Hello New Year!

To start this new year off right, I wanted to start a new blog! For the past little while I've been writing posts for a blog and me and my sister share. (Brightside Design) We started that blog to record and share little bits about our screen printing business. During this past year I've started to fall in love with reading blogs and following other peoples blogs. I've also been posting a lot more with our business blog and discovered that I really enjoy writing. I'm not too sure if I am a good writer or not, but I've realized that as long as I get something from it then its worth it right? So, this year I wanted to start something that was completely mine. I plan on filling this blog with ramblings, writings, sketches and tons of things that inspire me to create. My goal in life to to create beautiful things. Because beautiful things make me happy and all anyone wants in life is to be happy. So create I must!!

Cheers to starting something new!