Facts About Being a Lady: Party In My Pants!

I was reading a blog post a while ago about the company Party In My Pants. I can't seem to find the post now which bums me out. Basically its a company that makes these really pretty cloth pads. Now when I was first looking at the site I kept thinking-- oh yikes. I'm sure I've talked about cloth pads with my sisters before and we all kinda cringed a little bit. After reading the site though it seemed not so bad. So I got the free sample to test it out! That went very well so I took the plunge and tossed some money in and changed the way I was doing thing. Since doing so I've wanted to share my enlightenment with everyone so I figured I'd do a review post!

Here it goes!
Things that I liked:
- Lots of options! They have different sizes, patterns, shapes and materials. I've tried about one of everything and I love them all. Although I like the flannel material the best!
- Better for the environment! When you start thinking about how many pads you can use just in one year. Its crazy! I know its just a small change for a big problem, but you have to start somewhere right?
-Super comfy! I was afraid that with out the sticky-ness that disposable pads have that things would be moving and not so nice. BUT its not bad at all. There is a little bit of adjusting to be done but after a little bit you get use to it. The extra extender snaps help a ton! I highly recommend getting them!
- You always have them! No more running to the store. Also if you're starting to run out you can just wash them and you're good to go. Theres a bit of comfort just knowing that you don't have to worry about not having any supplies when you need them
-How easy it is to fold them up! I was real worried about what to do with the used ones. But once they are used they are easy to fold up and hides all the icky stuff until you can get a chance to wash them. Have a little wet bag really helps! Its really it all about getting a system that works for you!

Things I didn't like:
- Initial cost. Even though you save a lot of money in the long run, dropping all the money at the start kinda sucks.
-Change more often. I've found that with cloth pads I have to change more frequently then with the disposable ones. Which makes sense cause whatever those infinity Always pads are made of are a science miracle. They hold so much liquid!!

Phew so there you have it! What kinda products do you like to use? I'm always curious to hear what other women are using and how it works for them. I know there are a few other companies out there like this one. I'm looking forward to trying out some other ones. I think its safe to say that I'll be using cloth pads for a long time!

Desk Findings: Scraps + Pens

Cleaning off my desk today and found some neat things I wanted to share! 
1- Le Pens! I kinda adore these pens for journaling. Super fine point and come in lots of colors! 
2- Scrappies from my art journal. Still using up bits from my Messy Box. Also a really cool old photo I got from a pen pal! 
3- Little bits from my pen pal! I love the proud pen pal sticker. I have the prefect spot for it on my planner. You can find her blog HERE

Yay for clean spaces! 

Song and Doodle #51

Beautiful lovely Paula Fuga is on my mind a lot these days! She's such an inspiration and I hope one day I can play the ukulele as good! She just has feel good tunes. She's got a killer voice and can write a lovely song. Her tunes always feel like summer to me! You can find the ukulele chords to this song HERE! Seems like a fairly easy song to learn and an easy one to sing along with. Give it ago and tell me what you think!

"And all these loving memories
I promise to keep with me"

Ukulele Adventures: Elliot Smith

(Image Source)
Its been a while since I learned a new song on the ukulele. When I saw Ukulele Hunt posted an Elliot Smith song I knew I wanted to learn it! I've been needing the challenge and this one is perfect. I love that he has little samples you can listen too to get the strumming right. Also that little riff is amazing! I normally have issues reading tabs, so I should really start to practice more.

What do you think? Are you and Elliot Smith fan? This song totally seems like something you could just make your own. I love songs like that! You can find the chords and post HERE!

Any other ukulele songs you think I should try out?

Facts About Being a Lady: Natural Beauty Products!

Lately I've been trying my best to change to all natural beauty products. It seems so weird that its taken me this long to realize the icky stuff that is in most beauty products. Also that there are other alternatives out there! It makes sense that to feel good you need to put good stuff on your body. It seems like we live in such a chemically world when we really don't have too. I'm also finding that buying all natural can help support independent companies. Indie companies care about there clients and want them to feel good and make good products! So here a few products and companies that I've tried or want to try!

ONE: Battys Bath! This one was recommended by a pen pal of mine. They some some unique products and a lot of information about skin and what makes healthy skin. I really feel like this lady knows what she's talking about. I started out with THIS kit for black heads. I get lots of funkiness around my nose and needed something that would get rid of it and prevent break outs from over exfoliating. This is prefect! I love the clean feel the soap has and the moisturizer is effective but not greasy. I also got THIS hydrating gel. It felt a little weird at first but after a week I felt a difference in the way my skin felt. I didn't get that weird tightness I usually got after washing my face. It seems a little pricy but definitely worth it! They have a ton of great products, so check them out!

TWO: Good 4 You! I bought the Sandalwood Blush Powder and I LOVE it!  I use it on top of my foundation. It matches my skin perfectly and gives my skin this amazing natural color and feel. Its light and fluffy, smells amazing and a little bit of it goes a long way. You definitely get your monies worth! I also got some Blemish Balm. I enjoy this product a lot. Its good for the little blemishes but probably wouldn't be too effective on a really big one. It is really good for prevention, especially if you have any dry patches on your face. When I use tea tree oil on some of my blemishes the surrounding skin gets dried out, this is perfect to get rid of that! Check out her shop! She's got a ton of make up, hair stuffs and some really unique products!

THREE: Queen Bee Trading Co! This is a newer one that I've tried. I bought some hair care products for my Hawaii vacation. She has some in cute little 2oz. bottles. Which is prefect for traveling. You can get her products in a MILLION different scents! I ended up with Coconut detangler, Awapuhi hair serum and Good Karma sea salt spray. They all smell amazing! The scent is surprisingly strong! I'm excited to use these! I'll have to let you know how it turns out!

FOUR: Naturally Roberta! This is a new one that I stumbled upon. I was looking for a pressed compact powder. I just can't seem to get the powder stuff to get on my face efficiently enough. So I like pressed powder a lot more! I wanted to find one that was chemical free and that I could refill the compact to cut down on waste. This one fits all the requirements! I am a little nervous about what color to choose, so I've orders some samples. I'm really excited to try it out!
FIVE: DIY Sunscreen! I bought some sun screen the other day and I was just blown away by how many options there are! They all have this weird chemically smell to them. Don't get me wrong the sun screen smell reminds me of childhood summers and I adore it! BUT there has to be a better option, right? I really wanna try this one out! I love coconut and I love that I can add any scent I want to it. Do you have any sunscreen secrets that you want to share?

Phew! So many products so little time! I want to try them all. I wish I had more money! 

As of Late + Links!

Image by Theo Blazy
1- I cut my thumb nail too short this morning and its been bugging me ever since! 
2- So THIS bunny is both adorable and creepy! 
3- Spending all day in an air conditioned building makes me forget its summer, then the weekend comes and I'm DYING! 
4- The hunt for a new place to live continues. You know some kitchens still have carpet in them? WHY is that still a thing! 
5- I'm not usually one for rock music, but I'm LOVING these cute badass girls! 
6- THIS post on Rad and Hungry was really neat! 
7- Vacations always stress me out a little bit. Being a homebody makes leaving home tough sometimes! 
8- Floating record player? Looks stunning but makes me kinda nervous I'm not gonna lie.
9- The rewatch ability of the Office is amazing! I don't think i'll ever get old of it. 
10- I hate wearing a swim suit but love the beach so I guess I'll just have to deal. 

Song and Doodle #50

This is probably one of my all time favorite songs! I'm absolutely obsessed with it. I'm sure my roommates are tired of me playing it. Its really catchy and not really like the stuff I usually listen too. But I just like it so much! Sia does an amazing job and its just so darn cute! The lyrics are feel good and its just a happy love song. I'm going to continue to listen to it every day until I can't stand it, which will probably be a few years!

"Don't fear, baby cause you and me are golden.
When you can't breathe, it's you that I'll be holding.
Yes, I'm all in, through thick and thin.
This is good loving, you and me are golden"

So whats the verdict? Are you into this catchy kinda hip-hoppy song?

Lovely Things: Travels + Beachy Needs!

I get to go to the beach! It feels like a million years since I've been any kinda water. (Thats not a stinky lake!) So I'm quite excited! I'm ready for the sandy bum and frizzy beach hair! ha. Since I've got beach on the mind, here are some internet beach findings! 
 Image found HERE.
Sea salt spray is one of my favorite things ever! A lavender infused one sounds delightful. Found HERE.
Awesome turkish bath towels! I read about these on a blog post about beach must haves so I figured I'd try them out. They're pretty light weight and surprisingly absorbent. I love that they are big and can double as a blanket or table cloth on the beach! I bought these HERE
Lovely image found HERE
Wet bags are a must have for wet swimsuits and whatnots! How cute is this lil fox one! Eep. Found HERE. 
Sunglasses are also a must have. I don't know about you but too much sun in my eyes always give me a head ache! How lovely are these vintage ones! Found HERE.
I hate swimsuits. They always hug my lumps in the most unattractive ways. I know thats such a negative thing to say, but I'm working on it. I've found a new one that I like a lot, but nothing like how beautiful THIS one is. One day I'll be able to afford an expensive one!

Happy 4th!

I've always loved the 4th of July. Thats when my parents would always have there big parities and we'd stay up all night. Also fireworks are scary fun, craft fairs and water games! Gah just so much to do! This year is going to be a bit different though since I'll be in Hawaii away from half my family and all the normal stuff we usually do. I'm sure it'll be fine, just different!

I hope you're all celebrating and soaking up the summer! Be safe and don't forget the bug spray!

Lovely Things: Un-Fireworks!

I'm not the biggest firework fan. Mostly because I have an irrational fear of being caught on fire. Its strange I know! So when the fourth of July rolls around I'm always trying to get people to use un-fireworks around me! Here are some really cool ideas that are great for the kiddos and the weirdos like me who are afraid of fire! 
Confetti popper DIY I love these cause you can make them any design you want and fill them with whatever colors you want! 
Sparklers are a bit on the dangerous side BUT they are just so pretty. HERE are some star shaped ones! eek!
Confetti balloons! They make a loud noise and are so pretty! You can even buy pre made ones HERE
Origami confetti snapper! THIS DIY is super cute! These things make a neat noise and have confetti in them! 
 Confetti throwers! Another thing you can customize and refill and use again! 
Wish lanterns! I'm not gonna lie these floating balls of fire kinda freak me out but once they fly away they are so beautiful! You can find some HERE!

Hope you have a safe 4th of July! Any other suggestions?

June Art Journal!

This month went by extremely fast! I'm surprised that I've kept up with it this month. Summers seem to always be busy don't you think? Days feel longer but time moves quicker. This last months journal seems to be a bit of a mishmash. I'm not quite sure what I want this book to look like when its all done. I feel like I should change, but stuck in my old ways and past journals. SO we get a mix of both!