Is it Friday yet?


Sigh. This week has been the longest week ever! I like to think that I'm surviving it pretty well. Aside from being a little late to work and nodding off about mid-day, nothing too terribly upsetting happened. But man I'm tired. I'm looking forward to this weekend. Mostly so I can sleep in but I also want to go to see Gatsby this weekend, doesn't it look so beautiful! Also this weekend the Beehive Bazaar is going on in Provo. It just a little local craft fair that has some of the cutest stuff! I love supporting local crafty-ness!

Aside from daydreaming about my weekend. I'm so in love with this song! I'm bummed that I missed out on trying to snatch this one up on record store day. Manchester Orchestra has done two wonderful mashups with two awesome bands! They are both very different and both very lovely!

Hope you all survived your week! It's almost Friday!!

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