Why am I so tired?


Today has been a long one to say the least. All day I've been oober sleepy and nodding off at my desk. Ugh, oh work. I've been struggling with my job lately. Mostly because I think I'm over thinking it all and beating myself up with the outcome. What is a girl to do? Although as I was sitting at my desk anxiously looking over numbers and starting to panic. I looked over at the guys computer next to me and caught him googling "weird red rash with bumps" then it hit me. This could be soooo much worse. At least I don't have a rash. Keep in the bright side right? AND...keeping on the bright side we are waiting to here back from the lady to see if me and Zo got the oober cute house we've been looking at! Finally a cute place to rent, we've been wanting to find a cute place for AGES! So fingers crossed!!

I keep having this dream that I'm pregnant at that flowers are growing out of my belly button and my belly is massive. The whole time I'm just complaining to Zoei that it feel weird and normally ends with me sneezing then I wake up. I've only had it twice so I'm not sure if it means anything yet. I've got a doodle in progress that I'll get posted once I stop being so sleepy/lazy. 

Enough rambling! Is it Friday yet? Man, I'm in need of a weekend!

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