More Inktober!

I haven't been posting on here very much BUT I am very happy to report that I have been keeping up with my Inktober posts! You can see the first chunkit HERE! Its already the 24th and I haven't missed a day! This is the first time I have ever stayed on schedule with a challenge! Life has been crazy, but I'm quite happy with all these lil' doodles! 
Day 8- Star
Day 9- Baby Spider (or) Spider Babies!
Day 10- Creature of the Lagoon
Day 110- Bat
Day 12- Whale
Day 13- Grave
Day 14- Skeleton
Day 15- Owl
Day 16- Goblin
Day 17- Werewolf
Day 18- Rat
Day 19- Scorched 
Day 20- Serpent
Day 21- Alien
Day 22- Pumpkin
Day 23- Monster and Muddy!
Day 24- Chop!

September Art Journal!

Time is slipping away! I've a feeling the rest of the year is going to be about the same, if not start moving faster! I'm really in love with Septembers spreads. I spent way too long on it and rambled on way too much, but the process felt really lovely. I really had a lot of crap to scoop out of my brain and this journal was the prefect place to plop it! We're on our way into October and I hope I can keep up. I'm looking forward to making some spooky pages!

First Week of Inktober!

I decided to partake in Inktober this year! Its basically pen and ink drawings every day for an entire month. I've followed people doing in the past but this is my first year doing it! So far I've kept on top of it! Which honestly is a bit shocking. With this challenge I've set myself up with a routine and specific time of day when I do my drawing and it has made it so easy to stick with it! I'm using two prompt lists. The orginal Inktober one and Mabs Drawlloween list. I wanted to do two so if I ran into a topic I didn't have any ideas for I could flip flop to the other list. We're just at the beginning so wish me luck for the rest of the month! I wanted to share first weeks drawings! As always you can see all of these on my instagram!

Day 1- Poison!
 Day 2- Tranquil
Day 3- Roasted!

 Day 4- Spell!
Day 5- Chicken
 Day 6- Ghost!
Day 7- Laboratory 

Outgoing Mail!

I'm still slow to respond to my snail mail pile, but I still respond! (Thats what counts right?) I had a few more than this but after I dropped them in the box I realized that I only photographed 2 out of the 4. Oh well! I hope the recipients like them! I've still been practicing my gouache skills and it is still a bit rocky, but getting better!!

August Art Journal!

I'm super behind on posting this past months art journal! I've been a bit unmotivated. Still posting bits of drawing challenges on my instagram, but yeah over all not producing much art! I hope that changes soon. Lots of good creative vibes seem to be coming with the fall weather. I had a lot of cool illustration things going on in this journal but also a few pages that turned into a bit of a mess. BUT thats one thing I like about these journals, they don't need to be perfect and now i'll have learned for next time!

Song and Doodle #73

A bit ago I stumbled upon THIS wonderful list of 200 Greatest Songs by 21st Century Women. The whole playlist is really kinda amazing and nostalgic. Its weird how many of these songs I forgot I knew! Also how many song were part of me growing up. Overall its just a lovely list! BUT I'm writing this post because the number one pick is AH-mazing! Now when the song Paper Planes by MIA first was release it was terribly over played and I didn't like it very much. Now that I'm older and I'm actually paying attention to what she's singing about, I really love it! I think she tackled a subject in a really witty and clever way. This song has never felt more present then it does today! More and more immigrants are being attacked and blamed. Its pure insanity and makes me crazy just trying to understand where all the hate is coming from. But I like that she can poke fun at all the absurdity that is our society today. Any ways I'm done ranting! haha

July Art Journal!

I've been having such a slow blogging month (summer?) Overall my summer hasn't been very creative. Just one of those things I suppose. I'm really in love with July's journal! I made it out of a pamphlet I got as an ad in a package a little bit ago. I made a printable sheet of spooky iPad doodles that I cut apart and used though out the entire journal. It was a lot of fun and I'll definitely be making more printable sheets!