November Art Journal!

This last month finished up the last little envelope notebook I made! By the end of the month this little guy got a little bit full, but nothing a little string couldn't hold together. I'm thinking for the month of December I should go for real small journal. Mostly because with holiday events and projects that need to get done I'm not sure how I'm going to find time! So the smaller pages might be quicker to finish. Tis' the season for being overly busy! I can't believe its December! I'm ready for the year to be over, but I still feel like there are things left to accomplish this year. Regardless times waits for no one! I hope you are all ready for the holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all my American friends are celebrating and all my non-Americans I hope you're having a lovely week so far! The idea of Thanksgiving has always been a bit of an odd one, considering our history hasn't been kind or thankful. Even today with all the horrific stuff going on in North Dakota it feels like we haven't really progressed or even learned from the terrible history we have. I'm going to do my best today to stay away from getting into political rants or even dwelling on the terrible in the world. I do want to remind myself of all the good and of all the good that we need to do. We create the society that we want to live in. So for today I'm going to be thankful for all that I have in my life!

If you would like to donate or see what you can do to help the water protectors you can go HERE!

Zine Submissions!

Earlier I made THIS post about some upcoming zines I was planning on participating in! Well I was very productive and ended up submitting art work to both of them. I've been trying to be more adventurous and less self conscious about my art work. It actually feels weird to call it art..maybe I'll just call them doodles. Lately I've been gaining traction on tackling my *style* its something that I've been working towards. Zine submissions have really been helping a ton. Its kinda like when you get a school assignment, I love that it comes with a dead line. PLUS I just send it off and don't have to face any criticism. (Which isn't all that good, I know) BUT for now I need to keep my confidence up and I'm not sure if I could take the feedback to be honest. Is that boob-ish of me? Its something i'll work on! 
This one is for THIS zine about the wonderful things about fall/winter! I choose mittens! I love mittens because they give me a greater appreciation for my individual fingers, keep my hands warm and honestly disconnect me from my phone. I have very little self control when it comes to playing/checking my phone, its terrible! Anyways, I'm kinda happy with how this one turned out. The background is a bit meh, but I didn't want to dwell! So I just called it good and sent it off. Gridzine did have there release party last week. I didn't go because I'm a hermit crab and it sounded like way too much socializing! Also if my drawing didn't make it in and I showed up I possibly might cry in front of everyone then its like high school all over again, NO THANK YOU. I think if you'd like you can email and pay $10 to get a copy. They really do great zine-things around Utah and are totally worth supporting! 
The second submission I did was for THIS zine! The theme was "SLC makes me feel.." I'm really stoked with how this one turned out! SLC makes me feel unique! For the longest time when I was younger I always though hapa haole was a bad thing, but honestly its what I am! I'm half white and half Hawaiian and I shouldn't feel lesser for not being whole one or the other. I'm learning that being one of a kind is a powerful thing! I'm sad that its taken me this long to figure it out, but better late than never! And yes its awkward when people think I'm hispanic, or when I look like I don't belong with my very brown or very white family. But in Utah where everyone dresses the same, talks the same and even believes in the same religion, being unique is pretty awesome. I'm grateful for being raised in Utah and for the neat heritage I get to have! 

Lovely Things: Thanks Giving!

Phew time is getting away from me! I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week! I still feel like i'm waiting around for Halloween to start. I'm afraid if I blink the holidays will be over. Not that I'm opposed to this year coming to a close, I just don't want to miss everything. I'm so afraid of missing things I'm missing things! I feel like theres some poetic justice in there somewhere. Anyways I was working on some crafty Christmas presents when they all started going horribly wrong. So I needed a break and nothing is better then to waste some time on the internet! I found some neat Thanksgiving-ish things that I wanted to share with you!
These pine cones are eat-able!! Eeeek they're cookies!! If I had patients I'd really want to make these, but knowing me I'd only get one done before I got lazy. (Etsy Blog)
Tis the season for cooking! Which kinda sucks for me cause I'm a terrible cook. I had to make mashed potatoes one year and it was kinda of a mini-disaster. I doubt anyone is going to ask me to cook potatoes this year BUT if they do I'll try out this recipe! (A Beautiful Mess)
Secret confession: I've always wanted to have an outdoor dinner party. This list is one to book mark cause I promise one day I'll happen! Ya know once I find friends and learn how to cook and get a table...and find an out door place. (Domino)
 When I have my dinner party I'm going to need a wicked awesome serving tray like this one! I'm tempted to just buy one and serve myself crackers and cheese on it. Nothing says Friday night like being fancy in your jammies! (Cattails Woodwork)
I totally forget that pumpkins are more than a Halloween thing! I'm loving the gold on these. I've never been to a party that had place cards before, is that odd? My hypothetical dinner party is TOTALLY having place cards! (Cashmere and Cupcakes)
Last but not least! Nothing is more Thanksgiving-ish then pie and cranberries! Not a huge fan of cranberries, but I'll basically eat anything that is in pie form. (Annies Eats)

Hope you have a lovely week!

Song and Doodle #63

This weeks favorite song is A Few Honest Words by Ben Sollee. This month is off to a rocky start but I can't say I'm surprised 2016 has been a bit of a hot mess. This past week we just seemed to add to the mess. I feel like most people I'm a bit lost on which step to take next. I think I need to do something, anything but I'm not quite sure what. We need more love, compassion, respect and we need a little honesty. This song happens to enclose all these frustrations but in a very soothing way. In a way that I'm very grateful for. This song means so much in a time like this. I love this life as terrible as it might feel sometimes.

"Just a few honest words
It shouldn't be that hard
Just a few honest words is all I need"

October Art Journal!

For this month I started another little home made envelope journal. After a couple pages I realized that the scrap paper I used for some of the pages was mighty thin, so I ended up gluing in a lot of "backgrounds" to prevent leaking.  When I made this book I though it would be perfect for just one month, but I quickly realized it'll probably fit two months. I'm not too great at calculating how much space I'll need! Overall I'm happy with how these little fall envelope journals are turning out! Plus I'm going though a little bit of a watercolor-y phase lately! Which is making my journals wonderfully soggy!

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween has felt a bit odd. I'm not sure if I'm just getting old or what, but I'm not feeling it this year. Maybe next year will be better. OR maybe I just need to watch Practical Magic and eat some ice cream. Actually that sounds like the perfect Halloween evening if I'm being honest! I hope you all have a wonderfully spooky Monday!

Upcoming Zine Submissions!

Seems like this is the season for open calls on zine submissions! There are 2 lovely zines that are looking for participants that I think some of you might be interested in! Seems like zines are a thing that are popping up all over Utah these days. I'm not sure if there are actually more or if I'm just opening my eyes all of a sudden. Regardless I think its awesome!

First off is the lovely Grid Zine! This zine is super proactive in organizing events and producing some awesome zines! I'm kinda in love with this theme because its so easy! These TONS of things I love about this season! Its hard to pick just one! This deadline is creepin up mighty fast. Which means I should get a move on it! If you love this season as much as I do you should submit something!
Second is Sego and Palisade Zine. This is a new one I've stumbled upon and this is there first zine they've put out. This kinda "theme" is  stories of women's experiences in Salt Lake City. Its a bit more tedious and insightful theme. I'm definitely going to have to noodle it over quite a bit before I decide what direction I'm wanting to go in. I am really excited to take part in this one, I love all things that empower women. Any chance we get to share our stories we should! 
This is directed more for ladies living in Utah, but don't let that stop you from thinking about your own town and your own stories! Every town is full of stories that need to be shared! 

I better get to work! So many cool things to participate in! Eeep. 

Halloween Crafts!

Phew October is flying by and I've become quite the lazy blogger! Before the spooky season is over I wanted to share some Halloween crafts! Ok, i'll be real its only 2 projects and I'm not even sure if pumpkin carving counts a project? BUT I haven't posted so I thought I'd share what I've been up too!
Everyone in our home painted a skull for a door hangy-thing. I really love how it turned out and it was a full day filled will fun cretiveness and my favorite people! 
It seems like people my age are really against carving pumpkins for some reason. I love it! Yes it smells a bit weird, and yes they get moldy and gross. But MEMORIES!! I've so many great memories carving pumpkins with my family. I adore the nostalgic feeling I get especially because time is just slipping away I want to hold on to what I can!

I hope the season is brining out the crafy-spooky-lady in all of you!

List of Thoughts + LINKS!

List of thoughts: 
1- I bought this fantastic book of old photos at an antique show last month. I'm guessing this photo album belonged to a tween girl and is full of gems like this! I love it. 
2-I've been full of feels lately and am becoming quite exhausted by my emotional baggage. I find myself avoiding thinking about the way I feel and instead watching THIS youtube channel. I can't understand a word she is saying but I don't care I love it anyways! 
3- Halloween is coming up and Studio DIY has the most brilliant ideas for us that wait until the last minute! So simple and clever! 
4- I know I say this about a million times, but time is going by way too fast! I turn around and the day is gone, I sneeze and the month is over! Craziness. 
5- THIS song will forever remind me of fall and gives me this strange warm heartbreak feeling. I still haven't decided if thats a good or bad reaction, but one I'm attracted too nonetheless. 
6- My sister is having a murder mystery halloween party. If you've been to one of these please tell me how it went! I'm kinda nervous but excited. I'm not sure how a hermit antisocial gal like myself will do at "acting" haha
7- This year we are doing homemade gifts only for Christmas so I've been trying to get ahead of it and start now. I'm terrible at waiting until the last minute! I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, but I really want to incorporate THIS glitter somehow! I'm thinking felt something, just for the glitter! 
8- I have funky digestion issues. I'm not sure what or why but, I go though phases where I eat really unhealthy then pay for it later. Its a terrible cycle! When I feel good I think-- hell I can eat this I'm all fixed! But then a week later I'm back to healthy food to try and make the ickiness go away. 
9- Anyways, I'm trying to fix my mistake and I think THESE energy bars might be the perfect thing for work so I stay away from the fries and soda! 
10- I love fries and soda so much. I'm pretty sure its going to be the death of me. Neither of them are good for my stomach. I find when I'm having a rough go emotionally (which seems to be a lot lately!) I want the comfort of fizzy drinks and greasy potatoes. I really need to find a better comfort food! Preferably one that won't kill me.

Happy fall my lovelies! I hope the world is treating you kindly.