Calling Cards!

A week or so ago I commissioned an artist to make a little avatar for me! I think it turned out super duper cute and I loved it so much I decide to make new little calling cards. I wanted a little something I could add into zines that I mail to people. This is perfect because I can write a little message on the backs of them. I made some small business card sized ones and larger postcard sized ones as well! I might mess around with the colors the next printing round. I've been hooked on a warm sunset color palette for months now but I'm finally starting to get tired of it. I'm hoping this spring brings a lot of cool color palette inspiration! What are your thoughts? Warmer or cooler colors?

Also as a side note I set up a Ko-Fi! I haven't set up how I want to sell my zines yet, so lately I've been giving them away and doing trades. I know that some might want to toss me a few bucks so I figured I'd use that for now until I figured out how I wanted to sort it A L L. So if you're reading this and would like some cute snail mail full of zines email me at OR if you want to support me so I can get a new printers head on over to KO-FI! Hopefully one of these days I'll make a little button for it on the side! SO MUCH TO DO!

It is Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day my lovelies! I have such a big ol'bag of mixed emotions about this holiday. On one side I love the esthetics. Its dreary and wintery so the warm pastels coating everything is welcomed. Then on the other side I hate how it makes me feel. I despise the pressure of being in a relationship. Its the strangest feeling to feel. The logical part of my brain can clearly recognize that you don't have to be in love to enjoy Valentines day and that I actually have many loves in my life right now. But the big soft emotional pit in my stomach is making me feel real bad about being a single lady in my late twenties. I feel bad that I don't have anything cute to make/ buy for my LOVE. Most years I try to do nice things for my gal pals, in Galantines fashion. This year I'm just not feeling in. I hate the pressure to buy things- make things- DO THINGS. At the end of the day I choose to blame consumerism on all my ill feelings. Maybe its too political to say, but capitalism seems to be the root cause (as it is for a lot of things) And ya know, fuck that. I'm going my best to ignore it. And by IT I mean the holiday. Is that smart? Who knows. Regardless of your feelings on this February fourteenth, I hope the sun is a little bit sunnier in your part of the world! 

Out Going Mail: Valentines!

I'm a wee bit late on sending out my Valentines snail mail but they turned out so cute I don't care all that much! I made these after reading THIS post on Colossal. I ended up downloading and printing off a bunch of cool flower designs from the Biodiversity Heritage Library Fickr. I then did a little collage background from scraps and added some peachy paint colors THEN topped it all off with butterflies and washi tap! I'll admit that I probably spent way too much time on these. But I was super in the zone getting caught up on my favorite podcast. So overall a really relaxing weekend project!

Lovely Things: Valentines!

I haven't done one of these linky posts in a long time! Valentines is very much an esthetics holiday and theres so many good posts out there! I seems by the time Valentines rolls around people are over their Christmas burn out and ready for projects. At least that how I feel a little bit. I'm not a Valentines fan, but I do love a good cutesy project. The older I get the more I've come to appreciate the holiday in all its capitalistic glory. Even if its not your jam there links and projects could be good for any day you wanna feel a little extra love!
This Loney Farts tee by Emily Orzel are all the vibes I want on Valentines!
I love Valentines that aren't candy so this candle one by Oh Happy Day is prefect! Plus you get to give people cute little alter candles. At least that's how I'd use it! 
If you are going for a sweet treat, this Honey Sucker recipe from Doterra that can help sore winter throats is the one! 
These tiny clay pins from Lovely Indeed are so precious! I want to wear one every day!
I love how dorky and adorable these fruit puns cards by The House That Lars Built are! Their shop has a ton of great printables for all the procrastinators!