Liebster Award!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely lady Shay over at her blog Forever Bedhead! I think I've done this before and I'm not sure if I'm suppose to do it again but I really liked her questions and I've recently started following a bunch of new blogs, so I figured eh, why not! I suppose the rules are answer the questions, come up with new questions and nominate some of your favorite blogs. 11 to be exact!

Answers to the questions!

Where would you like to be in 10 years? All logic put aside. 
10 years? Oh my. I don't like thinking about the future too much. Always makes my head a bit queasy and tense. At the bare minimum I hope I'm at a job that is satisfying to my quirks and creativeness. I mean sure, its be great to be in a healthy relationship and have a pet cactus that's arch nemesis with my pet kitty Billie. But eh.
Do you like 80's music? If so, what is your favorite band from that era?
Can't say that I'm a 80's girl if I'm being completely honest. I should look that up more.
What is your favorite social media site?
As much as I hate to admit it, tumblr. Its just oozing with beautiful pictures and over opinionated fools. Whats not to love?
Would you rather be apart of the X-men or the Avengers?
I'm not a super hero kinda gal, but I'd have to go with X-Men. Some of there powers are hella cool!
What is your favorite article of clothing currently in your closet?
Definitely THIS dress. I bought it as a Christmas present to myself and I love it!
How has your day been?
Today has been mellow. Which is nice, last week kicked my trash!
If you could marry one celebrity, who would it be?
Definitely Matt Corby. Musicians are celebrities right?
What is the first thing on your "recently watched" list on Netflix?
Bobs burgers. Always. Bobs. Burgers.
Who is the last person you texted and what is your relationship to that person?
The last person I texted was Jerry. He's my dear friend and secret lover. hehe
What are some podcasts you frequently listen to?
I'm not a podcast listener. I should start. Any suggestions?
If your mortal enemy approached you, how would you fight them?
Probably run away. I really hate confrontation.

Blogs I've nominated! Check 'em out!
Visions of New York
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The Sequined World
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August, like the Month. 
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Haley Rankins
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1- Whats your biggest irrational fear?
2- Favorite thing about yourself?
3- Who is your celebrity look a like?
4- The thing you're looking forward too most this next month?
5- Current favorite song?
6- The one blog you obsessively read?
7- One line from the current book you're reading.
8- The person you admire most and why?
9- Favorite guilty pleasure food?
10- Movie characters that resembles you the closest?
11- If you could choose to taste words, would you?

Phew! This post is more wordy then my regular posts. I hope you at least find it a bit interesting. Go clicky click on some new blogs! I haven't been reading these for very long, but man there are some talented youngsters out there! My mind is always being blown away by others. I'm sure I'll rant about that more later!

Happy Weekend!

Song and Doodle #41

Lately I've been shuffling though my best of 2014 (yeah I know its a on going thing lately!) I keep getting tripped up on this song. When I first tracked though Alt J's newest album I pretty much dismissed it as a failed second album. It sounded way to trendy and lost all of the cleverness that engulfed me with their first album. BUT since then I have had a change of heart! At first when you listen to Every Other Freckle, you think-- ok catchy. After you look up the lyrics then you have to have a quiet chuckle to yourself. Its such a funny song! But not stupid funny, clever funny! I love it! Anyways listen, listen! Tell me what your favorite lyric is!

"I want to be every lever you pull
And all showers that shower you."

Collage Practice!

A while ago I signed up for the Collage Scrap Exchange project, over HERE! I've since then gotten my scraps and started to decide what I wanted to make! I got so many wonderful scrappy goodness! The theme is "new landscapes" which is surprisingly throwing me though a loop! I haven't started on my new landscape yet, but I did some "practice" collages to send to my pen pals! My collaging skills aren't quite up to par (especially looking at the other submissions!) so I need all the practice I can get. After I'm done I always feel MEH, like its close, but not quite. I'm not sure why. Maybe I need to try a more minimal approach? Who knows hopefully that aesthetic chunk of my brain can sort itself! 

Do you collage? Any tips and tricks?

Weekend Adventures-ish?

I'm not sure if the qualifies as an "adventure" but I was really proud of my productivity this weekend so I had to share! For christmas I got these amazing mint green shelves from my sister. I finally found the time to put them together. Which obviously means cleaning my room up a bit and putting these bad boys to good use! We've lived in this house for a year and a half and I'm just now getting all my stuff unpacked. Now I have all my lovely books, cds and records with in grasp! No more digging though boxes or forgetting what I do and don't have! Its amazing and I'm so happy with my new/old space! Basement spiders and all! 
Found out that I have WAY too much stationery! I was running out of room to keep it all! 
Now I can listen to records on my record player, Little Red! I don't have much in my vinyl collection but what I do have I love! 
I guess I should've taken before pictures. Before I cleaned I had little piles of books and on going projects EVERYWHERE. It kinda looked like a crazy persons room. But now its all organized and pretty!
I know its cheesy but I love me some christmas lights! They just make the whole space feel so cozy and dreamy!
 On Sunday I got together with the family to make Banh Mi sandwiches! They turned out so yummy!
My family eats so much good food. I am so lucky to just be around such soulful people. Its days like today when I'm stuffing my face and laughing until my sides ache that I realize that no matter how shitty I feel, my life is amazing. It so nice to be reminded that amazingness comes from the small moments. A dreamy dinner with family, the perfect song, a unexpected text message or just a really good hair day.

I hope you all had wondrous weekend!

Making. Listening. Eating.

Making: I've been practicing my collaging skills. 
Listening: Sylvan Esso. Still super obsessed. 
Eating: Udon noodle soup. Zoeis still on an asian food cooking frenzy.

Lovely Things: Spring

Now that we're into the cold winter days of January I'm day dreaming of summer! I'm not a warm weather kinda person unless its cold then all of a sudden I'm a huge fan of the sun! I've been stumbling upon all kinds of summery springy goodness! So I thought I'd share a few of them with you! Hopefully you start to feel a bit more cozy! Or at least day dreamy! 
Baby you're a peach! Art by Meg Gough-Brooks
Hehehe I couldn't help it! I love this song. 

Song and Doodle #40

This weeks song and doodle is from a new favorite of mine, Uncantena by Sylvan Esso. I've been a fan of these guys for a while but I didn't discover how awesome this song was until I was making me "best of 2014" list. Even since then I've been putting it on the top of all my playlists. Its catchy and fun. It has awesome lyrics that are probably hitting home more then they should be. This song fits me well lately and I'm obsessed. I love when songs feel like a feeling you didn't know you had. Soak it up and dance around a bit. While your at it check out the entire album! Its a real gem.

Weekend Adventures!

I'm not sure if these are "adventures" but I wanted to share bits of my life as of late. I didn't do anything new or exciting, but still had a lovely weekend filled with much needed love, art and good food.
First off this past week we had a guy come and replace all the siding on our house. Talk about annoying! He was loud, messy and LOUD. Every morning at the crack of dawn this guy was out there with his ladders and pocket radio. I respect the guy for being a skilled worker, but still he was annoying! I'm glad he is finished and I could finally sleep in this weekend! He did forget to put our house numbers back up, but I snapped this picture that I think will be fun to have even after we move out. Which makes me sad to think about so I'm not going to anymore. ha. 
On Saturday we had a sushi night! After an adventurous trip to Ocean Mart, discovering that we were really over paying for noodles at our normal grocery store and eating sweet buns. We got cooking! My parents, older sister and husband came over to eat some yummy food. I love making our own sushi cause you can put whatever you want in it. Ever since we were little our mom has been teaching us how to roll and make our own sushi. I meant to snap some pictures but I was too busy stuffing my face. ha. Zoei also made some really tasty red curry soup that might be one of my new favorite dishes! The end of the night I was stuffed full of good food and lots of love. 
On Sunday I got so much artsy shtuff done! I finished this cat water color for my pen pal. The beautiful set of water colors Zoei gave me for christmas are just to die for! They are so easy and fun to use! I did learn my lesson and discovered that all but one of my pens I love to use is water proof. So his mouth got a bit smudgy. Over all I love my little cat!
I got a few letters written and artfully decorated. I'm doing a really good job at keeping up on my correspondence this year! My art journal is also up to date! Yay for being productive. I got this amazing book of hand made water color paper for christmas. I've been holding off using any of it cause I'm weird and save it for special drawings. I decided to go for it with a honey bee water color. So far its just a sketch, but I'm really excited about it! 

Overall a good weekend! I feel so loved and happy, both things are hard to find at times. I love being productive, drawing lovely things and sending pretty mail to beautiful people!

Don't Forget!

Today's reminder is to not compare yourself to others! This is something that we all do! There must be something deep inside the little insecure part of our brains that is constantly doing this. We do it with everything and its a terrible thing to do! I do it ALL the time with the stuff I create. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten so terribly discouraged something I've made/drawn/written. So let's stop! I mean for as long as we can. Let's just stop comparing ourselves to other people. Be happy with yourself in every way possible. Be proud of your creations! The beautiful thing about people is how unique we all are! One of my favorite quotes is "comparison is the death of joy" by Mark Twain. I'm always reminding myself of that and I need to choose joy. Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Go create something beautiful!

Neat Artists: Emily Diana Ruth

My latest obsession is the film maker/video blogger Emily Diana Ruth. I stumbled upon one of her videos a week ago and have slowly been wasting my fee time shuffling though all her wonderful videos. I've gathered a few of my favorite ones to share with you! I'm always enamored by people who can create beautiful things. So simple, warm and artsy! I just love it. After I'm done binge watching some videos I think I'll have enough gusto to get off my bum and create something beautiful. Even if its something small and silly, its good for the world. Don't you think?

Song and Doodle #39

Today's song and doodle is a song from the wondrous Jessica Lea Mayfield. After getting overly excited about her new cover album coming out soon, I realized that I haven't been keeping up with her newer stuff. After tracking through her latest album I was completely taken by this song! The lyrics are relate-able and simple. Drowning in a sea of dreamy electric guitar and catchy little riffs. This song is a gem and definitely get highlighted on my best of 2014 list! 

Listen, listen and let me know what you think? Anything new you've been listening too? I always love to check out new tunes! 

Findings: Watercolor DIY Sets

I was wasting time on Etsy the other day when I came across this awesome watercolor set! I fell in love but then realized that it would take me a mighty long time to save up that many pennies. So I thought I think I can make one of those! After a bit of googling heres what I came up with! 
Beautiful water color set from Green Lead &Blueberry Etsy shop! My inspiration for my DIY findings! 
The best and most extensive post i've found is THIS one. Its got tons of information, links to buy supplies and a few tips that I hadn't seen anywhere else. The only thing that I wished it elaborated more on was the type of paint to use. Watercolor paints are something that I know very little about, so I was quite confused when it comes to filling my little pallet.
Thats when I found THIS post! She doesn't use a unique tin, but does explain what kind of paint to use. Also gives tips on filling and drying and what nots. Tons of good info just need to apply it to a neato vintage tin for a to-go watercolor set. THIS tutorial has a same amount of information just a different take. I've find the more I read the better I can formulate my own plan! muahaha! 
Also on my path of discovery I found a thing called Peerless Watercolors. THIS post explains it and has a fantastic DIY to make your own peerless watercolor booklet. My understanding is this type of watercolor is basically just highly concentrated pigment absorbed into a thick piece of fabric. Seems like the colors are really vibrant and intense. The compact-ness of them makes them ideal for on the go. Thats just my opinion. I haven't used them before so I hate to say too much. But I can't wait to get my hands on some of these! 
Last but not least I found THIS amazing post to make your own to-go water PENCIL set! Smart ins't it?! I've never really agreed with water color pencils. I'm not sure if thats because I've never had a good set or just can't get the hang of it. I just adore the way this looks though! So rustic and colorful AND extremely do-able! I might have to make one of these, even if it is just to give away to a pen pal or something!

Well there you have it, my watercolor findings! I'm excited to try some of these out, given that I find the time! But it certainly isn't inspiring isn't it?! Cheers to art on the go!

Something to be Excited About!

Yesterday my sister showed me THIS post and about about died! I don't think I've been this excited about an album release in FOREVER! If Avett Brothers and Jessica Lea Mayfield teaming up isn't exciting enough they're doing ELLIOT SMITH COVERS! I feel like my hearts going to explode I'm so excited! I'm counting down the days until March. Until then the promo video will have to do. 

Ok ok, I'm not gonna ramble on any more about how much I adore these two. I just wanted to share and if you're not excited then you should a) listen to Avett Brothers and Jessica Lea Mayfield more, then b) listen to Elliot Smith for an entire day. If you're not excited after that we need to have a talk!

Desk Findings: Grey Blue

Todays findings are a bit blueish greyish!
1- A book I got for Christmas! Its a comic book style kinda book. I haven't gotten around to reading it yet but I'm super excited to dive into it.
2- Postcard I picked up at a local art fair.
3- A little drawing from Christopher David Ryan. You can go HERE and get a cute drawing also!
4- A under exposed instax picture. I'm still trying to get the hang of that darn camera!
5- A little pile of gold glitter-confetti!

Song and Doodle #38

Todays song and doodle comes from one of my favorite songs Let It Go by James Bay. I'll be honest with I first heard this song I didn't really like it. I thought his voice was too perfect and kinda poppy. Upon accidentally adding it to my YouTube play list and it popping up every few songs I realized that I should give this song a better listen. Ever since I've been in love with it. After listening to the lyrics its kind of a sad and realistic song about trying to let go when you really don't want too. Its relatable, charming and overall a good listen. If you're searching for something to blow your mind, probably not going to do it. If you need something good to listen to as you clean or work on projects this is the guy for you! I'm super stoked for him to release a full album! 
So whats the verdict? Ears bleeding or heart swooning?

December Art Journal!

Last months art journal was pretty successful. Lots of doodles and flippy outty bits. I think after a few months I've come to really like the smaller books better. I fill out more pages and it feel like less of a task. I've become quite fond of flipping though my past books from the year. Its pretty fun! I'm excited to finish up this book this month!