The Bold and Beautiful Maya Angelo

Today was a pretty average day for me. The usual, wake up, work, go home, rinse and repeat. But upon a quick gander on tumblr I found out that Maya Angelo had passed away today. Now death tends to not linger with me for too long. I wasn't terribly torn up and breaking down crying, but I had this uneasiness feeling all afternoon. So I decided to read more about her and her life. It surprisingly helped! I got this overwhelming sense of wonder for the world. I'm pretty negative and always think about the bad thing. But Maya Angelo always saw the good thing and took great stride in embracing the bad. The world is full of bright, inetlligent, careing, wonderful people. Its amazing to be a part of it. 

"I know for sure that loves saves me and that it is here to save us all."

Maya Angelou

Song and a Doodle #23

One of my newest favorite songs is Turn to White by She and Him. Now I'll admit I was a bit underwhelmed by their latest album. I mean its good, just didn't really go anywhere for me. Then I was looking on ukulele hunt and found the chords for Turn to White. (You can see them here!) It seemed pretty fun and once I learned it I fell in love with the song! Its so simple and the lyrics are very insightful but dripping in the sweetness that is She and Him. 

Sometimes, oh, sometimes. I think I can fade away.
In the light, oh, the light. Of an ever sunny day.

You Can't Handle the Haim!

I got the amazing chance to see one of my favorite bands tonight! HAIM! Now you're probably don't like pop music with a hint of 80s and sick guitar solos?! Well, although I don't admit it often it I'm a huge fan! I wasn't sure that I could convince Zoei to go with me, but alas she took me! It was AWESOME! I was feeling pretty worn out from this hellish week at work and didn't really want to go, but I'm so glad that I did! It was the perfect break from the routine!
Time to sleep. The week is almost over! AND...its a long weekend! Yay!

Don't forget!

I found this the other day while roaming around tumblr. I just loved it so much I had to share. The artist is the lovely Grace Ann Leadbeater. You can find some of her photography HERE and more notes THERE

Out Going Pastel Mail!

I bought a bunch of markers off of gal that is part of the same mail group at me and I finally got a chance to use them! I got so much mail done this weekend! It seemed fitting that with all the May flowers I would do some pastel-ish patterns. Plus these markers are way fun to draw with! I'm head over heals for all the lighter colors in the bunch. 
I also made some really cool slant-y envelopes with this new template I got HERE! I had a bunch of scrap paper and figured I would be coloring over them anyways so why not recycle some paper! 
Happy mail day! 


Time has gotten away from me again. I hate when that happens cause my poor lil'blog gets lost in the ruckus! Work has been busy, I have been tired. I've been trying me bestest to catch up with all my mail! I had the grand plan on Friday to get my blog all organized and up to date for the next week. I sat down on Friday night and realized that our internet wasn't working. So we would need the fixer guy to come out and well... fix it! That ruined all my great organizing weekend plans! On the bright side I got a TON of letters written this weekend! All my laundry done and hung up! Also some much needed sleep! I'm glad to say I'm getting back on track with the blog-ness. 

I also took some instax photos this weekend and wrote a few poems that I can't wait to share with all of you! I hope you all survived Monday and are off to a good start for this week! 

Lovely Things: Doughnuts!

The little fat girl that lives inside my soul would probably live off of doughnuts if candy did't exist. I mean, whats not to love about deep fried dough with icing on top?! Here's my doughnut appreciation post! Now I'm craving some dough-nutty goodness! 

Isn't this the cutest?! You can buy one HERE!
Pretty sure I need one of these dainty doughnuts for my sweater! You can buy one HERE!
A stuffed doughnut might be a smarter idea instead of stuffing my face. Also better for the thunder thighs! You can buy one HERE
I also need these so I can send my pen pals doughnuts! Wouldn't these look great on an envelope? You can buy them HERE
Last but not least this post wouldn't be complete with out a recipe! I've never made doughnuts before but if I did these ones would probably be it! You can find the recipe HERE


Weekend Adventures!

I got baptized this weekend! I'm not going to go into too much detail about it ALL. Mostly cause I've taken a personal approach to the whole thing. Also it hardly never ever comes up on my blog. But I did want to express how loved and special I did feel all weekend! There are so many beautiful things in this world my tiny brain can't comprehend most of them! Is kind of amazing to get to be apart of it, don't you think?
Oh my I'm such a turd when it comes to taking pictures. I win the prize for most un-photogenic person hands down every time! As I'm looking though all the pictures I'm just thinking about how many bad photos of me were taken this weekend. Cause let me tell you there were a LOT of photos taken! 
For being incredibly busy I still found time to nap! Ok and I probably stressed myself out way to much anyways and the nap was needed to recover! 
What a weekend! I've gotten behind on my blog posts and responding to my letters! Ugh, theres never enough time. I'm loving this Mason Jennings song. He's been on repeat all weekend! I need a weekend from my weekend! I hope you all had a lovely weekend AND mothers day! (You thought I forgot didn't you! Well I did a little bit) I hope that you all are filled with love and sunshine! 

Mini Puzzle Letter!

A little while ago I did THIS post of a puzzle letter I did for one of my pen pals. I was in the mood for painting so I decided to do another smaller one. I really loved how this one turned out! The only thing I would've changed would be the background color. I feel like its a bit off. Which is probably for the best because it made cutting it up and sending it off easier! I love doing puzzle letters! I just wish they weren't so time consuming!
I'm hoping once I get some screen printing stuff set up and I can make these a little faster. Instead of painting each one just screen print a big image. Well...if I ever find the time! No time these days! 

Mini Art Journal

So I was sitting in church a long while ago. This girl that was sitting in front of my was writing in a journal of hers. I was watching her flip though it and man that thing was FULL! Every margin had something written it! I started thinking I wanted to do something like that. I've never been good at journaling. I'd do an entry every blue moon and then would lose the book or rip out the blank pages to write letters on. I started to look up some different journaling techniques and tactics to keep you on track. I decided to do a art journal! I set up a few rules for myself so I would keep on track. I decided to do a entry every other day at the very least. Also I would do one mini paragraph or a drawing. So If I had a day that I didn't feel was overly adventurous I'd just do a drawing! Anyways here's my April chunk it of my journal! I didn't share all the pages just my favorites.

The journal I'm using is THIS mini moleskin one! I thought smaller would be less intimidating.

I'm also trying to add as many tickets/receipts/scraps as I can. I've never been good at collages so maybe this will help!

Getting ready for the month of May! I'm hoping that I can keep this up for the rest of the year! I also think I need to make some of THESE to use in my journal! 

Weekend Sun Adventures!

I had a surprisingly delightful weekend! I wasn't looking forward to yet another busy weekend, but I had so much fun. On Saturday my whole family went mini-golfing for my brother in law and sisters birthdays! It has been ages since I was mini golfing and thought for sure that I wouldn't like it. I'm not too coordinated when it comes to that kinda stuff. (I did swing and miss the ball quite a few times, but don't tell anyone!) The only down fall was that I didn't realize how sunny it was going to be. At first I was wearing a sweater and felt like I was getting a bit hot. So I took my sweater off BIG MISTAKE. I got soooo sun burnt. I feel like I got it worse then anyone else for some reason. It might be because I didn't get a tan last summer while the rest of my sisters did OR it could be the fact that I was wearing a tank top and everyone else was wearing tee shits. Either way, I'm super ouchy and which is no fun! 
I'm also pretty much in love with Arizona peach ice tea. I like it cause its so cheap and peachy!! Normally in Draper you can't find it at the grocery store. They have all the other flavors but not diet peach! I've been spending a lot of time down in Provo these weekends and so I make it a point to grab one if we're at the store! Also I love jumbo smarties. Is it me or do they taste salty to you too? Just curious if I was the only one who thought that. 
I haven't posted any selfies in a while so I took some sleepy sun burnty ones. I actually take lots of pictures of myself. Which now saying that out loud makes me feel a bit conceded. Ha, but I think its good for your self confidence in a strange way. At least it is for me. When ever I see a good photo of myself (even a silly one) I always think, yeah ok..not as bad and I think! I did scoop myself out of bed, put on my fancy clothes and dragged myself to church. Which I'm glad I did because one of my friends ended up giving a talk. Its always uplifting and now I feel ready to start my week off strong!

Phew what a weekend! I hope you all survived your adventures. It is officially that time of year when you MUST wear sunscreen! Trust me, I learned first hand! I'm now going to carry some in my purse all summer to avoid any more ouchy-ness!

April Accomplishments + Doodle

April was a busy month and went by way too fast! Lots of time spent with family and celebrating the anniversary of births! I am quite looking forward to May. Hopefully it calms down a wee bit! I feel pretty proud of April! I feel like I got a lot done and started on some projects. I finally finished my "I'm not a writer zine" although I didn't like some bits so I'm re-doing them. Does that still count as being done? Sigh, oh well! I think it might be something that I never finish and just keep working on until I get bored and forget about it! On wards to a new month! 

I just got these really cool markers and I'm taking full advantage of them! 

How was your month? Did you achieve greatness? I sure hope so.