Successful Saturday!

Such a productive day and I even got to sleep in! I had a lovley day hanging out with my best friends! Me and Zo tackled the Bee Hive Bazaar and I got a cute new bow! I'm not very girly but I love bows! If you missed it they will have it next weekend also! The guy was also telling us that they will have different vendors.

I've the feeling that me and Zoei are getting close to completing our quest to find a a place to live. Especially with our new schedule the only time we spend together is at work. Which kinda sucks cause we're both in work mode. But we found the perfect place! I don't want to talk to much about it cause knowing me I'm going to jinx it.

I ended my day writing some letters and practicing some new songs on the ukulele. I'm actually getting pretty good if I do say so. But maybe I'm wrong. The important part is that my new ukulele has helped me get rid of so much stress! I end up playing it almost every night before going to bed. Its a easy way to focus on something fun and happy!

Phew! Anyways, I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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