March Art Journal!

I'm a bit behind posting this. Mostly cause I've been so busy getting ready for Zine fest. Which I'm not realizing I did a poor job at documenting and don't have enough to post, oh well! Last months journal got a bit personal so I covered up some of the secret bits, so sorry about about the weird blobs. Also I used my coral colored sheet as a background and it looks so bad! I've been so scattered lately and so I'm making all kinds of little errors when it comes to blogging. So it goes. Spring sure is giving me a lot to handle. Its late and crap-ishly photographed, but its HERE! Hopefully April is better!

New Hair!

I chopped off a huge chunk of my hair last week! So far I am LOVING it! My hair no longer gets caught in my arm pits! I always go to Salon K in Provo. If you're looking for a hair salon its a good one to go to! Now I didn't take a good photo of the back, but I got an undercut! I keep meaning to have Zoei take a photo but I keep forgetting. Plus I'm a little afraid I won't like the way the photo looks. It is all the way back there, so I'm ok not looking at the way the back looks. I just make sure to style the front bits really nicely. haha
Heres what I hope it looks like back there! These are the photos that I showed the stylist. I have to say it feels so good! My hair is so much lighter and the shaved part feels oddly soft. Its a really cool hair cut and I'm kinda scared that I'm not cool enough for it. But luckily when my hair is down you can't tell that its shaved at all. So its kinda been like a secret. I haven't been brave enough to wear it up yet. One of these days I will though! AND one of these days I'll get a good photo of the back. 

How do you feel getting a new hair cut? Are you a dramatic hair cut person, or subtle hair cut person? Normally I'm a subtle hair cut girl, but I love the dramatic look I have now! 

Lovely Things: Craft Supplies!

There are SO many craft supplies out there! Lots of them I couldn't even dream of affording. I mean, sure if I stopped buying fancy pens for a while and saved up I might be able to save enough. But what kinda life would I have with out fancy pens?! Seems like my wish list of craft supplies keep growing and growing. So I thought I'd share a few of them here! If you have any of these let me know what you think! Was it worth the monies?
Stitch Happy! This is number one on my birthday list! They finally made a sewing machine for paper crafts. It can do much more then that, but I'd be using it mostly to sew paper. I love that you can use all different kinds of thread. Sewing with bakers twine seems awesome! I'm not sure what "multi media" needle means, but sounds like something I really wanna test out! Plus its mint green, my favorite! 
Silhouette Curio! I've been wanting one of these cutting machines for a while. Theres a few out there and they all kinda do the same things and all have the same huge price tag. I'll need to do a bit more research to find the best one for me. A lot of my pen pals use cutting machines and make the COOLEST bits to add into there letters. I always get to jealous! 
Cricut Explorer Air 2! Cricut has been a pretty big staple in the crafting world for a while. I'm glad that they not only have there famous die cutting machines but now one that hooks to the computer. Like I said I still need to compare, but this one looks so pretty! I wonder which is easier to use?
Washi Tape Printer! This is like one of the coolest label makers ever. That is coming from a girl that really loves label makers! I think one of these would be really handy, especially for mail art and art journaling. Although I'm sure my washi stash would get out of control! 
Minc by Hedi Swapp! I love gold shiny things. So something that makes everything shiny sounds awesome! Although this one does seem the least versatile out of all the expensive tools on the wish list. I do love that you can get all the minc supplies at any craft store. Michaels always has a huge selection. Which to me makes a difference cause its never fun to wait for supplies to be delivered! 

Oh many craft supplies so little time and never enough money! 

April Showers!

April showers bring May flowers! Oh boy has it been showering! 3 days in and its been a wet green mess. I mean that in the loveliest of ways. April is my favorite month! It has all the best things Easter and my birthday! Plus all the rain makes everything all green and glowy, oh I just love it! April always makes me feel overly sentimental. The whole month is filled with nostalgia for some reason. This year April is a little tossed up. Thats how life goes, its always changing. I'm afraid April is going to be another lazy blogger month for me. So much to do not enough time! I'm going to make it a point to document as much as I can so I have lots to share. What do you love most about April?

P.S. This really cute marshmallow DIY can be found HERE! Homemade marshmallows are still on my to try list! 

List of Thoughts + LINKS

1- I feel like whenever I'm a bit of a lazy blogger I need to do a post like this just to catch up on all my thoughts. Kinda like a bookmark of time, a blog bookmark...a blogmark? I'm not sure if that makes sense but hopefully you get what I mean.
2- Life feels kinda crazy these days! Nothing too big just a lot of little things. But man, those little things sure to pile up quickly let me tell you!
3- After all the run around with my doctors it turns out I have a cyst. I'm going to get it removed next month. Which is kinda scary but also kinda interesting! I'll be sure to post about it later. I feel like I cross that *too much info* line a lot with posts like that, so prepare yourself!
4- I stumbled upon THIS video the other day and I think its pretty neat! I think its the song that makes it. If it had a different song I think I would find it a little boring.
5- I feel like I have one of those faces that everyone things they know, something about me if just familiar I suppose. I saw THIS cool art exhibition that reminded me of how people can look like other people. I wonder what ancient statue I look like!
6-I've been spending most of my free time trying to get ready for Grid Zine Fest coming up. I'm so nervous and excited. Its the perfect distraction from the surgery!
7- I love this idea of THIS project. Mostly cause I'm a true believer that everyone needs a ukulele. So a uke that helps people learn is an awesome idea!
8- Speaking of ukuleles! Ukulele Hunt has been posting a ton of Beach Boys chords and tabs lately. They are tricky, but I'm excited to try and learn one. I think its a good challenge!
9- I'm so excited for Easter! Its my favorite holiday. I love all the pastels and candies! Oh and spring days and cool evenings! *swoon*
10- Time has gone by so fast. If you're one of the 3 people that still read my sporadic blog. I just wanted to say thank you! I know reader-ship isn't everything but its really cool and thanks for reading!

Lovley Things: Pretty Foods!

Zoei and I are always day dreaming about owing a cafe that serves weird and wonderfully obscure desserts and drinks. There is something about desserts that don't use normal dessert ingredients that I just love. I've been cataloging and hunting down recipes lately and I wanted to share some cool ones that I found! The list of things to try (learn) how to bake and create is insanely long, but learning is part of the fun!
 The blog My Name is Yeh has some of the coooolest recipes! I just love how dreamy this chocolate mint cake looks! Pretty "normal" food combo, but its so pretty I had to post it!
I love MATCHA! I had matcha ice cream one time ages ago and fell in love! The color is so vibrant! (Also can you tell I'm a sucker for green things?) This green tea cake roll can be found at Oh Sweet Day's blog!

Oh man I've been having dreams about this jiggly cake! Its SO. JIGGLY!! We got some spring form pans so this one just made it to the top of the list! I love how simple the recipe is, so it seems like an easy one to make weird by adding strange stuff. I can't wait to try it out! I found this one over at Tasty via Buzzfeed
 I adore the way these taro swirl mooncakes look! I love anything called mooncake because that just sounds like the most magical name ever! I like the flavor and texture of taro so these are definitely on the list to try. The purple specks are too cool. This recipe can be found at The Cooking of Joy!
I think every good bakery/ cafe has a good citus cake. It seems like a staple and a very yummy one at that. This one is brilliant cause he uses marshmallows in the middle of it, YUM! (Homemade marshmallows are also on the *need to learn* list!) You can find this recipe over at Crepes of Wrath blog! Hehe such a clever name and the photos are stunning! Check it out!

*drool* I'm off to go dig in the freezer for some ice cream!

Bathroom Rant!

I wasn't going to write this post because I wasn't sure how much of it would be an over share. But at the end of the day I feel like it something I want to say, so why not say it! I have a lot of digestive issues. Its always been like this since I can remember. So obviously bathroom trips are mildly stressful! Especially at work or hanging out with people. Also probably the absolute worst, hanging out with a cute boy! Nothing interrupts the mood more then a gurgley tummy and the sweats! This seems like a strange thing to want to talk about, but hopefully someone can relate! Its only been with in the past year that I've figured out a system that works for me. I wanted to share the 2 products that are life changing for me! 

ONE: Poo-Pourri. There are tons of "before you go" kinda products out there but this one is my favorite! I love the smells they have and there packaging is really cute. They have different sizes which is nice! I tote around the big one, but the little bottles are really handy also! It is on the more expensive side, so when it does go on sale I always snag a few up! This stuff really does amazing things covering up smell! You're suppose to spray it in the water, but for severe cases it works well to just spritz it around the room as a back up! 

TWO: Home made disinfectant spray. I read a ton about making some diy surface sprays and I ended up making my own kinda recipe. If you want to try this out there are TONS out there and lots of different ingredients. I use the cheapest ones since I use a lot of it! I bought THESE bottles and I fill half of it with rubbing alcohol, add some essential oils and fill the rest with water. Peppermint and ylang ylang is my favorite combo! I use this stuff especially at work. We have one of those dreaded one person at a time bathrooms so that one toilet gets a lot of traffic! So I always spray everything down when I go in. Sink, door knob, handles, paper towel dispenser, toilet, EVERYTHING! It makes things clean and smells good! The rubbing alcohol makes it so dries really fast! 

Between these two products it takes away a TON of stress when it comes to the bathroom! It seems really silly to worry about something like this, but I know I can't be the only one. I hope at least one thing in this post was helpful to someone out there! 

February Art Journal!

I'm in love with this last months art journal! I spent way too much time on it when I should have been working on other projects. Oh well, it was a great stress reliever for at the time. I'm bummed that my photos turned out so bad though. I definitely need a better set up as far as lighting goes. For the most part I'm just too lazy to do a little research and I was too lazy to re-take the photos. So if any of you have any tips, let me know! I'm anxiously looking forward to March, bring it on! 
I'm using a notebook from You can find it here!
This is my least favorite page. I had a weird blank space and added in a bunny but it does not look great and doesn't match at all. Which is a huge bummer cause the little succulents turned out pretty neat.
 Also you can tell that my background is a wrinkly piece of paper. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but it was not. At least I learned what not to do!
This is my favorite page! I stay away from human illustrations just because they are always tricky but I love the way this little lady turned out. It looks better in real life, although it did get a bit wobbly. The paper I'm using is pretty thin and I added a lotta mix media layers.
I've been trying to do more and more illustrations. I forgot how much I like to do them and how much I need to practice!
 I added a bonus page and a little flippy out bit.
And on to MARCH!