It's May

Whoa! Time is flying by like crazy. I can't believe its already May, it seems like it was just New Years. May is off to a rocky start for me. My older sister is on her way to the Philippines with her boy to have an adventure. This morning started off with a groggy 6am goodbye and then she was off to fly around the world and stay there for a YEAR!! I still can't believe it and mostly I'm not going to let myself to believe it so then I'll miss her less. I'm half way though the week with my new job postion. Which honestly is kicking my butt and I can't wait for Saturday till I can just sleep all day. The weather today is terribly cold and my toes are very unhappy about it. Hopefully this weekend we get some sun and I get to hear about the beginning adventures of my big sister! 

She's started a new blog tracking her ventures. You can find it HERE! It's one of my new favorites. 

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