I've been a busy little bee this weekend and I've been making envelopes! I always get lazy and just buy envelopes off of Etsy or just plain ones and jazz them up from there. Although its quick it's not as special. Especially when envelopes are so easy to make! So here are the steps I took to make envelopes for my lovely pen pals!

STEP ONE: Get a piece of paper and doodle on it! I like to do standard letter size, but you can do any size that fits under your scanner.

STEP TWO: Scan and copy the crap outta your doodles! Once you do the doodle once, you can just copy it from there. It saves time from doing hand doodles on every single page. (Oh I also made my own stationary, by just drawing lines on a paper and adding a cute boarder and a place for the date.)

STEP THREE: Cut and fold! You can buy tons of cool templates. Or make your own, or just unfold a old envelope and trace it!

STEP FOUR: Glue! This is the easy part. Glue sticks are my favorite. Rubber cement is good too, but is kinda messy.

After that you're all set to safely tuck your letter inside, address it and send it off! Doodly envelopes are the best to get in the mail. These are nice cause once you make the doodle you can just scan it and make lots of envelopes! Send more mail!

I've been thinking of opening my own stationery etsy shop. But I think I'm too lazy for now, maybe this summer?!

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