Grid Zine Fest!

I'm finally getting time to catch up! Last weekend I had the opportunity to table at Grid Zine. It was such a beautiful/ exhausting/ wonderful/ anxious day! I made a bunch of new zines. I met a TON of inspiring and kind people. I always get hella nervous when doing these kinds of things, but I LOVE all the connections I get to make with fellow zine makers!
As usual I made WAY too many zines! So if you're expecting a letter from me it'll be full of zines! OR if you want I can send you some happy mail with zines too! You can email me ( and I'll send some out!
My sisters helped me make this amazing yarn-fringe banner! I ADORE the way it turned out. I love the colors and it matched my whole table perfectly!
I also got the really cool opportunity to be interviewed for a local web series. They came to grid zine and shot a few things and asked me a couple questions. It wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be! Its a kinda nerve wracking experience but in a wonderful way. I'll have more to share about that later! It gets released in May so I'm sure I'll post about it then! Eeek!

I feel so lucky to be giving such amazing opportunities! I LOVE making zines so getting to share my zines is one of the best things ever!

Making. Listening. Eating.

I made this cool lil' teeth bowl for my table at Grid Zine!
I Need to Start a Garden by Haley Hendrickx is my new favorite album. So dreamy!
My current favorite breakfast is egg toast! So yummy. 

List of Thoughts + LINKS!

1- April is AMONG us! Its always the busiest month for me. I'm not sure why, but exciting things just happen in April.
2- Grid Zine is coming up on April 14th! Which means I'm working my butt off to make new zines! I'm sure I'll post them here once it all settles down.
3- I'm also going to be interviewed for a web series (eeekkkk!) I'm very nervous and excited! I'll also be sharing more on that when the times comes!
4- I'm ALSO turning 27 on April 23rd! It came way too fast. Times feels like its slipping away these days. Whats a girl to do!
5- I bought my sisters and I hula hoops for Easter. I got THESE ones and they are amazing! I shopped around a lot and these are a great price for the amazing quality.
6- Theres something about hula hooping that makes me giggle the whole time. I kind of love it!
7- THIS is my new favorite song. I've been listening to her album "I Need to Start A Garden" on repeat. Its excellent late night working music.
8- I've got a weird new obsession with bugs. Which kinda makes sense. Honey bees are my favorite thing ever so expanding into more insects was bound to happen.
9- THESE photos by Seb Janiak are ultra dreamy!
10- Last but not least THIS dress is what dreams are made out of. I couldn't ever afford something like this, but in my day dreams I'm totally wearing this!

Happy Easter!

Easter is my all time favorite holiday! It touches both my mystical nature-y side and my spiritual side. Its just so magical how the earth is slowly coming back to life. Seeing the new growth on plants and feeling the sunshine gives me the feeeels. There is something really refreshing about the return of life to the earth. A huge sigh of relief rolls off my shoulders once the warmer nights come back. Don't get me wrong its still plenty cold here but the hint of warmth is all I need. A small part of me screams inside "YOU MADE IT THOUGH WINTER" Something about gathering as a family to celebrate that accomplishment together is amazing. I love the pastel eggs, candy, too much food, sunshine giggles and being silly with the ones I adore. I love the rebirth, the promise that we're given as spirits and the ancient stories that all wrap around this wonderfully strange holiday. 

I hope you have a wonderfully pastel Easter!