Don't Forget!

This has never felt more real to me then during this past week. I feel like this week was fairly successful. I pushed myself and did a lot of things to help me be a better person. Overall not a bad week in the land of Remi. One thing I realized is that once you overcome your short comings you can see how much they were actually weighing you down. You can see how much you are your own worst enemy. BUT the amazing thing is that you already have the tools inside yourself to over come it! You can control your own life. That seems like a really silly reminder, but way to often it feels like things are out of our control. When really we control a lot more the we think and blame other things for our downfalls. Which don't get me wrong, I do it ALL the time! Sometimes you just need to be reminded! So make the conscious decision to embrace your faults! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

No Rain Ukulele Song!

One of my favorite ukulele blogs posts the chords to Blind Melon's No Rain. I was stoked because it's one of my favorite songs! Its such a great song and has the best little riff! I know its going to be a bit tricky cause I've never been very good at reading or playing tabs. I think the challenge will be good for me! I've gotten into a bit of a ukulele rut, not finding any songs that catch my interest. I love Ukulele Hunt cause all of the chords and tabs are easy to read. He gives strumming tips and you can hear how tabs and strums are suppose to sound! Its amazing and makes learning it WAY easier! Somebody needs to give that guy a gold star! Ha or ya know a hug or something! He deserves it! Anyways you can go HERE to learn how to play it too!

Desk Findings: Nature!

I actually cleaned up my little spot on the kitchen table. So this weeks desk findings is quite simple! I always get in these romantic moods with nature when the seasons start to change. Man, I'm ready for some fall weather!
-Old book: My pen pal sent me some AMAZING old books. I've been drooling over them all week. They are some of my new favorite things that I'm going to be obsessing over for a long time. I just love the green and gold cover of this one!
-Twig Pencil: I got a bunch of these for Easter and am just now getting around to playing with them and sending them to some pen pals.
-Instax Photo: I finally bought a instant back for my Diana F+ camera. I wandered around snapping some pictures to send to pen pals. This one turned out super blue and its one of my favorites.
-Feather: This was in a letter I got the other day. I'm not sure what to do with it so I'll probably toss into a random letter. It is pretty though, isn't it?

Out going mail!

I got a few letter written this weekend! They all seemed to fit the same color theme so I thought I'd post a few pictures! I got these little pillow boxes from my sister. I wasn't sure what to do with them so I cut off the edges and made them into envelopes! I'm not sure how well they'll hold up or how easy they'll be to get into. But for now I think its a awesome way to up-cycle some left over packaging! Maybe being a pack rat isn't so horrible after all. Well, maybe. 

Lovely Things: Rainy Days!

We've been getting tons of rain lately. I've been loving it cause its mostly in the evening when you can just sit home, curl up and relax! I love how scary and soothing thunderstorms can be! Since I've had rainy weather on the mind lately! This weeks lovely things post is rain themed! 
Amazing return address stamp! I'm sure once I own my own home I'm going to have way to many of there! (shop)
Lovely gif that kinda makes me have to pee. (source)
Amazing necklace that I'd buy in a heart beat if I had the money OR if I didn't pay my bills! (shop)
 These seem to be pretty popular lately! Lyrics put over famous old paintings. Can't say that I dislike it cause its quite brilliant. This one happens to be a Arctic Monkeys song! (source)
Rain drop garland! I've been searching for a garland to match my hipster christmas lights in the basement. Haven't decided on one yet, but I'm loving this rainy one! (shop)
 Crazy beautiful lightening! (source)

Song and Doodle #29

Todays song and doodle is a bit of an old song! I've been really into Modest Mouse all summer so I knew it was bound to happen eventually! The thing I love about Modest Mouse is there massive discography. I've been obsessing over it for a bit now and still haven't given every song a listen. One that has been a favorite of mine is Sleepwalking. Its one of their mellower songs and I love the way it sticks out from the rest of their "sound" that they have. This songs doodle also has a cute bear with a bow tie! I tried to make him look like he was excited to be in love but I wasn't too terribly successful. Still cute though! 

"I fell in love and I needed a roadmap
To find out where you lived, So excited now
Sleepwalking, cuz I'm sleepwalking."

Tina Belcher and My Bangs

I was trimming my bangs the other day and kept thinking to myself, "I know I'm not suppose to trim my own bangs, but yet here we are." Its true. Everyone says not to do it yourself but I always do. I think its just one of the few ways that I'm rebellious, because I'm a bit of a stickler for the rules. EXCEPT when it comes to my hair. I'm going to do what I want to do! I suppose its just one of those weird things. Overall I'd say I'm pretty good at giving myself a trim. Luckily for me I have really thick bangs and it grow like a chia pet! So crookedness and mistakes only last a week or so. I did find THIS post that I found to be very helpful!

We've been watching a lot of Bobs Burgers at our house lately. Zoei and I were talking about how we should all go as the Belcher family for halloween. Of course I'd have to be Tina because of the glasses and bangs. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I don't want my costume to just look like Remi wearing weird clothes! But then I realized that Tina is really awesome so maybe that not a terrible thing! At least its better then being called Ugly Betty! You'd be amazed how many people have told me I look like her! Worse things could happen I suppose. Anyways I have a few months to find my inner Tina!

Phew! So this was a random rambly post. I had a few other ideas of what I could write but when I sat down I found I didn't want to write any of those. Does that ever happen to you? On the bright side its Wednesday! You've made it half way though the week! Good job!

List of Thoughts as of Late!

1: Haven't shared my thoughts for a while. So here it goes. 
2: I feel like my patience with people is being tested lately. 
3: I'm always full of contradictions. 
4: My sleeping is way off and I'm not sure how to get it back to normal. 
5: The Food Network channel is very addicting. 
6: It's getting harder and harder to not get jelous of happy couples. 
7: I don't want to go on any more first dates. They're the worst. 
8: I should read more. 
9: I've gotten myself into a calling at church and I've not idea how I'm going to get though it. 
10: To may times recently I've thought "what have I gotten myself into"

Hope your week is off to a grandiose start! 

Lovely Things: Vintage Finds!

I adore vintage and "old" things! I think its nice to admire and reflect on the past. Plus some of the styles and things they had were really REALLY cool! As I've been roaming the interwebs I came across some cool old findings that I wanted to share! 
Record stamps! These combine two of my favorite things mail and vinyl records. Even cooler then that the records ACTUALLY WORK! My mind was blown when I was reading about these! Why do we not have these now! I'd buy a million! You can read more about it HERE

I just love this so much! Mostly cause I love wearing hair bows. Who knew they had so much meaning. "Not interested in men" made me laugh way to much! 
I'm a huge fan of lomo-cameras. I probably have way to many BUT I'm pretty sure I need one of these too! Fully functioning and beautifully refurbished! Find it in THIS etsy store! 
Vintage mug shots! I'm not sure what I love more about this photo, their dresses, shoes or hats?! Or the fact they theses are mug shots! How beautifully done are they! You can read all about them and see more HERE! 
I adore mail and stamps! I love this etsy shop that repurposes used stamps into stickers! Found in THIS etsy shop! 
"Going steady" Why is this not still a term we use?
I always wish I was brave enough to wear vintage clothes. My problem is that I can't ever find any my size or that I think will fit. If my sewing skills were better I'd probably buy a lot more and just alter them. BUT I'm so in love with this summery vintage dress! You can find it in THIS etsy shop! 

Post # 400!!

This is my 400th post! I'm happy that I've kept up on my bloggity blog for this long! I'll admit I sometimes get lazy and forget a post here and there. But so far with my new calendar this year I feel like I've been keeping on top of it! Which is a great feeling. I love blogging and reading blogs. I'm so happy to part of this internet universe of clever and insightful people. Hopefully I can keep it up and learn more and become a better blogger! Maybe one day actually gain some followers. But for now I'm quite content and happy with my little soap box in the world of the inter web! 

Vinted Review and Rant

A couple weeks ago I was staying at my parents in my old room. Which is still a hot mess and covered with my stuff. I was roaming around in the closet and found that I still had a lot of clothes there that I probably wasn't going to wear. So I grabbed everything still with tags on it. (Mostly sale items that fit my body funkishly.) I downloaded the Vinted app and posted a few things. I was surprised how easy and kinda fun it was, so I wanted to share my experience with all of you!

Here it goes! They have a site that you can find HERE! Although I only really use my phone. You can see my profile THERE! Heres the quick run down how it works! You create a profile and can start posting some of your clothes. (But not your raggedy old clothes, the kinda stuff you'd give to a friend to wear!) You set the price, shipping and details. All that fun stuff! Then wait! While you wait for someone to snag up your stuff you can go browse other people closet. Favorite things, send messages to people asking about items or "follow" people if you like their closet. Its a neat community filled with all kinds of stuff! Then once your stuff sales you print out the label and send it off! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Things that I like:
Tons of tips on taking good pictures.
Awesome community.
Super easy.
App that makes it easy to check your feed.

Things that I don't like:
When people only want to swap.
Impatient people that send you annoying messages.
(I'm not realized that these are all human error not the apps fault!)

So there you have it! If you have a closet full of clothes that you don't wear and could use a few bucks. Its worth ago! Or at the very least you could post it for a few days and if not just give them away. Its worth a shot though don't you think?

Song and Doodle #28

 This weeks song and doodle comes from one of my favorites The Nighttime Adventure Society! Thanks to spotify I'm finding all these new bands! I'm always in the mood for some nice upbeat tunes and a unique female vocals. I'm in love with this song and its quickly made it on to all my current playlist. I feel like this song is way to applicable in my life right now, its almost spooky perfect! Check out their band camp HERE!

" Mama what is hell is, papa what if hell is real?"

Lovely Things: Frida Kahlo

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge Frida Kahlo fan. I've ranted on many times about her work and how I feel about it. So I'll save you the lengthy lecture today and just share some neat Frida findings I've come across lately. She's always popping up on Etsy and Tumblr feed. She is still constantly inspiring people everywhere! 
I about died when I saw these. I'm just waiting until next pay day so I can buy these!! It combines my favorite things, Frida and letter writing!  Found HERE.
Frida doll. I love the little details on this lovely lady. Found HERE
Frida nails! I think these are silly and fantastic at the same time. Found HERE
Frida has some of the best quotes. Found HERE
A Frida post wouldn't be complete with out a flower crown. I'm in love with the DIY to make beautiful tissue paper flowers that I'm sure Kahlo would approve of! Found HERE.

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! 

Recent Snail Mail!

I was staring at my stack of mail that I need to reply to and decided that I better get a jump on it! I got some higgins ink in my art box so I decided to jazzy up some craft envelopes. I think they turned out pretty neat! My scanner was acting a bit funky. They look way better in real life. Well, not WAY better, but better! I still have lot to reply too. Since when did I get so lazy?

Yay for snail mail! 

Desk Findings: Purple Love!

Purple isn't my favorite color but I discovered that I have a bit of purple lying around! So here's some purpleness desk findings!
-Post card from my pen pal: A lovely reminder that "different is good."
-Tiny scissors: I got these HERE and they are the prefect size to fit in my purse!
-Full adhesive post-its: I love these and use them in my planner to keep me organized!
-Washi Tape: I've so much tape I can't remember where I got this one from. But I love the little rolls that can fit in my bag easily.
-Create a color pencil: I got this in my art snack box last month. I'm normally not a fan of water color pencils but this one is really nice. It has a good weight and flow to it.
-Letter from my pen pal: I love international mail. They always have the best stamps on them!

Phew! Maybe it's time to clean up my desk.

Art Journal for July!

I've a confession to make...I didn't do that well at keeping up with my art journal for July. I didn't realize how difficult it would be creative when I'm in a mopey mood. August is going to be more successful though! I've already gotten a good jump on it! So I only did a few pages this past month and not many drawings. Things are turning around so I'm sure this next month will be better! Plus something is better then nothing!

 I added a envelope to keep nice reminders. Mostly just wise words some of my pen pals have sent me.

I can't believe how fast time is flying by! I hope August is good to me!