Happy Halloween!

Phew! Got my costume done and survived work! Now time for candy and games! Oh how I have such adult plans on Halloween. I hope you all have a spooky fantastical day! Eat way too much candy and laugh at things until your belly aches! I've been giggling at THIS all day! Be safe my lovelies! 

Fall-ish Tunes.

Hello lovelies! I've been quite busy this week. Abnormally so, encasing myself in over ambitious crafty adventures! My fingers hurt and I'm sleep deprived but damn my Halloween costume is gonna look good! In the midst of it all I felt like I neglected my blog this week. I even had some good idea for posts this week. Time just slipped though my fingers. On the bright side Friday is just about upon us. Until I can get around to writing some posts with some actual substance, here is a Fall-ish playlist. Now upon listening to this wonderful little collection you might find that they don't really have a "fall" theme. But there is a certain style of music that always reminds me of the seasons changing and the migration of shorts into closet drawers and crawling into over sized sweaters. Even if this playlist doesn't remind you of fall, I hope you at least find one song on here that warms your soul just a wee bit! 
Happy (harvest/ season migration/ Halloween/spooky days/ autumn)

Lovely Things: HALLOWEEN!

I realized that Halloween is creeping up on me crazy fast! Before its over I wanted to share some Halloweeny finds. There were so many different things to choose from so this list seems a bit sparse compared to all the wonderful things out there! I hope you at least find one thing that is new, yummy or inspiring!
 Beautiful Red Fruit Galettes! Something about these just oooze fall-ness!
The House the Lars Built has AH-mazing Halloween ideas. This printable art work is my favorite! She's so sophisticated and creepy. A nice take on Halloween that isn't childish or silly, but still fun and beautiful! 
Halloween is the best with homemade costumes! I adore these felt masks
Fall isn't complete with out some sort or squash or sweet recipe! Buttermilk glazed kabocha doughnuts with candied thyme!  These sound so incredibly fancy and exotic my head might explode. 
Of course Halloween needs to be creepy! (Source)
Nothing is more Halloween then apples! Salted Carmel Apple Tart! 
Awesome DIY Pac-Man garland! Minieco is FULL of wonderful tutorials! 
I love masks. I'm not sure why but I'm always in awe over them! THESE are no exception. I want one of these just to have fun and wear around the house. PLUS assembling it yourself is like a weekend project all rolled into one! 

Does is feel like Halloween yet?

Don't Forget!

This weeks reminder is a VERY important one! Its so amazing how often you're in the middle of a project that you can't see the end to. Then once its done you just have to laugh at yourself cause you did it! I think this year with my halloween costume I bit off more then I can chew. I'm cutting out felt pieces and trying to imagine how I'm going to get all these bits put together in time! BUT I just need to remind myself that it'll all get done. 

Ever get yourself into a crafty project that gives you a run for your money? How did you survive?! I might have to enlist Zoei to help me get it done in time! Hopefully next week I can share some pictures with you guys. 

Song and Doodle #33

Today song is a new artist that I stumbled upon earlier today. I had come across him before but wasn't really too impressed and didn't look into it any further. UNTIL the song Someone New popped up and my entire opinion of the guy changed! Check out Hozier! Normally I like my singer song writers with a more unique voice, but this guy can really sing. He must have super lungs or something. All I know is that I'm pretty much in love with it. I've been listening to his album all day. There are some that I could take or leave, but over all worth a gander!
Can we take a minute and appreciate how attractive this guy is? Phew! 

Lovely Things: Videos!

It seems like a long time since I've shared a handful of videos. I've come across some really lovely ones lately that I just needed to share. I hope you like these! If you wander upon something that looks like I might like, please share!
I'm pretty sure now I need to create a epic recipe book to pass down to my children!
Amazing band and epic cover of an amazing song! Big Tree + Sylvan Esso= heart melting
I couldn't leave Mr. James out of the beautifulness. 
This one is a wee bit long. But oh so beautiful. I'll admit I teared up a little bit. Oh the feelings!
I really wanted to share THIS video, but it was another lengthy one. So I chose this one instead. Man, this girlys voice is to die for. So unique and odd, but graceful. So magical! 

Weekend Adventures!

The fall is always full of fallish activities! So weekends have been pretty busy around here. Between pumpkins, corn mazes and costume making there not enough time!! This weekend we first tackled pumpkin carving! My sister bought these HUGE pumpkins that were so much fun to dive into. I'll admit it was a lot of work to clean the things out, but afterwards you had so much room to carve whatever face you wanted too. I love how everyones pumpkins ended up matching their personalities.
Zoei's happy pumpkin! This one looks like too much sugar and giggles to me! Just like her! 
 Anney's pumpkin was a graveyard landscape. Hers as bit smaller but has the coolest stem. The thing is huge!
 LC's pumpkin was so big that she could do 2 faces! For being a youngin' she did an excellent job!
 I'm super impressed by her carving skills. The addition of her mini pumpkin is adorable.
My pumpkin! I tried to make it evil but poor planning caused me to accidentally chop off his teeth. Oopsy. Still turned out kinda scary! 
 PART TWO: The second half of our weekend we went to the corn maze! There is a lovely little corn maze in Provo in McCoard's Gardens. I love supporting local business and this little farm put together a pretty neat maze! They also have zombie shooting at night. I was too chicken to do it, but everyone else said it was crazy fun! If you live in the Utah County area definitely check it out!
I adore these two cuties! What a successful weekend! The weather was perfect and the company was beautiful. I love the fall and was reminded why these past few days. Times like this are just what I need to pick myself out of my rut!

I hope you all had lovely weekends! Are you as busy as I seem to be lately? *sigh* How do you handle it??

List of Thoughts as of Late

1. Fall is being good to me so far. Aside from the current break out on my face. gah. 
2. THIS video made me laugh more then it should have! 
3. Finally decided on my halloween costume. Let the crafting begin! 
4. Seems like every weekend has been busy lately. Since when did I have a busy life?
5. I've a new favorite cake blog, Coco Cake Land. So much pretty. 
6. I'm in a mood to bake! I think its time for some fall treats! THESE maybe?
7. I'm not sleeping very good lately. I'm not sure why, but nightmares and late to work need to stop! 
8. My new favorite artist is Camilla D'Errico. She's amazing and I can't stop obsessing. 
9. I got a new watercolor set and I'm having way to much fun with it. See HERE!
10. THIS song is the essence of fall and even has FALL in the name! hehe 

Halloween Postcards!

I decided this year that I'm going to send out Halloween postcards! Also because I haven't been keeping up on my letter writing lately. My reply pile is out of control! There comes a point where its just awkward to reply and all the things they wrote about are out of date. So my solution is just to send a postcard. I might lose a few pen pals, but at least I know I didn't leave a letter un-replied too! I'm really excited about these post cards. Its been a while since I messed around in illustrator or photoshop. I think they turned out pretty well. I used some old lomo photos I took and some fonts that I drew. Plus little ghostys! 

If you'd like a Halloween postcard I'd love to send you one! Just go HERE! I'll write you a little spooooky message! Everyone likes getting mail right?
What you do think? Are you a halloween-er? Not really my thing, but it is fun isn't it?

Lovely Things: Ghosts!

Tis that time of year! Wee ghostys are one of my favorite things about Halloween. I've been trying to come up with my costume lately, so I've got halloweeny on the brain! Plus it seems like they keep popping up everywhere. Anyways, here are a bit of my favorite findings!

Don't Forget!

Duende Hand-lettering 
Today's don't forget is something that I need to be more mindful of especially lately! Always create and keep creating! Theres always going to be bad times where you just can't produce anything that you like. I'm pretty sure everyone goes through these phases. I know that I definitely do! Its one of those things that its really easy to just say forget it and not pick up your sketch book for a while. But its important to remind yourself to NOT do that! You'll be happier and get out of your slump much faster if you just keep creating. Although it is tough, get yourself a cuppa tea and keep going! 

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! 

Song and Doodle #32

This weeks song and doodle I was going to pick a song off of Shakey Grave's newest album. Upon tracking though it, over and over, I couldn't pick just one! This album has only been out for a couple days and I'm sure I've listened to it a million times! (not really but you get my point!) So I decided to share the entire album with you! This is for sure my favorite album that has come out in 2014! Its way more sophisticated then his past recordings. He's added more lo-fi sound in tracks like Call it Heaven and Family & Genus. And kept his amazing guitar skills in the tracks Perfect Parts and If Not For You. He also continually has sickly sly lyrics and catchy hooks. Dearly Departed will stay with you for days and never leave your head! From start to finish you'll just melt into his alternative country guitar riffs with percussion that will resonate in places of your heart you've forgotten about. This guy is just a force to be had and I adore it. I could go on about it, but its better if you just listen to it yourself! Let me know what you think! 

Lovely Things: FALL

Autumn is my favorite season. I just love sweaters, leggings, boots and hot cups of tea! I've always felt like fall "fit" me best. I'm always a bit mopey and cold. Plus I adore the rain more then anyone probably should. So today here are some internet findings, fall themed! Ever since October started fall keeps popping up everywhere!
I'm on the hunt for some new ankle boots and these are amazing! (golden ponies)
Its officially pumpkin season and its never too early for pie! (eat this food)
Nothing feels more fallish then foxes and masks! (Ninn Apouladaki)
I'm not sure if I'm one to decorate for the seasons but I'm in love with this garland! (the decor room)
I don't know what maple cream is but I want some. (the syrup shop)
The leaves are finally starting to change which means its time for a ride up the canyon! (source)
Last but not least Apple Cider Float!! (one good thing)