Weekend Adventures!

Yet another busy weekend for the Germaine family. On Saturday I got to go to a rainy wedding and on Sunday I got to have dinner with my favorite lovelies.
Everyone looked very snazzy, despite the weather! 

 My sister was all polka dotty! Super cute shoes but I know I could never walk in these with out busting an ankle or my face! 

I'm not sure why but blogger thinks there picture should be super green. Its annoying but I couldn't leave out these cuties! 
 I should really make sure I get peoples attention before snapping a pictures. Oddly enough this is one of my favorites.
 The happy couple! Yes they did get married in the rain! But it all fit them as a couple very well. 
 I always think Zoei is the best looking where ever we go! Plus she's got the best smile ever! 
Adorable place cards! Of course I was at the cool kids table, even if I didn't have a plus one! 

Things that I learned this weekend! Rain on your wedding day isn't the worst thing ever. Weddings are not for me, its all too stressful. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a secret wedding if I ever get married! My sister clean up pretty well for stinky girls. Not having a plus one is ok cause I know it won't last forever. 

Hope you all have a successful weekend! Yay Monday! 


The song Lua by Bright Eyes is one of my all time favorite songs. I was over the moon when I saw this video! Its absolutely AMAZING! 3 bands that I adore covering an awesome song. I just get goose bumps when I listen to it! I had to share it with you. The guitar riffs are completely captivating and make the song a billion times better then the original. Anyways have a listen and soak up all the beauty! 

Lovely Things: Pickles!

I was thinking it's about time to do a Fall findings post. As I was going though my findings I found that I had a couple of really neat pickle findings. I couldn't think what category pickles fell under so I made them their own post! Making my own pickles is something that I've always wanted to do. My grandma made some refrigerator bread and butter pickles that were amazing! That seems like ages ago and now I'm thinking I should venture into picking a little bit. Anyways I hope you enjoy these random pickle loveliness.  
I found this Naturally Fermented Homemade Pickle recipe and fell in love with the photography. Theres nothing I love more then an amazing food photo! You can find this recipe HERE!
In my quest for pickle finds I came across this drawing. I fell in love with this artist, Bethan Hoare! Her drawings have amazing texture and dynamic. She has such a distinct style that I'm immensely jealous of! You can see more of her work HERE
Pickle stationery! I'm pretty sure I need to buy this stationery set just cause it makes me giggle! You can find it HERE!
This refrigerator pickle recipe looks so easy! I think I'll have to give this one a go! You can find this recipe along with a few other easy canning ideas HERE!
 Last but not least a pickle collection wouldn't be complete with out a stuffed pickle! How cute are these! I just love their little faces. You can snag one up from HERE!

Beginning of Fall!

Today is the official first day of Fall! It is my absolute favorite season and I am ecstatic that is it finally among us. It seems like my Summer had a lot of ups and downs and new new-ness! Luckily the good out weighs the bad! Its a bit odd how fast time seems to be scooting on by. But I'm happy and excited for the new season, new feeling and new new-ness. I'm always enamored by equinoxes and solstices. They always mark time in the kindest way possible. The equinox doesn't point at you like the end of the weekend and say "you didn't get enough done!" Instead it hugs you and says hello to a new season. Fall is always romantic and optimistic and couldn't be more ready for it.

With that said I leave you with an emotional feast of fall and dreamy vocals.

Song and Doodle #31

I was listening to a podcast of the top songs of 2014 so far. One of them was a Damien Jurado song and I realized that I knew the artist but I haven't dug into his music much. So I took then night and tracked through his discography, which was a lot more extensive then I had thought. Normally he's one of those artists that I know of and enjoy a few of this songs but always kinda brushed him off. It wasn't until I finally sat down to listen to him that I realized this guy is pretty good. He's got a knack for writing complicated lyrics that seems simple. Accompanied by this unique earthy voice. A part of me wishes he wrote short poems or stories. The song thats todays doodle, Everything Trying, isn't my all time favorite of his. BUT I adore how simple it is and how it wraps you up in relatable, tangible feelings. With that said I hope you enjoy this song and doodle! 

"I'd call you now to tell you I'm thinking of you

But it does me no good when the phone is just blocking my view
And I would sail back to you."

Hope you all have a great week! Yay Mondays!

Lovely Things: Ukulele Videos!

The ukulele is one of my all time favorite things! Its easy to learn but really hard to get good at it. So todays lovely things are all people who have mastered the ukulele! I'm blown away by all of these artist! I can only hope that one day I'll be as good at these guys. I guess I should get practicing! 
Oh Paula! You've got an incredible voice! 
My list wouldn't be complete with out at least one somewhat cheesy song!
So yeah...for being so tiny they are AMAZING! Their fingers move so fast!
Amazing looping skills! 

Phew! My fingers are hurting just thinking about the amount of practice that i'll have to do to get this good! Hope you're having a lovely week! 

Doodle + Rant + Mini Playlist!

I feel like I've been caught up in my thoughts a lot lately. What better way to help the situation then to you spew it to the rest of the internet world? This is your warning! This post is quite ranty.

I was talking to a friend the other day. I was just going off about how weary I am of the world lately. I've always been a bit scared of life. (as silly as the seems!) I always had a billion excuses for myself to take the "safe" route. I'm not quite sure if that is the best way to live one's life, but tis the way I'm doing it now. So I've been dissecting why. Why am I scared? I came up to the conclusion that I don't want to be a fool. There's so many times in my life where I just feel like a complete fool. I hate that feeling with every fiber of my being. I hate it so much to where I'm afraid of it. How did I not see that he wasn't really in love with me. How did I ignore the huge sign that says you should probably say in school! The funny thing about it all is that there's nothing you can do. That stuff will always happen. Its one of those "life" things. At what point do you throw caution to the wind? I believe I've hit my point. I'm tangled in probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me and its overly complicated and nonsensical. I'm petrified! I don't want to be a fool. I suppose I'm ready to risk being a fool to see this thing till the end.

Nobody WANTS to be a fool. (I sure someone out there does, but that's not the point!) It doesn't do anyone any good by lingering on the thought of failure. I'm hoping that its one of those things that once I write it down it doesn't seem so bothersome. Now I have trapped my scary thought inside this blog. I suppose my point of rambling on about this is find a way to trap your fears. Maybe its in a journal, a letter, a email, a painting, a scribble on the bathroom wall, a song you sing in the shower or even a silly blog.

Cling on to the beautifulness that is around and up for grabs. Linger in the love of others and the warm hug of the sun. Alas I leave you with a mini-foolish playlist!

Weekend Adventures!

This Saturday my family and I got to participate in the worlds largest scavenger hunt! Provo (the amazing little town where I'm from!) held a event called Passport to Provo. With the help of Google Fiber they were able to break the world record for most people participating in a scavenger hunt! You can read about it HERE! They had 2,079 people complete the tasks! I'm so happy that me and the family got to be a part of it! At first I thought that it was going to be kind of lame but I was delightfully surprised after reading over some of the tasks! They were all very creative! It was fun for me cause I haven't been downtown Provo in over a year since we moved. There were so many new things to see and they are doing a very good job making it more modern and brining in more small businesses. The scavenger hunt was a great way to see all the best bits of Provo.
Team fluff'n Stuff! The best teammates ever! Everyone got a free tee shirt for participating. Which normally I think are kinda lame and full of sponsors, but I really like these ones! 
One of the tasks was to do you best impersonation of the monument in one of our parks! I think Zoei totally took the cake on this one! 
Another task was to high-five in front of the Welcome to Provo sign! 
Probably my favorite task of the day! Go to Pioneer bookstore and read a line out of a book! Oh yeah while wearing a silly hat! I love this book store and didn't even know it existed! 
I thought the out side of the bookstore was AMAZING so I had to share! 
My sisters had their own team. The Panda Bananas! I stole some of their photos off of Facebook. It was fun to see the contrast between what tasks they did and which ones we chose to do! 
 Pet a puppy in the park! We did this one also but I forgot to take a photo cause I was really concerned with this little boy not holding the puppy well enough. So I was oddly distracted. 
 Another task was to go down a slide while yelling "wee"! 

I wish I would've taken more pictures (and better ones!) We were trying to get it all done as fast as we could! I'm surprised I got as many pictures as I did! All the tasks were fun and ranged from petting a puppy to donating a can of food! I was glad to be a part of it and love how awesome Provo is! I'm proud to call it home! 

Out Going Mail!

I sent some mix cds and little findings to some pen pals this weekend. They turned out pretty neat so i figured I'd post them! Lets just hope that they make it there in one piece! Things did NOT want to stick to the bubble mailer! After going though a glue stick and a roll of tape I think it'll survive. Well at the very least the contents won't get smushed! 
Send more mail! I still have a stack to reply too. I'll get to it eventually!

Feels like Tuesday!

Such a rainy day today! It definitely feels like fall. I'm not complaining one bit! Fall is my favorite season. I got to wear boots and a sweater today! I'm probably way to happy about that.  A few tuesdays ago I was having a weird day. This was a text that my friend sent me. Now I think about it every Tuesday and it makes me chuckle a little bit. Lying like a lump! Tuesdays are a bit weird. But today was nice. Nice and rainy, nice people, nice dinner, nice evening. Just n i c e! How can one complain about that?

To share my fall-ness feelings heres a little song to get you in the mood! I'm not sure why but this song ALWAYS reminds me of fall! In the best way possible! 

How was your Tuesday? Are you feeling the lump?

Art Journal For August!

I think fall is finally upon us! Or maybe just a little bit. I didn't get much done with my art journal this month. I've gotten it to where I do a page every weekend. Then realized that its only 4-5 pages and I should probably kick it up a few notches and get more done! Things have just slowed down I suppose. Plus I'm not in a very artsy mood. That is until lately. So I think that September is looking a lot more promising!
Onwards and up wards! Bring it on fall! 

Song and Doodle #30

Todays song and doodle is a song from one of the bands I've been obsessing over THE HEAD AND THE HEART! I got to see them live the other week and they were AWESOME! I can't believe how unique and wonderful that girlies voice is! I mean don't get me wrong. Those other two guys have some amazing harmonies, but theres something about that girls voice that gives me the chills! Take a listen! Catch them when they come to a town near you and check out there newest album. Its amazing fantastic and you'll thank me later!

"I will sing as your canary bird
Take my soul and bury it in the earth
I will sing as your canary bird
Oh yes I will
Yes I will"

Mini Collage Letters!

I wrote a few letters this weekend. I wanted to make some cool stationery so I made little collages in the corners of the pages. I think they turned out pretty neat! Just to add a little something extra to a plain piece of paper. My photos are kinda awful cause I didn't plan on posting them. I really need to plan better!
This last one is a cover for a mix cd I'm sending my pen pal. I got a book full of ballads from another pen pal that I'm over the moon about. This stanza fit the collage perfectly! I really like the way it turned out!