I'm going to be honest with you. I'm super cheesy and I love Valentines Day. For the longest time I hated it. I hated being single. I hated that I felt dumb for hating it. Then one year I decided to stop hating it. I decided that I would make it a day and time of year that I enjoyed. A time that I stoped to love myself and indulge myself. A time to year to look at all the love around me and be in love with all the love that drifted in and out of everything around me. So on this wintery Thursday I'm going to go home and take a bubble bath, eat some ice cream and think of all the ways I'm proud of myself. I hope your days is glowing with little flickers of love everywhere!

P.S If you need a quick Valentines card for someone THIS is the post for you! Its never too late!

Lovely Things: Valentine Gifts

Every year for Valentines I buy myself lots of gifts that I would normally deem unnecessary to spend money on or too expensive! Theres definitely some self indulgent tendencies this commercial holiday brings out in me. I don't think its all bad, but ask me again in March when I'm looking at how broke I am. Here is this years short list of stuff I'd like to gift myself.
I'm SO into hair scrunchies lately. The little 90's child in me is LOVING all these cute scrunchie companies popping up everywhere// Andi
I mean how cute is this pillow?! Not only is it cute but it heats up, its a WARMING pillow!! // Smokonow
I'm not sure how efficient this heart shaped towel would be, but I kinda don't care. Its adorable! //
Lip, cheek and eye color all rolled into one? Yes. Please. // Thrive Causemetics 
These roll on oils always smell so dreamy. I definitely need some love potion!// Little Shop of Oils

Last but not least this super unnecessary lil' face stamp! I can't imagine that every day I'd want a lil' heart shaped beauty mark on my face. BUT I think its a wonderful, unique little face accessory. // Milk Makeup

Song and Doodle # 75

Today song and doodle is Pressure to Party by Julia Jacklin. This is a new single that she's released and its made me terribly stoked for her next album coming out this month! My favorite part about her tunes is how insanely relatable her lyrics are. It feels like she's read a story about me and then poetically sings it back to me. Ok, ok maybe thats a bit selfish to think that way, but the power in her lyrics makes it feel like its just for you. Needless to say she has a special way of pulling at the heart strings. The song Pressure to Party feels like the perfect song to have on repeat the week of Valentines. It encapsulates the fall out of a relationship perfectly. There is so much pressure to feel normal, act normal and find the positivities in everything if not for you than your loved ones. Relationship fails are just one of those things that you need to stumble though and this song is the perfect nugget of all those feelings. Well, at least in my opinion.
"I know I’ve locked myself in my room
But I’ll open up the door and try to love again soon"

January Art Journal!

January art journal! I tacked the first month of the year on to the Decembers journal. I didn't do very many pages, but then again not very much happened. I'm feeling my creative jive coming back and am excited for a new month. I'm ready to collage and paint with my fingers until my heart explodes!

Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year is one of my favorite holidays! Being hapa means I get to wear a lot of coats. I feel Hawaiian a lot of the time, but I rarely feel Chinese. BUT I need to remember that I'm Hawaiian- Chinese and thats kind of amazing. My parents have done a really good job at indulging in our culture every new years. In a strange way it feels much more fresh and new then the calendar new year. I always feel like the universe has settled and new journeys lay ahead. Overall its just a wonderful feeling. I wish everyone could feel this renewed! So happy year of the pig! Eat lots of food, don't forget to wear red undies and spend time with the ones you love! Happy New Year! 

Read it: Garden Spells and First Frost

Books number two and three! I'm keeping a pretty good pace reading more this year. I finished both of these in a couple days. They are written by Sarah Addison Allen and follow a witchy family, the Waverly sisters. The first, Garden Spells was my favorite and it was a delight to have the follow up, First Frost to get some closure with the characters. They are both pretty short so reading them back to back was nice. In the end I really enjoyed these books more than I thought I would! They follow sisters that have incredible mystical gifts and their journey dealing with family and misunderstood sisterhood.  It was very relatable for me since I only have sisters and such different dynamics with each of them. These books felt like a less spooky Practical Magic. It has that same kinda witchy- but-not, sister feels. I really wish I would have read these in the fall since there is a nice spooky-autumn vibe. If you're looking for a quick feel good read then I highly recommend these two!

Making. Listening. Eating.

 Making. I've been working on some cute illustrations for a new zine.
Listening. I'm in love with the drifty dreams album by Moow. Its great focusing music. 
Eating. I eat toast every morning for breakfast. I found THIS post that has given me a lot of toast-y ideas. This weeks toast is cream cheese, honey, apples and walnuts! Super yums.