Finding Vivian Maier

This year for my birthday I wanted to go see the movie Finding Vivian Maier. Just my luck it's playing in Salt Lake this April. Which is perfect timing because I would feel bad dragging Zoei to a creepy lil'artsy theater if it wasn't a special occasion. Now I have been so excited about this movie since I saw it was going to play in Utah. But then the day came and I was just not feeling it. I've been super moody for a few days. (Which is a whole other issue...gah..) So I was on the fence if I really wanted to go because a big part of me was ready to crawl into bed for a few days. After talking it out with Zoei and her wise words telling me it might make me feel better, we were off to the movies!
Now going into this I had already obsessed over Vivian Maier and her work for a while. She quickly became one of my favorite female artists and photographers. The more I learned about her the more I fell in love with her. So I was over the moon about seeing the movie! If you get the chance you MUST SEE IT! It's very upbeat and lighthearted. It shows a TON of her work and shares sooo much of her story! Being such a private person she is and will always be a bit of a mystery. What I love most about her is I feel like I understand her soul. I think she was looking for her place in the world. She found it behind a camera. I've yet to find my place but I think thats sort of what everyone is doing. We're all looking for our niche. I think she knew that she was good. When you find your niche the only product you can produce is amazing, well because its your spot in the world! I honestly do think she never wanted to be famous. I mean sure, she probably really badly needed the money. But taking photos for her wasn't about that. Things I've learned from her are its ok to be private. Also be a strong and confident women. Just because you're not loud and in peoples faces doesn't mean you can't/aren't strong/confident/powerful/insightful/opinionated.

Phew! Anyways enough ranting! If its playing in your area go see it! You can find more information about it HERE. Also check out her work HERE! 

I loved the movie, I love Vivian Maier, I love the people I went with and the experience that I had. I feel so excited about the beautiful things in life. 

Weekend Adventures: Tulip Festival!

This weekend we ventured out into the rain to go to the Tulip Festival! We've always wanted to go but it was always in the midst of birthday season. So this year Zoei wanted to go for her brithday-day. Since we share a birthday we each chose a day that we get to do whatever we want to. I'm so happy that we went. I had a blast! I thought the rain was going to make it too cold, but it wasn't bad at all! We rented golf carts so we got to see a lot more then if we were walking AND we had a little shelter from the rain. 
The lovely Zoei! 
There was so much to see! I want to go back once its sunny and check out the other gardens that we missed. 
 I'm pretty much in love with this tree. Mostly because I thought it looked like a beehive. I love bees, but they're kinda scary. So I decided I needed a fake beehive tree. 
I love that they had hills you could climb up to see an over view of all the flowers. 
They had a koi pond! You could get food from a little vending machine for a quarter. I love watching these guys eat but it quickly starts to creepy me out. 
The beautiful L.C. Also the worlds coolest bench! 
Rain boots and fiery tulips. 
Zoei and Dirk being all cute and cold. I can't wait to go back and see this arch way once its all green and grown in.  
The "secret garden" was my favorite garden of the day! I just want to go in there and find a place to sit and read a book for a while.  
Anney and Jeremy being all cute and cold! Also I didn't give them much warning when I was taking the photo and they are both doing funny faces, but I kinda love it! 

I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did! My mom gave me a year pass to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point, so now I can go back whenever I want to! I think it'll be a good place to go during the summer! 

Song and Doodle #22

Now I'll be honest with you. When I first listened to the Tune-Yards I wasn't too terribly impressed. But then I was streaming some live festival thingy and watched her set. I was so blown away! The way she layers sounds and her voice is killer! Ever since then I've been a fan. Plus I love her tricked out ukulele and I'd love to play it one day! (yeah I know, we all have dreams right?) I'm super stoked for her new album! I'm even more excited to see her live when she comes to good ol'Utah in May! Read more about her and look up her tunes HERE! 

What if my own skin makes my skin crawl?
What if my own flesh is suburban sprawl?
What happened between us makes sense if i'm nothing,
You're all if i am nothing at all

They say its your birthday!

I'm not sure why but this years birthday seemed to come fast! Doesn't it feel like we just celebrated New Years and now its our birthday! We have these Christmas ornaments that have our baby pictures in them and last year I scanned them in after realizing its one of the few baby pictures of us. I'm pretty sure they are taken at the hospital and a bit creepy, but I love them! Zoei is on the left and I'm on the right. Even as alien looking babes we look completely different. Everyone always gets confused when we say we're twins because we don't look alike! 

One of the things I love about my birthday is that I get to share it with my best friend! Since we're turning 23 I thought I'd give you a list of 23 things you don't know about Zoei. 

1) The smallest, silliest things eat her alive. 
2) Gets embarrassed surprisingly easily, but that never stops her. 
3) An amazing cook. 
4) Has an incredible sense of color and composition. 
5) Afraid of the dark. 
6) Really good at math.
7) Makes weird noises before she falls asleep.
8) Always looks good with out even trying
9) Loves pandas.
10) Is terrified of being accused of something she didn't do.
11) Incredibly bubbly and friendly.
12) Delightfully sneaky. 
13) Not good at keeping secrets. (at least with me!) 
14) Looks kinda weird in hats.
15) Doesn't like reading but is really good at understanding what she does read.
16) Loves dogs. 
17) Has a amazing sense of humor. 
18) Surprisingly strong for having such skinny arms.
19) Not a morning person. 
20) Always tries to see the best in people.
21) Cares way too much about her job, but only cause she has an incredible work ethic.
22) Is made up of 50% marshmallows and 50% Cheetos. 
23) Has the coolest twin sister ever! ;)

Phew! That wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be! I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a amazing person in my life! We basically spend all of our time together and have yet to drive each other nuts, which is pretty amazing. I hope that never changes. Even as we get old and our lives change. I don't think it will and thats why I feel so lucky!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earthy Day my lovely earthly babes! Be kind to yourself and be kind to the earth  HOME! Go out, pick up trash, plant some flowers and be grateful for the land that we so luckily get to be a part of! Hope you all have a fantastical Tuesday! 

Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday filled with yummy treats and beautiful people! Easter has always been my favorite holiday despite not being very religious. Something about the spring and family that I've always just loved. Plus I love that everyone wears fancy pretty clothes. I can't believe April is almost over. I can't believe I'm going to be 23 next week!! Time is going by way too fast. My to do list is ever growing and doesn't seem like time is on my side. I'm in need of a bonus weekend. Or just need to be more productive! 

My belly is full of Eastery junk food and it seems like time to veg out in front of the TV. A necessary preparation for Monday! How was your Easter? 

Birthday Wish List!

I've never really been one fore birthday gifts. Mostly because people don't really know me and get me stuff that I won't really use. This year I only asked for poems! Which I'm hoping my family actually does because that would be AWESOME! But there are a few internet findings that I'd like for my birthday. I'm so spoiled and most of the time I save up and buy these for myself. Which probably makes me the worse person to try and shop for! 

I'm such a sucker for vintage/lomography cameras! I also adore floral patterns! Not that I need more cameras that I seldom use, but its so pretty! I'm also smitten for THIS little camera bag! 
I always tease and tell people I'll only ever fall in love with the moon. Which there might be some truth to that. How beautiful is this moon stamp! I need it for my snail mail! Also I need THIS necklace! I've been eyeing it forever but can't seem to save enough pennies!  

I've had my eye on this book forever! I've been tempted to pre-order but I keep forgetting. If you haven't heard of Letters of Note before, check it out! I love letters and I love history and this combines both!
My obsession with bees is forever evolving into a great love for the beautiful insect! So I think its only appropriate to wear these bee pins in my hair! Or maybe a bee brooch
You can't have a successful birthday without a cake! If you're gonna make a cake might as well make an AMAZING Hawaiian carrot cake with coconut icing! I wouldn't mind if someone wants to bake me a cake! 
I just love these flower head bands! There are few days when I can get my sisters to do silly crafts with me. I'm pretty sure when it's your birthday they have to do what you want, right? Well I'd love to make and wear these around. Maybe I can convince them to make these for Easter! Find the instructions HERE! Or maybe THESE ones for our Birthday dinner! 

So much pretty and yummy in the world! Oh what a thing to be alive! Four more days until our birthday! 

Lovely Things: Easter!

Easter is one of my all time favorite holidays. Easter growing up was often a bigger deal then Christmas! I love it! I love spring and its always around my birthday. Here are some Easter findings! I'm super excited Easter weekend! 

I love these! I ran out of time to make them for Easter, but I'm still probably gonna make one of these for my bathroom. Find it HERE! 
Breakfast cake doughnuts! These look so springy and yummy! Wouldn't they be pretty with pastel icing? Get the recipe HERE! 

I still haven't made my origami unicorn but these bunnies look a little more do-able! Plus they are super adorable! Get the instructions HERE!
There are so many yummy treats to make for Easter but nothing beats rice krispie treats! Get the recipe HERE!
You can't have Easter with out bunnies! I've been trying to convince my sister to rent bunnies for the day! That would be so awesome to have a big ol'floppy bunny hopping around all day! 
All natural egg dye! I've always wanted to try to make these kinds of dyes because I love the natural look they have to them. My only concern is that it might smell funky. Mostly the cabbage one. I'm not sure if I want the eggs smell and cabbage smell lingering in the house all day. Find the how-to HERE! 

Phew! Is it Easter yet?!

Coming and Going!

I've gotten some neato stuff in the mail lately that I wanted to share! 

My pen pal from Tulsa always has the prettiest stationery! I'm so in love with this minty bird envelope. 

My pen pal Michael always has the coolest stamps! One of these days I'll just have to scan in every letter he's sent me and do a massive post! 

This one isn't incoming but outgoing. I normally wait and do a outgoing post and post all of my mail creations. But I was lazy this weekend and only completed one outgoing piece. I really like doing collages but I put too many circle stickers on this on and it turned into a bit of a mess. Oh well! 

One of my pen pals sent me Frida Kahlo stuff!! I about died when I opened the package. (and possibly cried a little bit) I love Frida so much and I love even more that they remember that I love her. I mean FRIDA TATTOOS!! Its so amazingly awesome I love them! 

Phew I need another weekend to get all caught up! I can't believe the weekend is already over! 

Puzzle Letter + EE Cummings Poem!

Ages ago I made a puzzle letter. I drew a picture on a poster board and then cut it up, wrote a letter on the back and sent it to my pen pal! I was kind of a lot of work so it's not something I do often. I have one pen pal that has been one of my favorite people to write, so I decided he deserved a puzzle letter! I love EE Cummings so I picked my favorite poem of his to send!  


I ended up cutting it into 20 pieces and send them in 5 envelopes. The photos look small but its a normal sized poster board. So everyday this week I've been writing a little note on the back of a card. My original idea was to send them all as individual postcards but then quickly realized that it might be a lot of postage. 5 envelopes is definitely cheaper! 

I'm not sure whats up with my crappy photos. I should really invest in a better camera....and probably not take photos in bad light! Eh, I'm learning! 

I mostly used Sharpies with bits of acrylic paint, just the cheapo craft ones! I'm really happy how the red bits turned out. I'm getting better using paints and creating textures. I still have tons to learn though!