Music Rant: Bramble

A while ago Zoei found this really neat local band BRAMBLE. I think both of us really fell in love with THIS album almost immediately. It definitely was the sound track to our summer a couple summers ago. I knew they're from Salt Lake, but I never really saw them playing any shows that weren't in peoples backyards. (I'm not brave enough to go to a strangers house for some tunes.) But I think both of us kinda forgot about them for a bit. Then randomly we saw they were playing in Provo at Velour tonight. So it was fairly obviously that we had to go. After a long week and a rough couple last days, I thought for sure I'd get to lazy to go out on a Friday. But I'm so glad that I did! They are a very charming band and it was so empty. Almost awkwardly so..almost. They played a fairly short set and it was just awesome. They had a really complex sound for just 3 guys. Overall they just seem like really humble people that like to roam around playing music for people. That's kinda a really beautiful thing if you think about it. Anyways, enough ranting! Listen to there tunes and support a local artist!


P.S. I was going to snap a couple pictures, but I kept making awkward eye contact when he was singing. I didn't want to be that girl that fan girls over nobody bands, but then is too shy to say hey afterwards. Long story short I felt awkward doing so. So no picture with this post. I really need to be more brave! Ugh.

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