Index Cards 1-10

Here are my index cards days one though ten as part of the Index-Card-A-Day Challenge! I've been doing pretty good at keeping up on doing a card a day. Although some of the cards I'm not too happy with, but I think thats part of it. Its a good way to just move onto the next card! This first batch had an orange vibe to it. I think they'll look cool once I compile them. I'll post another batch soon!

Desk Findings: New Tools!

I was cleaning off my desk and found some things I wanted to share! I love all of these little bits!
1-Tomoe River Kanso Sasshi Booklet. I love looooove Tomoe River paper! So when I saw this I just had to get them. I've been wanting to do more sketching and these will be perfect!
2-Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil. I saw an artist doing sketches with a blue pencil and I LOVED them! Naturally I got myself a blue pencil and I love it.
3-Reeves Water-soluble Wax Pastels. I have a whole set these and they are so lovely! My all time favorite color is dark grey. Its kinda blue kinda grey and goes great on everything!
4- Rose Gold Wire Binder Clips. I have another confession. I saw these clips on instagram in someones art journal and I fell in love! When I saw them on blitsy I just had to snag them up!

Index-Card-A-Day Challenge!

I'm not sure what I was thinking tacking on yet another project but I just loved the idea so much that I couldn't pass it up! The idea is that for 2 months you art-up an index card each day. Its put on by the lovely Daisy Yellow art blog! You can read all about the project HERE! I started a little bit late but have almost caught up. There are some prompts and what nots to help. So far I've just been doing whatever. Its only just the beginning but I'm really loving it! I'm surprised how easy and quick it is! This isn't a project that takes a lot of time or planning. You just grab a card and start layering stuff on. I love that aspect! All the projects I usually work on take a bit of planning and sketching. Its a really nice break to work on index cards. I can start and finish it before I get working on my other projects!

Anyways I'm really excited about this project! Its the prefect thing to keep me out of a creative slump! If you do participate remember to use the hashtag #dyicad2017 and let me know your instagram name in the comments so I can see your cards!!

May Art Journal!

I made a bunch of little scrap notebooks ages ago. I had some kinda plan for them but they ended up on the shelf instead. When I went looking for a new book for the month of May I decided its about time I use one of these little babes. Last months theme was a lotta paint then text over it! I'm really into thin watercolor-like acrylic paints. Which when I think about it is kinda dumb. Why not just use water color or acrylic ink? *sigh* I don't know. I have both! Yet I still drench my cheapo paint in water and slather it around. I'm just in love with it for some reason! I think the month of June is going to be similar in style so the whole book matches. Then maybe I'll get it out of my system and learn a new technique!

List of Thoughts + LINKS!

1- Finally done with all my doctors visits! I'm healing all correctly and my discomfort is really minimal these days. Aren't bodies just amazing! It can HEAL ITS SELF! If thats not amazing then I'm not sure what is! 
2- I now have to pay for my own insurance. Which really sucks because I can't afford any extra bills and my coverage is really gonna suck. Can I go back to being 25 and on my parents insurance? Grown up stuff can be a real pain! 
3- We bought a bunch of plant babies this weekend to make a mini garden. I've been trying to watch my spending more. So this was a bit of an indulgence, but if I'm gonna spend money plants seemed like the way to go.
4- Once the funds are on there way up I'm totally going to snag up one of THESE! I love wax seals but kinda (really) scared of the fire/flame. I'm certain one of these days I'm going to catch my fringe on fire. Ugh no thank you!
5- Then once the funds are super replenished I'm getting me a set of THESE rings! I'm still on a Friends kick and I love all the ring Phoebe wears. So I'm kinda getting obsessed. Plus I mean, HONEY BEES! So dainty and cute!
6- I'm now realizing that I don't really have a plan to somehow get more money. I'm sure buy the time I figure it out the list of things I want to buy is going to be huge. So I should probably figure that out sooner rather then later!
7- Until then I have my favorite podcast Song Exploder to keep my spirits up! This podcast will make me like any song and give me all the feels. I don't know what it is about music but it always has a way of tapping into my sappy emotions. No matter what the type of song. Which is a bit strange I guess.
8- I'm such a huge tattoo fan for not having any myself. I saw THIS little post about single line tattoos and I LOVE the idea. Especially that Frida one!! Such a brilliant idea and oh so beautiful!
9-I thought THIS article was really good. Also made my knees a bit shaky just looking at it!
10- Kinda looking forward to the summer! My ghostly skin could use some sun!

Outgoing Mail!

I have such a huge stack of letters that I need to reply too. I've just been feeling incredibly uncreative and unmotivated lately so its taken me quite a while to get responses out. BUT I took the long weekend to work on some flip books. These took me a longer then usual. Still in a bit of a slump. I think this weekend was a step in the right direction! Now I just have to get the rest of my letters responded too! I think I'll need another long weekend. 

Song and Doodle #67

Todays song and doodle is Can We Hang On? by Cold War Kids. Cold War Kids is one of those bands that I forget that I like. They have really catchy songs, kinda cryptic lyrics that can mean everything and anything. I love how this song can get stuck in your head. It makes you wanna listen to it a million times and start every playlist with this track. Straight from the beginning this song demands your attention. I'll admit the whole *new* album release they had was a bit of a miss for me. This track was the stand out and it makes sense, its a neat song with a good hook. I suppose thats expected with any band that has a large discography and has been making music for a long time. Some songs are good and some are bad, so it goes. Still a really solid band that I love to sing along with. What do you think? Love or hate?
"I think about tomorrow. If I can get through tonight
I know that we'll be alright. Can we be strong?"

Incoming Mail!

I'm super duper behind on responding to all my letters. Every time I sat down to work on letters I ended up cracking open my art journal and fiddling with a few pages. Then after that I was working on some decorations for my sisters birthday. A lot of craftiness going on lately! Needless to say my pile is stacking up quite a bit. I know I'll get around to it eventually, but until then I wanted to share some of the really cool mail I've received! I got most of these last month (some even longer then that! yikes!) I'm trying to think of something really cool I can send back as a "sorry for responding so late" kinda letter! Hopefully I get back into the groove of things soon!
 Really lovely birthday package!
 So many fun goodies! I'm in love with those cactus magnets!
 Big bunch of really cute mail. I love how all my letters to reply too kinda match with greys, pinks and black. I need to think of a fun project to do with all my matching envelopes!
 Really neato flipbook! This girly knows out to put some cute packaging together. Its almost hard to open sometimes its so pretty!
This flip book has the coolest little pop up! I tried to make popup cards one time. None of them turned out nearly as cute as this!
Back envelope filled with paper treats! 

So much to do, so little motivation.