practicing to do but I know I can do it!

What do you think she's thinking about?

lucy in the sky
You know what's one of the worst things you can do? Take a mini "nap" after you get off work at 6. Because then what happens is you sleep longer then you expected then sleeping at night is basically impossible. Then you just get into this horrible cycle for the rest of the week. Needless to say its gonna be a nod off at your desk kinda day. Let's just hope the boss doesn't notice! So yet again a night where I can't sleep. Instead of sleeping like a normal person I'm going to listen The Moth and The Flame and think of 20 thoughts that this girl in this photo might have had when this picture was taken. What do you think she's thinking about?

Lovely things: Typewriters!

I was on the hunt for a long time for a cursive script typewriter and I finally found one! After typing a few letters on it I'm reminded how much I love them! I love the sound and the feel of them. I know its really trendy of me, but I still love them!

Photo by: Le Portillon 

Photo by: Laura Taylor

Photo by: Cari Ann Wayman

Photo by: Buse Demirc

Photo by: Kate

New Typewriter!

I finally found it! A cursive script typewriter, in working condition AND that was somewhat affordable! I've been on the hunt for a while and I'm so happy that I finally found one. Now I don't know much about typewriters so I feel like I'm an easy target to get taken advantage of. I mean, I know to see about the ribbion and last time it was serviced. Aside from that, I'm clueless. So I love to buy my typewriters from the Letters Writers Alliance. They always have the coolest vintage finds! I've bought both my typewriters from there and I love them both! You do have to be a membership to get to the vinage finds, but if you've ever considered having a pen pal then I sugest you do it! My longest lasting pen pals I've found thanks to LWA! Its a good place to start off it your new or interested in writing some good ol'fashion letters. 

I'm super ecstatic about my purchase and now I can type up pretty letters! I've been successfully staying caught up on all my correspondence, thanks to my nifty new typewriter  SO, if you'd like a typed up letter/poem/rant from me I'd love to send you some mail! Just leave your address HERE, or just leave a comment with your email! 

Side note, I'm taking part in the Snail Mail Collective. I got paired up with Chelsa over at Sketchy Notions. I must say I'm SO EXCITED! I got an awesome parter!  I love her blog and she's super crazy talented! Now I just need to figure out what to send to her! 

Phew! Write more letters! 

Weekly Wishes #3

The Nectar Collective

Woo! Yet another week and so it goes! I've come to enjoy these weekly wishes quite a bit. I'm actually sticking to them too! Which is kinda amazing since I'm so flaky its embarrassing. (Probably something I should work on) But hey, these goals have been tons of fun and I love hearing about other peoples wishes. Melyssa created something wonderful over at The Nectar Collective! 

Last weeks goals!

1) Read more! I was oh so very successful on reaching this goal. Maybe a little two successful, I found myself passing up doing the laundry and dishes to just be lazy and read. So I guess I really should find a balance. On the bright side Looking for Alaska by John Green is an AWESOME book! Although I'm a slow reader and haven't finished it yet!

2) Floss my teeth! I started off really good on this one. Although by Thursday I found myself forgetting and being a bit lazy. I wouldn't remember that I was going to floss until I had already crawled into bed. I mean, do you get out of bed to floss?? Yeah, didn't think so. I am becoming more consistent flossing in the mornings though. So hopefully I can turn that into a habit!

Overall, not a bad week! Goals for this week!

1) Draw more! I love doodling and drawing. The problem is I hardly ever find the time. By the time I get home from work I'm all goobery and tired. So I just opt out and veg infront of my computer or the TV. So I need to start making some time in the day for doodles! A drawing a day seems do-able, right?

2) Finish unpacking! I know, I've lived in our new lil house for about a month now and I'm still living outta boxes. I'm just so indecisive about where I want to put things. I just need to do it! I'm tired of digging though boxes. I also need to make my room more homey. It feels like a creepy basement right now. Which is reasonable, because thats what it is. But this week I want to put up some art, get some curtains and make it feel more like a place I want to be!

Its starting to look like I just need more hours in the day! Don't forget to check out other people's weekly wishes and spread some love and encouragement!! Hope you all have a successful week!

Few tunes.

I'm a huge Joshua James fan! He recently did a session with Folkadephia. I haven't heard of them before but they are really cool. They choose neat bands to do sessions. But I'm loving the versions of these songs. He's such an awesome artist and so amazing to see live. I could ramble on for days, but if you haven't heard his tunes before, check it out! 

Lazy Saturday.

Oh Marc Johns, you're so talented! I love all his drawings. This is one of my recent favorites! I should really work on my illustrations. Maybe I'll just doodle and be lazy today. 

List of Thoughts.

I like making lists. This doesn't mean that I hardly ever complete the things on my list. But its nice to just write it down sometimes and organize my thoughts.

After storm

List of thoughts as of late:
1) How do you tell someone they smell bad, without being rude?
2) Is it ok to just be rude sometimes?
3) Need to drink more water before my body starts to hate me.
4) Stop being lazy and be more creative.
5) Having to think of what to make for dinner each night is not an easy task.
6) Read more you lazy bum, I know you like it!
7) Still looking for that extremely brave moment to make something momentous happen.
8) Need to take more photos and use my cameras more.
9) Maybe I should DO more and make less lists.
10) Am I too nice? I think people might be walking all over me. sigh.

Little Bit of Dr. Dog

How did it take me so long to discover the awesomeness of Dr. Dog? For father's day I gave my Dad tickets to see The Lumineers this fall. I read they were touring with Dr. Dog and Nathaniel Rateliff. So of course I had to look them up and make a mix CD! Which I'm so glad I did because I found these two really awesome songs! I still have a lot of there albums to shuffle though, but I love finding new tunes and wanted to share. Also, yes I know they have been around for a while. I'm just a little late hoping on the band wagon, but better late then never! 


Since I successfully got all caught up on my mail I figured I'd share them with you! I've had a recent influx of international pen pals, which is awesome! I love seeing postage from other countries. Although I'm not too keen on the design of the world stamp. Something about the circle feels awkward to me. BUT, I do love that they are forever international postage, so I can stock up incase the postage prices go up again. 

You can always tell how late I am in responding by how artful the envelope is. I've been trying to practice doing fancy typography lately and letters is the perfect way to help!

Most of the letters I sent were at least 2 pages, so needless to say by then end my hand was pretty cramped. But I loved having a goal to sit down and write everyday after work. I just need to make it a part of my regular routine. 

Oh, also the Snail Mail Collective is going on over at the Nectar Collective blog. Which I'm super stoked about! The theme is "Introduce where you live and what's special about it." Well, I come from/ live in a pretty lame town so I'm not quite sure what I'm going to send yet. So I'm gonna have to think about that one for a bit! 

Weekly Wishes! #2

The Nectar Collective

I'm so digging the Weekly Wishes from over at The Nectar Collective. I normally set mini goals for myself but hardly ever follow though. But I actually met my goal that I set last week! So I'm doing it again this week! Its kinda amazing what the support of others can really do! The best part of blogging is being a part of a community!

Last weeks goals! 

Numero Uno was finish responding to all my mail. Which I successfully accomplished! I wrote 8 letters and 3 postcards last week. I'm all caught up to my most recent letters and I'm hoping to stay caught up! I can't remember the last time I didn't have stack of letters to write. Not that I'm complaining I just hate when it takes me a long time to respond. 

Numero Dos was to make more small talk. Eh, well I'm not too sure how successful I was with this one. The only real interaction I had was when I went to the pet store. I staring into the eyes of the guinea pigs for quite some time, they are quite adorable and mystifying. Well the employee that was cleaning the cages thought that  I wanted to purchase one. Me being the awkward person that I am tried to make small talk, but panicked and didn't really have anything to say. So I just started asking about how to care for a guinea pig. I've no idea why, its not like I'm going to buy one! Then it just came to a point where I said, OK and walked away. The employee was probably confused why I didn't' get one. Ugh at least I kinda tried, right? I think I'm gonna count this as a half success. 

This weeks goals! 

1) Read more! I just started a new book, Looking for Alaska by John Green. I'm only a few pages into it and I love it. Although it seems like I get distracted whenever I sit down to read. Its like all of a sudden I remember I've 5 billion other things to do. I tried to read before going to bed and I can't even get in two paragraphs before falling asleep. So this week I'm making time to sit down and read! 

2) Floss my teeth. Now I'm going to be honest with you, I'm not good at taking care of my teeth. I mean, nothing grotesque and I've one of those toothbrushes with the timer on it. But A) I should really go to the dentist and B) you know they are going to haggle you about flossing. So this week my goal is to floss every morning and night. Now this one seems way doable! 

Well, those are my goals for the week. Yeah, they seem kinda lame but its the little things right?! Don't forget to spread some love and encouragement to other bloggers and set your own goals! 

Have a happy Week! 


I've been trying so hard these days to makes sure to take lots of pictures. Mostly because I hardly take photos of happenings and random family weekend stuff. Now that Zoei and I have moved out I think its kinda important to take photos and get together with our family. Ok, ok so maybe our family is freakishly close. But I kinda like it that way.

I'm still really awkward at asking people if I can take there picture, so mostly its just photos of Zoei and her dog. OH, but my lovely niece LC is in this one! 

Shu-Tzi is such a good lil'puppy! We tossed her in the pool today to test her swimming skills and she did awesome! I guess its just natural instinct for dogs, but she didn't look like she was going to do it at first! Anyways, its was cute puppy shenanigans. 

Swimming and s'mores! What a perfect evening. AND I might add that Zoei and I successfully started our own fire! Which is surprisingly hard to do. The fire kinda died because we weren't watching it as we ate our marshmallows, but never fear Grandpa saved it. He made it look so easy too! I guess we just need to practice more. I think this calls for a CAMPING TRIP! I'm hoping that if I bug everyone enough someone will take me and plan it and do all the hard stuff. OR I could just plan it, who knows what will happen.