List of Thoughts + LINKS

List of Thoughts:

  1. Life is crazy lately. Work is getting a huge change up and I'm moving! August is packed with anxiety and well...packing! 
  2. I'll be honest I hate moving. I can't wait until I can buy a home! Then I'm never moving again!
  3. Me and my sisters participated in GISHWHES this last week. It was a TON of fun! I'll post some pictures soon!
  4. I wish I had more money to make a spontaneous trip to San Fransisco and go to the Color Factory. Tickets sell out so fast I hope that means they'll keep doing it for a while!
  5. I hate packing. I have WAY too much stuff. Also packing up all my art supplies really bums me out and kinda kills my creative vibe. Which is good cause I don't have time to create anything anyways. Still a bit of a bummer though. 
  6. I'm loving this artist, John Hendrix's sketchbook. The "drawing in church" idea is so cool. 
  7. Adam JK has a new book out about being a creative and it looks AMAZING! Although I don't need to add any books to my collection. Book are a pain in the butt to move! They're so heavy!
  8. My garden isn't doing so well. I'm surprised its not totally dead, but its hanging on by a thread. 
  9. Maybe I'm not suppose to be gardener? I really do have sour hands like my grandma use to say.
  10. I really hope fall brings some goodness. I'm looking forward to sweaters and pumpkins. I'm really just hoping things can calm down and I can find my footing a little bit. 


Last week was GISHWES week! I had no idea what this was until my sister forced me sign up and be on her team. I'm so happy that I did! It was a week filled with random creativeness and good deeds! GISHWES basically a giant scavenger hunt. There is this huge list of tasks to get done and you're put on a team with 14 other people across the world. I love all the tasks cause all of them are creative and most of them are good deeds around the community. I really wish I had more time to complete more tasks. I was in the middle of packing boxes which didn't help. BUT I thought I'd share the ones that I did complete!
SPICE ART- Using only spices re-create your favorite comic book cover or cartoon. I chose to do Daria. Well because I love Daria! I actually love most 90s cartoons.
CAPTURE A MOON FAIRY- I drew this really good moon fairy in my back yard with a glow stick and long exposure app. It was SO MUCH FUN!
PLANT A BEE FRIENDLY PLANT DRESSED AS A BEE- This was my all time favorite task! My sister was nice enough to dress up! I love the idea of people across the world planting bee friendly plants. Save the bees!!
PAY FOR A LOAD OF LAUNDRY- This one you had to decorate envelopes and leave enough change for someone to do a load of laundry. My mom completed this one. I just imagine that these little envelopes made someones laundry experience better!

I had so much fun! My group was amazing and so encouraging. I couldn't has asked for a cooler group of random strangers across the world! This is the last year that they are doing it, but its so popular that I'm sure someone is going to pick it up. OR something similar to it. If I do find something like the sort I'll be sure to post it!

July Art Journal!

Phew! Time is no on my side. This summer has a been a stressful, wonderful whirl wind! I'm surprised that I've kept up on my art journal and I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to make it though August. BUT I'll find away! I've been doing monthly art journals for 3 years now I'm going to let this summer get the best of me! I was trying to draw a lot more this month but near the end just got word-y. I ended up having a lot to write about! I'm hoping once everything is settle I can have more time to draw and practice some illustrations. 
Lot of little flippy fold outs cause I was running out of pages!
I finished up this little hand made book! I'm shocked how many months I packed into this little thing!

I hope the summer is treating you well! 

Franny Zine!

Now that things that settled down I'm getting around to taking some photos of the new zines I made! I'm going to slowly be sharing them just so editing the photos isn't so daunting. THEN after I get all my photos all nice a pretty then I'll post them on my Etsy! BUT until then if you see a zine you want let me know and I'll send you one!
This is number one of a new series I've been thinking up. Its all based around this older lady named Franny! It basically is a way for me to work out all my concerns about never marrying and living alone when I'm old. I'm creating this to help me realize that taking the path of growing old alone is kinda wonderful in its own special way. Life is so beautiful and different for everyone, their isn't one right way to do. Making this zine is helping me see all those wonderful things!
Here is the middle spread! Number one is all about introducing Franny. The next ones will be more about specific adventures she gets herself into. I'm actually really proud of these illustrations. Doing a lot of faces and figures is always really challenging for me. The practice has been amazing!

Outgoing Mail!

I had a lot of leftover zines that I'm sending out to pen pals! Which means large envelopes to decorate! I've been doing well on keeping on top of my mail considering how lazy and busy I've been! I made a bunch of envelopes out of misprinted zines so I've been having fun adding illustrations to them before sending them out!
I keep meaning to buy more stamps! There are THESE heat sensitive ones that are awesome!! I'm jealous seeing all my instagram friends have them!

Index Card Challenge 10-20

I'm pretty surprised that I've kept up with this challenge for so long! I've found that I love working on one of these little cards before diving into projects and what nots. Also I love using these as "clean up cards" so I'm not wasting any supplies! I haven't kept track if I've done one for every day, but I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself so thats probably a good thing. 

I told myself I needed to practice faces more often so a lot of these have been good practice!

Plant Babies!

We finally have lil' fruits on our plants!! This years garden is going way better than last year. Not having a hose and having to water everything from a watering can has made this quite the labor of love. BUT I love watching everything growing. Its all getting so big!! 
Our first little baby jalapeno baby! Hopefully we get some more!
Lumpy tomato baby #1! We lost the tags for the tomatoes so what these will look like is a bit of a mystery. So far its kinda a cool wonky shape! This plant is really full and bushy so I think it'll have a lota fruits!
Lil' round babe #2! This plant is a bit sparse and I thought I killed it a couple times, but its a fighter! Also the fruits are super round and teeny! I'm curious what this guy will look like full grown!

The only plant we lost so far was a cilantro. I'm so bummed about it too and its totally my fault. But only one out of the group is pretty good! I'm kinda surprised I didn't kill more! I'll share pictures as soon and more fruits come in!

Weekend Adventures: Alt Press Fest!

Alt Press Fest was last weekend! I'm finally recovered from all my social-exhaustion and finding time to post some pictures. I was a lot more adventurous this time around! I actually got up and walked around a little bit and bought some zines! Last one I was too nervous to walk around and talk to people so I just hid behind my table the whole day. But this time I really did have a ton of fun! I couldn't have done it with out Zoei helping me staple and sitting with me all day! I'll admit there were a lot of awkward silences when people came to our table. Something I should really work on! 
Our little half table!
These are all the new ones I made! Its still amazing that I got them done especially since I was still editing and printing on Friday! One day I'll get around to posting the extra on Etsy and telling you more about all the new ones!
Candy dish I made! I wanted something cute for our table so I made this little gal! She's so cute and you can take candy out of her mouth!! I forgot how much I love paper-mache! So much fun.
I love our little set up! I publish all my stuff under the name Peachy Keen Press named after my Etsy shop. I love LOVE the table cloth Zoei made. Lotsa cute little bobbles!! 

I learned so much! People here were not the nicest and I'll admit I got some criticism that wasn't too helpful. I had a few wallowing days but now I'm back at it! I love that my style is "cute" I love that my table is peachy and pretty. I feel like I've got something important to say with my zines. When someone picks up one of my zines I want to to make them feel happy and smile and feel somewhat relatable to my zines. I know thats not going to happen every time someone stops at my table but when it does happen it is the BEST! I'm going to keep creating zines and tabling at zine fests!