List of Thoughts as of Late + LINKS!

1- I've been neglecting my lil' blog for a bit. So goes the ins and outs of life! 
2- Every time it feels like spring is upon us the next day its snowing! I guess thats what spring in Utah is like. I'm not sure why I'm surprised by it every time! 
3- I'm still exploring all natural cleaners and THIS is my most recent adventure. I've got 3 jars going so far. They look lovely. This weekend I'll give it a go and see how well it can clean my bathroom.
4- My life keeps taking twists and turns. I'm finding it hard to get a handle on but also fascinated by the strings and webs that connect all of our lives. Theres something beautiful about the unknown that wraps up all of our lives. 
5- I try to stay out of politics. BUT with the recent political climate I'm finding staying out of it isn't an option any more. With that said I bought THIS shirt and I absolutely adore it! 
6- I keep trying to imagine what this summer and fall might have in store for me. The more I think about it the more it all feels like stories I might read in a book. 
7- I've been trying to get my sister to make me mochi ice cream. It looks like a ton of work, but is soooo yummy! I think THESE instructions might be a good place to start. 
8- I was reading about honey bees the other day and did you know they have 2 stomachs! They have an extra one to store nectar to take back to the hive. 
9- I've been working on some mini-mini zines. Its fun to try and work in a small space and has been quite the challenge! I hope I'll have some to share with you all soon. 
10- THIS playlist has been my favorite as of late! 

Happy Easter!

I'm a little late posting this but thats mostly because I slept in too late and got swept up in Easter festivities! BUT Easter is my favorite holiday! I mean whats not to love about pastel colors, yummy good, colorful eggs and the celebration of life?! I feel so blessed for all the love I get to have in my life. So much of my life is filled with joy, love, caring and understanding. I'm not sure how I got to be so lucky! I hope you all had an amazing Sunday!

Outgoing Mail!

I made these a while ago but forgot to post them! I'm in a painty splattery kinda mood these days. I spend my weekends in my room flicking paint on things. Its quite fun for a hermit like myself. I've really been keeping on top of my correspondence lately. Although that means my blog gets a little left behind. One day I'll find the right balance! 

Song and Doodle #57

Todays favorite song is an old one that I've recently fallen in love with, The Wind by Cat Stevens. This song is so simple and has amazing lyrics. Plus Cat Stevens is pretty much amazing. I'm embarrassed that its taken me this long to fall in love with this song. Better late than never! This song feels like they way spring smells. It wraps you up and kisses you on the forehead. I adore it!
"I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul
Where I'll end up well I think, only God really knows."

Lovely Things: Spring Green!

I was going to do a St. Patricks day post since the lovely holiday is this week. Upon thinking about past St. Patty's days and the awful pinch each other crap that everyone had to deal with in grade school, I decided to repress those memories a little bit longer and go for some SPRING green lovely things! March in Utah is probably the most unpredictable weather month all year. One day it'll be sunny the next day snowy and no matter what I always choose the wrong clothes to wear. Sandals in the snow is not ideal! I'm super excited for the spring to finally be here and not get chased away by stormy clouds! 
First is this awesome post about trendy house plants! Plus an amazing selection of planters. // Etsy
These look amazing! Chocolate pound cakes with match white chocolate ganache! // APT. 2B
Couldn't have a somewhat St. Patricks post with out four leaf clovers! I love how dainty this necklace is. // Yellow Owl Workshop
Still slightly obsessed with embroidery. // Rehabbed Handmade Shop
You can't talk about St. Patricks day with out making me think of lucky charms. These sticky treats look super yums! // Lovely Indeed
I've been dreaming about a succulent wreath for ages now! They're often expensive and seem tricky to make yourself. But oh man they are lovely!! // The Lovely Succubent

Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt!

I was lucky enough to participate in the Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt again this year! Hosted by the loveliest blog Snail Mail Love. I don't sign up for very many swaps these days. Mostly cause I'm pretty lazy and its a bit harder to make packages look artsy, small envelopes are much easier! BUT this year's scavenger swap was so much fun! I got some amazing things in return! 
What I sent! I made these neat "envelopes" that were old treat bags that I just painted with some acrylic paint. I think they turned out really neat! 
 First this on the list! Something the represents me. I got this really neat oil diffuser that has a honey bee on it! Which fits me perfectly cause I love honey bees and I'm really into aromatherapy and home remedies lately.
 Second, postal kit! This was easy cause I've a huge paper stash that I should probably work on getting rid of any ways.
Third, something you can wear! I've so much nail polish its kinda of embarrassing. Especially since I haven't painted my nails in a while. I should probably do that now that I'm thinking about it.
 Fourth and Fifth! Something not square! I made these little moon stickers cause she said she liked moons. Also for a little gifty I got her a moon enamel pin! I'm loving these pins lately even though they're becoming super trendy.
 Last but not least something to read! Of course I had to fill it full of my mini-zines! Although theres not much to read, but it still counts!
What I received! A bad day survival kit, some chocolate and tea. Also some Chinese candies! Those green tee white rabbits are the BEST!!
These awesome little jars with honey bees on them!! They fit perfectly in my bathroom to hold my make up brushes. She also made a postal kit and some lovely little tea bag holders. I just love the "trashy" card, on the inside it says "don't be". I've the prefect pen pal to send it too!
 All of her gifties came in these awesome little bags! I never though to glue envelopes on the outside! Its so brilliant! I just love these cute floral envelopes!
My top three favorite things in the package! Amazing green tea white rabbits, a little lucky fish and this adorable mini panda card!

Eeep! So much lovely mail these days!

Out Going Mail!

I got a ton a mail completed this week! I got this old book about photography tips and tricks. The information was pretty outdated so I decided to cut it up for some collage mail art! I think they turned out kinda silly but neat! 
I took photos before I addressed them, just incase my font messed them up!
Such an awesome week for mail! I hope I can get more done this weekend!

Incoming Mail!

I haven't been very good at keeping up with my blog lately BUT I have been good at keeping up with my snail mail responses! Today I wanted to share my favorite incoming mail. I got this amazing zine about artist trading cards. Its so incredibly beautiful and the envelope just matches it perfectly! 
Second one is an awesome pocket letter! Her embellishments and just the bees knees!
I love the poetry for the mail man on the back of the envelope!
So much awesome mail coming and going! Send more letters!

List of Thoughts as of Late + LINKS

1- I did some design work for a friend this past week. I was so damn impressed with myself! I always doubt my abilities for some reason. I should stop doing that. 
2- I'm looking for a new charging cord for my phone. I go though those things so fast! I don't know if its just the way I abuse them or what. BUT I found THIS dreamy one that I've got my eyes on! 
3- The weather has been so sunny and nice lately! I keep having to tell myself to not get too excited cause I've a feeling winter isn't done with us yet! 
4- I've been a little bit of a lazy blogger these past few weeks. I think my life has just been tossed a few loops and unfortunately the blog is the first thing to be back burnered. 
5- THIS popped up on my Facebook a little bit ago and I can't stop watching! So beautiful, I just want to frame it! Well...maybe lick it a few times also. ha
6- Thao and the Get Down Stay Down came out with a new album recently. Its totally amazing! I highly suggest you check it out! 
7- I have to admit I'm really excited for the new Ghost Busters movie to come out. It looks cheesy but hilarious!
8- I wasn't really excited for my birthday until this weekend when we finally decided what we wanted to do! I don't want to jinx it though, so I'm not getting my hopes up too much!
9- I've been typing this post with out my glasses on and I'm realizing how bad my eyes have gotten. When did this happen?? Since when I have been this blind? Yikes!
10- Last but not least, i'm fairly certain I need one of THESE! Seems like a good investment, I do spend a lot of time at work in front of a computer after all! And YES I am trying to find reasons to get one of these!!

February Art Journal!

I started a new little journal this past month! I got this adorable one from Mochi and Things. I used a lot of acrylic paints layered onto collages and little scraps of paper. I think I'll try to do more of the same style for March. I'm still trying to get the hang of it! February went by pretty fast, I'm hoping March slows down a little bit.